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Chapter: 137

The stone bear didn't leave the pass. He always stood in the pass like hell, his eyes always looking at the other side of the pass.

The tall figure of the guardian made the sick people feel more comfortable. Although they were very resistant to this kind of scene, they still used all kinds of tools to clean up the pass according to the instructions of the guardian.

No matter how to say, this pass can not be allowed to go on like this. Gaoshu pass is the only way for people to enter and leave yeniuling. If it is not cleared out, this pass will be completely abandoned.

Although even after clearing this pass, I'm afraid not many people will be willing to walk through it, but it's better than being so bloody, isn't it?

The most important thing is that it's winter, and the dead bodies of these enemies may not cause the epidemic, but they can definitely attract those hungry wolves with green eyes. Gaoshu tribe is close to the pass. If these corpses attract a large number of wolves, it will have a serious impact on the safety of the tribe.

Therefore, no matter how hard it is, the pass must be cleared out.

Most of the corpses in the pass have been unable to distinguish human form from the beach. The more people are the shoals and bones, and the people who clean up the pass can only Shovel them up by shovels and then move them to the other side of the pass.

The cleaning work continued until the sun set and the whole pass was thoroughly cleaned. However, there are still blood stains on both sides of the cliff on the ground, which can not be cleaned up in any case.

These bloodstains became the witness of this short and fierce battle.

All the people who went out to look for the remnant of the enemy came back, and a total of eight embarrassed guys were captured. One of them was major Armand, the fastest runner.

This guy was riding a war horse, and he was at the back of the line at that time, so when the bulls on fire rushed into the pass, he subconsciously patted his horse, turned around and ran. With the speed of the horse in his crotch, he and several other junior officers on the same horse got out of the pass.

Originally, the eight of them wanted to return to the inland river armed transport ship anchored on the Bank of the big bend, and then fled back to okron fortress by boat. As a result, because of their panic, they deviated from the way they came, and finally got lost in the big buffalo ridge.

Then they were tied up by a group of soldiers from the high tree tribe.

In the face of dozens of elite soldiers from the gaoshu tribe, especially 15 of them on horseback, major Armand and his men, who had been frightened by the fire ox formation for a long time, surrendered almost without resistance.

It was a great surprise to have caught the French major.

As for the invaders of the chekasa, including their leader, the whistling serpent, they had been trampled to the ground while the bulls were running.

At that time, the position of the chekasa people was higher than that of the French Musketeers, and these chekasa people had no horses. They could not run even if they wanted to. So it's not surprising that these chekasa people, along with their leaders, have been raved by the bulls.

But it's a pity that the sentinel snake is also a very enterprising and capable tribal leader. If he didn't come to the trouble of gaoshu tribe because of greed, maybe he would calm down and develop for a few years, and his letiqi tribe would really become the largest tribe of chekasa.

But there is no regret medicine in the world.

I don't think the whistle snake would have been trampled by a group of crazy bison when it was a safe attack

It must be a very happy thing that we accidentally killed the leader of the enemy and the main elite soldiers, and also captured eight officers of the French Empire.

What makes the stone bear even more happy is that the people who went out to look for the bison also brought back 48 bison.

Although the tails of these cattle have been burned, they may have been tamed for a long time, or they may feel that they have grass to eat with these two legged monsters. So when the tribe found these cattle, they almost had no resistance, and they came back with the tribe obediently.

As for the remaining two bison, it was because it was getting dark that they could not be found. But it doesn't matter. Judging from the performance of the 48 bison, it's estimated that the two bison didn't run far. Maybe they were looking for grass in a corner.

As soon as it gets light tomorrow, we will continue to look for these two cows. It is more than 80% possible to find them.

Stone bear will not put his energy on the two bison he didn't find. He has to take advantage of the night to do something more important.

"Guardian, these guys are the leaders of vasichu. This old man should be their top leader When the stone bear came to the French officers, the spear that was responsible for guarding the eight French prisoners explained to the stone bear.

With the help of the flaming torch, the stone bear can see the French clearly. Among them, major Armand, the oldest, naturally attracted the attention of the stone bear.

At this time, major Armand has completely recovered from the nightmare at noon. Although he has now become a prisoner, he still tries to maintain the arrogance of a major in the French imperial army.

Even if he had been captured, he was as proud as a cock.

For Armand, it is his proper attitude to keep a high attitude in front of these savage and backward aborigines.

Looking at major Armand's high head, the stone bear could not help but be happy. This guy is also interesting. He's all arrested and pretends to be a Gallic rooster. Where do you come from?

Naturally, the stone bear won't get used to this guy, so he asked in a deep voice, "tell me your name, nationality, position and the purpose of your coming here. I hope you don't hide something, otherwise I don't mind killing your hands to vent my anger. Of course, if you answer honestly, I will consider giving you prisoners the treatment they deserve. "

Fluent French came out of the stone bear's mouth, which made several French prisoners seem to have seen ghosts one by one.

The stone bear of the previous life was a school bully, especially in the aspect of language, he had more talent. He can speak English, French, German, and even some Latin.

At the beginning, his tutor said that Shi Xiong really shouldn't choose this major. He should go to the foreign language major. There is a great possibility that he can find a high-income translation job after graduation

When major William Hank and lieutenant Patrick Ferguson came to the gaoshu tribe to trade, they were shocked by the stone bear's fluent English. Now it's the French turn

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