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Chapter: 144

The black powder seized from these four inland river armed transport ships is not seen by Shi Xiong. After all, the proportion of the black powder has not reached the perfect state.

As early as 1635, Britain announced its standard gunpowder formula.

It was not until the end of the 18th century that this perfect composition of black powder was made clear. That is to say, even the black powder used by the French at this time was not made with the most perfect composition of black powder.

So Shi Xiong plans to use these purified nitrates and sulfur to make his own black powder with perfect proportion.

But in any case, this time the harvest is great.

It was bright and sunny today, so under the arrangement of the stone bear, more than 80 tribal soldiers were separated. They were armed and "looked after" a French soldier in a group of two.

Naturally, these four ships can't be put here. Compared with those materials, these four ships are priceless.

With the current ability of the Indians, it is impossible to make such a boat, even if it is only a river transport ship with a displacement of only a few tens of tons.

There are many rivers in the middle and east of North America. With these four ships, it will be very convenient for the strategic arrangement of the tribes in the future. After all, more than 200 soldiers of the letiques tribe and 100 riflemen of the okron fort can take these four ships to sneak into the gaoshu tribe for hundreds of miles. If they don't happen to meet the roots of the trees who died bravely, and the dangerous terrain of the gaoshu pass, maybe the gaoshu tribe will be doomed this time.

Therefore, if the gaoshu tribe owns the four inland river armed transport ships, and then the soldiers in the tribe learn how to drive the four ships, then the soldiers of the gaoshu tribe can also touch the territory of the chekasa people, or even the seat of the king's court.

Compared with the artillery and muskets, these four inland river armed transport ships are strategic weapons.

They don't know the importance of these four ships, but the stone bear knows. So under the arrangement of the stone bear, two of these tribal soldiers "serve" one. The purpose is to learn how to drive this kind of inland river armed transport ship from these French navy soldiers.

Although this kind of armed transport ship is a river transport ship, it is also a sailing boat. If no one teaches us how to operate those sails, even the stone bear doesn't know how to operate this kind of ship.

This kind of sailing boat can sail against the current and wind, the key is how to control those sails.

Under the guard of armed tribal soldiers, these French sailors could only control the four ships honestly. At this time, no one dared to have other ideas. They all know how cruel these armed native Indians are.

The fleet set sail down the south of Tennessee, where they came from.

If Constantine knew the terrain or the channel, they would never have landed here.

In fact, walking a few kilometers south from where they anchored in Constantine, you can see that the Tennessee River has made a big turn here, and on the South Bank of this big turn, there will be a large area of water similar to a lake.

From the perspective of the Tennessee River, this water area is like a lake formed by the turning of the river. There is nothing in it. This kind of lake formed by the turning of the river can be seen everywhere on the way.

But in fact, if they were a little more curious and drove these four inland river armed transport ships into the lake, they would find another river at the end of the lake.

If they go upstream along the 50 meter wide river, they will finally reach the west side of gaoshu tribe.

Because this river is the littleriver river which originates from Dawu Mountain and flows through the west of gaoshu tribe.

Although the river is not very wide, the narrowest part is only about 50 meters wide, but the river course is very deep. It is absolutely no problem for armed inland river transport ships with only a few tens of tons of displacement to go directly to the west of gaoshu tribe.

It was obvious that Captain Constantine had a look of remorse on his face when he saw the sudden appearance of the river.

If they were really more curious at that time, they would be able to land on the west side of gaoshu tribe unconsciously, and then the whole gaoshu tribe would have been completely occupied by this time.

Unfortunately, there are no regret medicine sellers in the world. They can only drive these four inland river armed transport ships to the South under the guard of tribal soldiers and head upstream all the way along the litterliver river.

The river course of litterliver is winding, and it's still counter current. But it's winter, and the north wind is prevailing. So although it's counter current, the ship's speed is not slow.

The distance of this section of the river is less than 20 kilometers. The four boats ran for almost two hours before they came to the gaoshu tribe.

Seeing that this river course is only a few hundred meters away from the target, whether it's captain Constantine or major Armand, I'm afraid they both have the idea of killing each other.

However, this incident also reminds stone bear and Li Lei that they should not think that gaoshu tribe is in the hinterland of Cherokee. There are rivers in the West and North, and Dawu Mountain in the South as a barrier, but it is still not an absolutely safe place.

Just like this time, if the chekasa French allied forces really knew the channel of the littleriver River, then the gaoshu tribe would not be able to survive.

Therefore, in the future, the vigilance circle of the tribe must be expanded, at least the enemy should not be allowed to touch along the river.

If necessary, a guard point should be set up at the junction of the little river and the great bend, that is, the Tennessee River. Once an enemy touches it, the tribe can know the enemy's situation at least two hours in advance by lighting the smoke.

Of course, there is no need for Shi Xiong to worry about this kind of thing. Li Lei should be able to arrange it soon.

After going out for a day and a night, I brought back 40 or 50 golden haired and blue eyed vasichu when I came back, which made the tribe a sensation again.

Even Lieutenant Ferguson showed up on the edge of the river with a fast horse and a hard bone. Watching the soldiers of the tribe escorting dozens of French soldiers down from the ship, Lieutenant Ferguson's face was full of joy.

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