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Chapter: 136

Whether it's major Armand or the whistler snake, or the chekasa warriors or the French riflemen, who doesn't know how powerful the mad bison is?

Once a wild bull runs wildly, let alone people, even groups of wolves or bears dare not stand in front of the bison.

Do you really think that pair of sharp horns on the top of the buffalo's head are ornaments? Do you really think that the four bowl size hooves of a bison are drumsticks? Do you really think that the buffaloes with a ton of weight galloping up at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour are the breeze?

You're kidding!

There is almost nothing that can stop a wild bull in this continent, not to mention that in this narrow pass, there are fifty wild cattle running at the same time?

Don't mention chekasa - there are only 300 people in the French army. Even if there are 1000 people, they will have to kneel down in front of the crazy bison!

It's not too crowded for more than 300 people to stand in this pass, but if they face the wild bull with 50 hair, the effect will be too terrible.

Both sides of gaoshu pass are steep cliffs, which are extremely difficult to climb. The length of this pass is more than 200 meters. At this time, the United forces of chekasa and France have already passed half of the pass. Even if they run back, how can their legs run faster than the mad bison?

"Nothing can stop your yearning for freedom... Run, brother!"

Standing on one side of the pass, the stone bear was singing loudly, watching the hoof of the wild ox galloping up the dust all over the sky, and then engulfed those chekasa French allied forces completely. Then he could not sing any more and laughed.

The fire ox array, a legendary attack array made by Tian Dan, a great general of Qi state during the period of Chinese and Warring States, appeared in the new continent of North America for the first time!

Although firebull array was once used by Hannibal Bakar, who is known as "the father of western strategy", there is no doubt that in the new world of North America, the tactics of this firebull array raid are definitely the first time used in war.

Even if this is not a war, at best, it can only be regarded as a small local battle, but the fire ox array still burst out with unparalleled power.

Two hundred of chekasa's most elite soldiers and one hundred of French elite musketeers are not the power that ordinary people can stop. If there is no fire bull array, let alone the gaoshu tribe, which is just over 300 people, even a big tribe with more than 1000 people will be defeated by this force.

But it was such a force that could run across the surrounding area of Dawu Mountain. In front of the wild ox with 50 hair, it was like paper paste, crushed and crushed.

How to describe this process? You can imagine that 300 strong soldiers are crowded into a 200 meter long pass. On both sides are cliffs that can't be climbed. On the other side, there are 50 Type 99 main battle tanks running at full power

Yes, in such a narrow pass, these 50 wild bison are no different from 50 tanks driving to the top speed.

They don't need tank guns or coaxial machine guns. They just need to run with their heads down. The effect is no different from that of directly rolling with tank tracks

The rumbling sound of the hooves of cattle reverberates in the pass, and there are countless sudden howls in the middle - a person may not die for a while after being toppled by the buffalo in the front row, but the huge hooves of cattle will completely break his howling

When the dust inside the pass gradually dissipated, the scene inside the pass made many people of gaoshu tribe vomit.

Even those elite soldiers, those who are used to death, can't help but vomit along with them.

The women behind also vomit while carrying their children's collars, so that the children can "appreciate" the scene in front of them, and then the children naturally vomit together.

This is a way for North American Indians to educate their children to see death from an early age, which will exercise their will and courage.

Unfortunately, this scene is too bloody and miserable, and almost no one can resist the visual impact.

Even Li Lei and Da Jiao couldn't help vomiting.

The only people who didn't vomit were those who survived from the longhair cattle tribe. Gao Niu, Shan Mao, hard bone, Kuaima and wild fox did not vomit. Even the women did not vomit.

They had been used to such death scenes in the battle of the extermination of longhair cattle tribe.

There is basically no problem in the first half of the 200 meter long high tree pass, but from the middle back to the end of the pass, the original yellowish pass has turned scarlet at this time, with a strong smell of blood. Even if it is close to 100 meters away, it has a strong nose.

Pools of things mixed with blood, broken meat and broken bones are all over the second half of the pass.

Occasionally, I can see a dead person who has lost half of his body, staring at a pair of frightened eyes, and the fundus of his eyes still retains the hope of survival

In the second half of the pass, there are almost no intact corpses. Except for broken meat and bones, even half of the corpses are rare.

Almost half of the more than 100 muskets were trampled into several pieces by the huge hooves, and even the hard barrel was trampled by the crazy bison.

However, as the people of gaoshu tribe vomited and cleaned up, they found 42 complete St. Etienne rifles

This is a huge harvest. Although the gunpowder carried by the French Musketeers has long been crushed or soaked in the blood and can not be reused, these 42 musketeers are definitely a great surprise.

You know, the middle of the 18th century is not the 19th century a hundred years later. Almost all the Indian tribes in North America have muskets a hundred years later. But in this era, muskets are still prohibited from trading goods by those European colonists. North American Indians in this era almost did not get a rifle.

Maybe some powerful tribes have muskets, but they don't come from trade, they come from killing

Before the tribe cleared the pass, the fifteen strongest soldiers had already crossed the pass on fifteen horses. They were going to search for the enemy who escaped by chance.

It's not Shi Xiong's way of doing things.

Now that the war has started, if you are still alive, where do you put my face?

There were some soldiers and some women who ran out of the pass with the soldiers on horseback. Although the bison were excited by the fire on their tails just now, the oil soaked strips tied on their tails didn't burn for long. As soon as the fire goes out, the bison will recover.

These bison are precious property of the tribe. Even the stone bear is reluctant to let them run away.

These bison have been domesticated for some time. As long as they are recovered, they can be recovered

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