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Chapter: 148

The stone bear grabs the arrow's tail and tugs hard. The arrow made of refined steel is pulled out, and a bright blood spurts out with the arrow.

The stone bear, who had been prepared for a long time, just took a step to avoid the blood spurting from the neck of the poor North American wild goat.

This is the third day that the stone bear entered the wilderness. He saw a group of wild goats on a dead tree about ten meters high, so he shot one without hesitation.

Two days ago, the stone bear crossed the little river alone and entered the wilderness to the west of the high tree tribe.

He rode a war horse, which used to be the mount of major Armand, but after Armand was captured, this magnificent war horse became the mount of stone bear.

Now major Armand and captain Constantine are leading a group of captured French soldiers to dig salt down the little salt mountain.

The tribe will not raise these prisoners in vain, so the necessary labor reform is necessary. But now it was too cold to continue to open up wasteland, so these prisoners were sent to xiaoyanshan and dug salt on the other side of xiaoyanshan.

In the process of salt making, the heaviest physical work is to dig rock salt from the mountain. In the past, this kind of work was done by the strong and strong people. Now there are more than 50 free French labors. Naturally, this kind of work is done by them.

Of course, around the prisoners were more than 30 tribal soldiers armed with bows and arrows and loaded muskets.

The Frenchmen were responsible for digging rock salt, while the tribe made salt on the other side of the mountain. There is a barrier of this small salt mountain in the middle, and there is no need to worry about how these franceans learn how to make salt.

These franceans are honest, and they exchange their own labor for rations every day.

Poor major Armand is also on the list of labor reform, and his army horses are naturally enjoyed by the stone bear.

When the stone bear set out, he was carrying a big, exaggerated bow. This bow is specially made for the guardian. It's even bigger than the longbow used by English longbowmen.

The most important thing is that the body of the bow is made of steel plate, and four twisted ox tendons act as bowstring.

There's no way. The tension of the bow is too big. One or two tendons can't bear the tension of opening the bow. Finally, four tendons are twisted together to meet the tension requirement of opening the bow completely.

Stone bear's strength is too strong. He dare not open the bow made of wood in the tribe, because once he opens the bow, a little more strength will directly break the bow

In desperation, Shi Xiong made such a steel bow for himself. For this reason, when Ferguson and his team made small-scale steel to build the barrel of the gun, Shi Xiong also opened a small stove for himself, refined a pot of molten steel with a crucible, and finally made such a strong bow.

But the bow is made, and the arrow is hard to find. The arrows made of wood used by the tribal soldiers can't be used on this bow. The arrows are too light and the bow force is too strong.

Don't say the bow is opened to the maximum, even if it is opened to two-thirds, the arrow will lose its accuracy because of too much bow force.

Bow and arrow must be matched. It's not good for a small bow to shoot a big arrow. Similarly, it's not good for a big bow to shoot a small arrow. Only when the bow and the arrow fit perfectly together, the arrow will be the most powerful and accurate.

So the stone bear made 20 special arrows for himself.

The 20 arrows are all made of fine steel. The little finger is about one and a half meters long. The weight of such an arrow is about five Jin.

The arrow of an arrow is a triangular pyramid with a length of six centimeters. If this thing is shot at a person, it can pierce a person directly.

This strong bow with such a steel arrow, stone bear has been tested, the farthest range can reach more than 400 meters. This distance is much longer than the shooting range of Shenbang crossbow in the Song Dynasty.

At a distance of 200 meters, the arrow can pierce through a three centimeter thick board.

The people who saw the bow marveled at the power and range of the strong bow, but they only envied it, because they didn't have the strength to work, let alone pull the bow full.

If you want to make the bow full, it's only the stone bear, who is gifted and powerful, can do it. According to the estimation of stone bear, if you want to open the bow full, your arms really need a thousand jin of strength! In ancient China, this is at least a seven stone bow or even a nine stone bow!

This bow is the biggest reliance for the stone bear to enter the wilderness.

In addition to the bow, the stone bear also seized major Armand's and captain Constantine's handguns. Although the handgun of this era can not be compared with the revolver one hundred years later, it is still powerful in close range.

The strong bow is a long-range attack, the steel spear is a medium and short-range attack, and the blunderbuss and flying axes are used for short-range defense.

With these four kinds of weapons, plus the power of the horse and the stone bear, the wilderness can be reached. Even if we meet a large number of enemies, we can still run away.

With weapons and tents, the bear crossed the littleriver River in the west, and then moved westward along the fold mountains between the Cumberland Plateau in the north and the fog mountains in the south.

In winter, groups of herbivores are rarely seen in the wilderness. Even the common bison is rare in this cold winter.

For two days in a row, the stone bear didn't get any good prey. If it wasn't for some corn cakes when he went out, he would be hungry now.

As a result, in the early morning of the third day, the stone bear found such a strange scene by a small river.

More than a dozen North American wild goats with long hair climbed up a dead tree. Stone bears know that North American wild goats have excellent climbing ability, but they are very good at climbing mountains, and can even climb cliffs of more than 70 degrees. Stone bears have never seen wild goats that can climb trees( PS: North American wild goat can climb trees. This is not old Mo's nonsense. You can spend some time with North American wild goat, and you will find that this magical animal can really climb trees. Who knows why these wild goats want to climb trees...)

About 200 meters away, the stone bear opened the strong bow. At this distance, the stone bear is confident to hit a target as big as a wild goat.

The dark arrow in the strong bow that huge thrust, in the air across a slightly curved curve, the next moment accurately into the neck of a wild goat.

The wild goats on the tree were scared away. Stone bear rode to the tree and saw the wild goat killed by his own arrow.

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