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Chapter: 145

"Do you really copy the French's nest?" Lieutenant Ferguson asked with a smile. Of course he was happy to have captured so many Frenchmen. Is there anything better than seeing the enemy captured?

"It's not Laowo, it's just their four boats. However, there are many good things on these four ships. It seems that these four ships are going to send supplies to the military fortresses and fortresses built by the French in the upper reaches. As a result, we are in one pot. "

"Boss, can you go and see the French river transport? To be honest, I've never seen a French River carrier before. "

"Come on, I'll show you around."

The stone bear took the lead, and lieutenant Ferguson and a group of lively people followed him on board. For these people, they had never seen such a big boat before, so a group of people followed the guardian and got on the boat happily.

The clan was frantically venting on the deck, while the stone bear led Lieutenant Ferguson, fast horse and hard bone to re-enter the warehouse where gunpowder, saltpeter and sulfur were stored.

These things are afraid of the tide, so they are put in big wooden barrels. The barrels are covered with tung oil and lined with kraft paper, so that they are as damp as possible.

Second lieutenant Ferguson took a handful of gunpowder in his hand, looked at it, nodded and said, "the French don't look very good on the battlefield, but they really make good gunpowder."

He is an expert in this field. Naturally, he can see whether gunpowder is good or not.

"Ha ha, Patrick, whether you admit it or not, the French have been unable to fight these years, but they are better than the British Empire in invention."

Second lieutenant Ferguson opened his mouth to retort. He found that he had nothing to say and nodded.

However, he turned the topic to the other side: "boss, are these casks full of gunpowder?"

"No, there are also some casks filled with purified nitre and sulfur."

"It looks like the French are going to make gunpowder in their military fortress."

Stone bear shrugged his shoulders noncommittally and said, "now these things belong to me, and I'm going to use them as gunpowder."

"Boss, do you make gunpowder?"

Looking at the disbelieving expression on Lieutenant Ferguson's face, stone bear said with a smile: "why, don't you believe your boss can make gunpowder? Hehe, it's not that I despise your British gunpowder, even the gunpowder made in Europe. Because the gunpowder you measured is not the best proportion of gunpowder. "

"It's impossible! Over the years, the whole of Europe has been using this ratio to make gunpowder. How can this kind of gunpowder not be the best ratio? "

"Ha ha, I said no, it is not." Stone bear turned his head and looked at the stubborn Lieutenant Ferguson with a smile.

Second lieutenant Ferguson opened his mouth again and had nothing to say.

The stone bear patted him on the shoulder and said, "Patrick, don't think things that have been used for a long time are right. Gunpowder is not a tool. If you use it well, you think it's the best ratio. This thing can not be judged by experience, but by science. "

Hear stone bear say so, no matter be Ferguson or fast horse and hard bone, all surround come up. Following the stone bear for such a long time, they naturally know that once the guardian speaks like this, they are ready to say something real.

"Patrick, you're from England, so you know how gunpowder works? Well, in other words, why does gunpowder explode? "

Lieutenant Ferguson scratched his head with embarrassment and said, "boss, you know I've been a soldier since I was 14 years old. I haven't been to school much. I'm not familiar with these principles..."

Stone bear nodded with a smile, "it doesn't matter, in fact, I have never been to school, but I have the great sun god's advice, so I know a lot of things."

As for why the boss became the guardian, Lieutenant Ferguson knows something about it. As a devout Christian, he naturally believed that the eldest brother was favored by the highest god of the Indians. Otherwise, how could the boss know so much?

"In order to maximize the power of gunpowder, you must first understand the components of gunpowder."

Looking at the confused faces of the younger brothers, Shi Xiong immediately realized that what he said seemed to be casting pearls before swine. With their knowledge level, they could not understand these principles at all.

In fact, let alone them, even the vast majority of Europeans may not understand this

So the stone bear coughed awkwardly, "well, these words are a bit profound for you. Let me put it in a simple way. The black powder we are using now is an explosion. "

Although they don't know what nitrogen and carbon dioxide are, they still understand.

"Patrick, how much powder do you usually put when you shoot?"

"The amount of gunpowder is about five drans at a time," Ferguson said. We're all here to measure. "

5 Talan is about 8.5 grams. The stone bear nodded and said, "this powder is a little big. But it doesn't matter. After all, the black powder you use is not the best ratio. Moreover, the clearance of the guns you use now is too large, and the utilization rate of the high temperature and high pressure gas produced by the Explosive Deflagration is too low. "

After a pause, the stone bear continued: "if the black powder is made according to the best proportion, and if the gap of the musket is not so big, then a shot only needs to be filled with more than 2 dozen of powder, which is enough to make the projectile fly farther and more powerful."

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