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Chapter: 141

It's a very painful thing to guard in this cold night. Even if everyone is only on duty for two hours, this kind of work still makes the soldiers on duty curse their mothers in their hearts.

Especially the unfortunate ones who were arranged to be on duty in the early hours of the morning wished they could not pull up those guys who were sleeping in the cabin to replace themselves.

The period before the sun rises is not only the coldest and darkest time of the day, but also the most sleepy time. In addition, the soldiers on duty never thought that someone would attack them, so they all wrapped up in thick cotton padded clothes and took a nap in the corner.

As a matter of fact, these soldiers have long complained about this kind of work at night. Usually when a transport ship sails on the Mississippi River, it will dock and anchor at night. For so many years, I have never heard of that ship being attacked by those aborigines.

This kind of armed transport ship is not a small sampan or canoe used by aborigines. Is it true that the guns on the deck on both sides of the ship's side are made of paper?

It's a joke. If the unsightly aboriginal tribe dares to invade, then they will surely taste the bullet ejected by the 84mm Wallace gun!

Therefore, there is no need to be on duty at night, especially in this winter night

It's a consensus among the bottom soldiers.

However, if there is any consensus, it's useless. The order of the chief executive can't be violated. They can only curse in their hearts.

A soldier who had just solved the problem of bladder inventory suddenly heard a distant sound. He was stunned. Then he tried to look in that direction, but he couldn't see anything in the dark.

"These damned wolves should starve you to death because they are restless at night." The soldier spat hard and left the side of the boat in a low voice. He went back to the corner where he could keep out the wind. He was going to be confused for a while.

But not long after the soldier had just sat down, there was a sound outside, and it was getting louder and louder.

This made the soldier very angry. He just wanted to be confused for a while. What's going on outside? What beast has no eyes and dares to live here? Don't you want to be my brothers' plate lunch tomorrow?

Although there was a big fire, the soldier couldn't sit still any longer. His orders were like a mountain. Since there was such a strange noise outside, he had to see it.

The soldier stood up, tightened his cotton padded clothes, held his musket on his back, and then came out of the corner rubbing his hands.

The soldier went to the side of the boat, yawned and looked ahead. As a result, his mouth could not be closed any more.

Not far from the shore, there were many people standing. At first, the soldier thought it was major Armand who brought his brothers back. However, with the ignition of several torches, the soldier found that those people were not brothers of okron fortress, but a group of aborigines with weapons.

The soldier rubbed his eyes in disbelief. After he was sure that there was a group of aborigines standing in front of him, he was about to shout. With a "whoosh" sound, a sharp arrow crossed dozens of meters in an instant and accurately penetrated into the soldier's open mouth. The sharp arrow even came out of the soldier's back of the head.

The soldier's voice "enemy attack" was sealed between his throat by this arrow.

The arrow destroyed the soldier's cerebellum and brain stem in an instant. The strong soldier's body just shook for a moment, and then fell to the ground like a jade pillar.

The sound of the soldier's body falling to the ground is very loud on this silent and cold winter night, especially the sound of the firegun smashing on the deck behind him. There are several confused sounds from the other three ships. What's the matter with you, Gabriel?

But these three voices have not yet fallen, the land on the shore suddenly sounded a loud voice - ignition!

The next moment, a fire dragon lights up on the shore, hundreds of torches are lit one after another, and the figure of hundreds of Indian soldiers holding bows and arrows is revealed immediately.

The torches were inserted in the land around these Indian soldiers, and all the soldiers were armed with bows in both hands. With only one command, they could bow and shoot in the shortest time.

Three French soldiers on duty on the other three ships staggered to the side of the ship. The scene in front of them made the three of them cry out - enemy attack

Stone bear holds his arm and looks at the soldiers on the three ships not far in front of him, but he doesn't let his soldiers shoot the three soldiers with a bow.

The main reason why we killed the soldier who wanted to shout just now is that the formation on our side has not been set up, and the ethnic people are not ready for everything.

However, when the three soldiers found out, the stone bear had led the soldiers in the tribe to set up the formation and made all the preparations.

In a panic, one of the three soldiers took down the musket on his back. Unfortunately, this San Etienne rifle is a front loading gun. If he wants to shoot, he has to insert powder and bullets into the barrel from the front of the barrel.

But the stone bear won't give him this chance. When the stone bear points his finger at the French soldier, he will have at least ten arrows on his body the next moment

Then the stone bear said in French: "who dares to shoot with a firegun! In addition, all the people in the cabin come out. You'd better not use guns in vain. Once I find someone using weapons, you will be welcomed by rockets all over the sky

As soon as these words were uttered, the remaining two French soldiers did not dare to touch the muskets behind them. Instead, they honestly raised their hands to make a surrender.

Then there was a series of voices in the cabin. It was obvious that the voice of the stone bear had awakened all the French soldiers sleeping in the cabin.

"And your officer? Ask your officer to come out and speak The stone bear said in a loud voice, "as long as you don't use weapons, I can guarantee your safety. Besides, don't try to resist. You are completely surrounded by us! "

Stone bear's words were repeated three times, and a French officer with the rank of captain came out of the cabin of the middle ship. He was captain Constantine.

As a captain, he naturally does not have a musket, but he has a short firearm, that is, a pistol.

Seeing the captain out of the cabin, the stone bear said loudly: "I don't care who you are, and I don't care what you think. I just tell you that if you dare to resist any action, you will have at least 20 arrows on your body in the next moment! Besides, there are at least 100 bows and arrows aiming at your fleet. As long as I give orders, these arrows will immediately turn into rockets and completely ignite your fleet! "

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