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Chapter: 151

The stone bear felt as if his heart had been pinched by his invisible hand in an instant

It seems that he is not willing to be controlled by the invisible hand, and his heart begins to beat wildly. No matter the beating frequency or strength, it has increased a lot than usual. And the blood pumped out by the strong heart also quickly flows to every corner of the body. Just in a moment, the stone bear feels that he starts to heat up all over.

"What a delicate face this is..." at this moment, the stone bear only felt that his head was blank, and only this idea was constantly hovering.

The girl in front of her is about sixteen or seventeen years old. She is riding a brown red steed. There is a long diamond shaped white area between the forehead and the eyebrow of the steed. Combined with the hair color of the steed and the posture of the steed, it is enough to show that the steed is one in a million.

But it was such a good horse. At this time, it was almost ignored by the stone bear. He just glanced at the horse, and then his eyes were all attracted by the girl sitting on the horse's back.

The girl was wearing a pair of tan leather boots, which were hairy. The stone bear recognized at a glance that the boots were made of good beaver skin.

Looking up again, a black bearskin cloak enveloped the whole girl. Although because of the barrier of the bearskin cloak, the graceful figure of the girl could not be revealed, but this pure black color set off the girl's snow-white cheek more white.

The girl's neck is surrounded by a collar made of beaver skin, and her head is wearing a beaver hat. The face that made the stone bear almost forget to breathe is revealed in the background of a pile of precious fur.

In fact, if you put this kind of fur dressing in more than 200 years, it must be the only way for the rich and wealthy girls to wear it. But in this era, the North American Indians, whether male or female, are all pure wild fur!

This young girl's dress is not outstanding in the North American continent of this era. It can only be said that these fur on her body are more precious. It is estimated that this young girl's status in the tribe is not low, or she has outstanding and powerful soldiers in her family, so she can wear this kind of bear skin cloak.

But if this dress matches her appearance, it's really beautiful. Stone bear can guarantee that this young girl is the most beautiful one he has ever seen since he went through this era.

The most important thing is that the girl's temperament and appearance are in line with the stone bear's aesthetic.

The combination of the white forehead, the high nose, the round chin, the pink lips, the eyes like paint and the eyebrows with slight frown forms a kind of soul stirring beauty.

I don't know what other people think of the girl. Anyway, he knew that he was completely electrified at the first sight of the girl

From the position of stone bear, Dawu Mountain in the distance just became the background of the riding girl. Stone bear couldn't help saying: "the distant mountain is like Dai, the eyes are like a picture..."

As soon as this sentence was uttered, Shi Xiong realized that these two idioms seemed to be far from expressing the beauty of the girl on horseback. Then he shook his head and muttered, "no, it should be that the clouds want to dress, the flowers want to look, the spring wind blows the threshold, and the dew is strong. If we didn't meet at the head of the jade mountain, we would meet at Yaotai under the moon... "

"It's still a bit inappropriate." The stone bear shook his head again, turned his head and looked at the haiwoxi river not far away, and looked at some snow that had not yet melted around him. He whispered: "reeds are green, White Dew is frost. The so-called Iraqi people are on the water side. "

"Ouch, there seems to be something wrong..."

As he murmured, he looked at the girl again. As soon as he saw it, he could not help but chant: "hands are like catkins, skin is like cream, collar is like white, teeth are like gourd rhinoceros, head is like a moth, smile is beautiful, eyes are looking forward to..."

In his previous life, as a scholar, Shi Xiong had many ancient poems in his mind. However, no matter how beautiful these poems and idioms were, Shi Xiong always felt that they were not enough to describe the girl who made his heart beat wildly.

"Is this big guy a fool? How can you just do these inexplicable actions? And what language does this guy speak? I can't understand it, but it sounds good. " Looking at the big man in front of her, the girl shakes her head, raises her head, and doesn't know what to say. At this moment, she seems to have lost her vigilance to the big man.

So the girl couldn't help laughing

"When you look back, you'll smile a hundred times. Liugong powder and Dai have no color! Oh, Hello, this smile is killing me... "

The girl's smile makes the bear feel warmer. This kind of feeling, which he had never had in his previous life and this life, made him feel a little thirsty, so he couldn't help sticking out his tongue and licking his lips.

This subconscious action actually looks very obscene. If combined with the rock bear's frightening figure, the girl's eyebrows will frown again, and the horse in her crotch will take two steps back.

This made the stone bear startled. He threw the hand gun and the mountain knife on the ground, raised his hands and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I'm not malicious. Look, I've put down my arms... "

The girl's frown gradually released again. The big man who was a little at a loss in front of her might make him feel a little funny, or her curiosity was more than her vigilance. Anyway, she didn't do anything else, but asked: "who are you? Why are you here? I haven't seen you before. Where are you from? "

The girl's voice was not big, but it fell in the stone bear's ear, which made him still hear the sound of nature. The voice was really "like a yellow warbler coming out of the valley, graceful and melodious. It's as clear as water and song

But the stone bear didn't say it again. Instead, he said with a smile: "I came from the foot of the blue fog mountain in the sunshine forever (East), and I've never seen you. Are you from this neighborhood?"

Stone bear's words made the girl's brow frown again. She didn't answer, but asked with some uncertainty: "are you a Cherokee?"

The girl's look makes the stone bear feel tight in his heart. The change of the girl's look makes him guess the girl's identity in an instant.

But the stone bear nodded and said, "yes, I'm a Cherokee. I'm from the high tree tribe. And my name is big bear. You're supposed to be a chekasa, aren't you

The girl hesitated for a moment and nodded, but she didn't speak any more. She just looked at the stone bear with a pair of painted eyes, as if to say, "you haven't answered me, why are you here?"

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