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Chapter: 133

The "sentinel snake" is the leader of the second largest tribe of the chekasa, the "letiqi".

"Letidge" is the name of a large carnivore living in the great bend, the Tennessee River. This large carnivore can grow up to five or six meters in length. It has gray black skin and a long tail. The most powerful one is the big mouth full of sharp teeth.

At ordinary times, letidge would hide in the water. Only when the sun was the strongest, they would climb onto the shore and bask lazily on the shore.

The letidge in the sun seems harmless to people and animals, but if you really think so and approach them, you will regret it all your life!

Because when you get close to the demons, it's time to die.

Letidge is the most powerful devil in the river. When its big mouth is open, it can easily cut off the strongest soldier of a tribe. Even the red deer and even the bison drinking water by the river can't escape letidge's big mouth sometimes.

Every year, some people in the tribe are swallowed by the demons

The fierce letidge warrior took the most ferocious devil as the name of his tribe long ago, and adored this extremely ferocious devil crazily.

Of course, if in later generations, this kind of devil, which is called letidge in the mouth of the chekasa people, will have a more resounding name - American alligator, or Miho crocodile.

As the second largest tribe of the chekasa people, the letiques also regard the sun god as the Supreme God, and believe in various gods such as the God of the sky and the God of the earth, but what they worship most is the ferocious alligator.

As for the whistling snake, it is also a kind of venomous snake commonly found near the letiques. This kind of snake has wood like stripes and a string of horny rings like whistles on its tail. Once it meets the enemy, the snake with venom will swing its tail wildly, and then the horny rings on its tail will make a loud sound, like whistles.

Does this snake sound familiar?

It's true that this kind of venomous snake, which chekasa called Whistler snake, also has a famous name in later generations - rattlesnake.

This kind of rattlesnake, which lives near the letidge tribe, is called "wood rattlesnake" in the classification of rattlesnakes in later generations. It is a kind of poisonous snake living in the Middle East of the United States.

When it first participated in the tribal hunting, the whistler snake once caught a super Whistler snake more than three meters long with bare hands, but he was not injured at all, which shocked the whole tribe.

Compared with the ferocious letidge, the whistle snake is undoubtedly more lethal. After all, the size of letidge is there, and letidge is almost never far away from lakes and swamps, so as long as you pay a little attention, there is no problem to avoid the ferocious letidge.

But Whistler snakes are different.

This more ferocious snake is just like a ghost. Its yellowish skin makes it difficult for people to find it. Even when the people are farming, they will be attacked by this kind of snake.

If the ferocious letidge is a crazy warrior, then the insidious Whistler snake is a top assassin hiding in the dark.

The brave people of letidge would rather face letidge head-on than face the sentinel snake.

Therefore, when the whistler snake alone captured a Whistler snake when he was 12 years old, the leader of the letiqi tribe gave him a resounding clan name - Whistler snake.

Later, by virtue of fierce force and various insidious tricks, the sentinel snake successfully became the leader of the letiqi tribe, and led the rapid development of the letiqi tribe, which was not very large in scale. In just more than ten years, the letiqi tribe has become the second largest tribe of the chekasa tribe.

However, the territory of the letidge tribe is close to the big bend - the Tennessee River, after flowing through Knoxville, goes all the way to the southwest. After entering the later Alabama, it turns a big bend to the north, then crosses the Midwest of Tennessee from south to north, and finally enters padiuka, which is the junction of Tennessee and Kentucky, It's near the French fortress of okron that flows into the Ohio River.

Therefore, the territory of the letidge tribe is directly against the defense line set up by the enemy Cherokees in central Tennessee, so there are countless battles between the letidge tribe and Cherokees every year.

If the letiques fight against the Cherokees every year, and many elite soldiers die every year, then the letiques have become the largest tribe of the chekasa.

However, although the battle killed many soldiers in the letiques, it also trained the letiques. The scale of this tribe is not as big as that of the chekasa, and it is also the tribe where the royal court is located. However, in terms of combat effectiveness, the letiqi tribe is recognized as the most powerful of the whole chekasa!

Every year's battle will certainly kill a lot of letidge soldiers, but also, this big and small battle is like a falling hammer, which makes letidge people more and more fierce and ferocious.

As a brave and cunning tribal leader, the letiqi tribe is more and more powerful under the control of the sentinel snake, and the sentinel snake also has its own pursuit, that is to make the letiqi tribe become the first tribe of the chekasa clan.

Because once the letic tribe really becomes the first tribe of the chekasa people, when that damned old man dies, he will be the most powerful competitor for the next chief of the chekasa people.

Whistler snake has been thinking about becoming the next chieftain of the chekasa for a long time. He has this confidence and more strength. In particular, the dying chief did not appoint a new successor, so the whistle snake was even more excited.

However, if we want the whole clan to agree to take over the next chief, we need a great achievement to shock all the clansmen.

After thinking about it, the whistler thought that it was the best way to inflict a heavy blow on its mortal enemy, the Cherokee.

Ever since the Cherokees moved southward to monungahira in the Appalachian Mountains, this powerful enemy has become a mortal enemy of the chekasa.

Although the whistle snake wanted to take the team to take away the king court of the chekasa, he also knew that it was only in a dream. The powerful Cherokees are beyond the reach of their own letiques. Let alone the letiques, even the entire chekasa are not a rival to the Cherokees.

So, the whistle snake remembers the news that a team of the tribe got when they attacked a small Cherokee tribe on the North Bank of the great bend some time ago.

The team wiped out the Cherokee tribe, which was good at growing pumpkins, and brought back a shocking news. It turns out that the famous kabulu sacrifice of the Cherokee people was not in the Cherokee royal court, but with a group of people living in seclusion at the foot of Lanwu (Dawu Mountain). The most gratifying thing is that the tribe where kabulu worships seems to have only 300 people

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