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Chapter: 156

If the wolves attacking the gap are tides, the rock bear blocking the gap is a tenacious reef.

Of course, eleven wolves are not the tide, but the rock bear is like a rock.

The terrain of the depression determines that if these wolves want to eat their prey, they can only attack from the exit of the depression. Originally, the width of the exit was more than ten meters, and the stone bear could not fill such a wide exit by himself.

But the stone bear and the girl gathered the dead branches together and put a notched wall at the exit. When they lit the branches, a notched wall of fire appeared.

Wolves are extremely afraid of fire, so they can only attack at the gap of the fire wall.

Standing at the four meter wide gap, the stone bear really incarnated into a rock that could not be destroyed by the tide and tsunami. His knife and fists made the remaining wolves suffer.

When the stone bear chopped off a wolf's head and kicked off a wolf, another wolf came up behind him.

In the corner of his eyes, Yu Guang saw the wolf coming towards him. The tall body of the stone bear seemed to have practiced clavicular bone surgery, and almost immediately became short.

Originally, the wolf came to the stone bear's throat. As a result, the stone bear squatted down suddenly, and the wolf became a wolf flying over the stone bear's head.

The stone bear squatting below didn't hesitate at all, and directly raised the knife.

The sharp point of the knife was inserted into the wolf's throat. With the sharp edge of the knife and the huge inertia of the wolf's flying, the wolf was opened from the throat to the crotch.

Red, green, black and white all poured down because the wolf's belly was cut open. Before the wolf even landed, all the internal organs in its belly almost fell out.

Ignoring the wild wolf who can only twitch on the ground, the stone bear turns around and faces another one.

The wolf was very cunning. Instead of flying out like other companions, he quietly touched the stone bear's side. When he was close enough, he suddenly opened his mouth and bit the stone bear's throat.

The stone bear just turned around and stabbed out the knife in his hand. Sharp mountain knife from the mouth of the wolf opened a big mouth and disappeared, more than a meter of mountain knife almost the wolf to string into a sugar gourd.

The wolf naturally drooped his head without saying a word, and this knife almost broke the guy's internal organs.

The stone bear's backhand was about to draw out the mountain knife, but it got stuck. He didn't know whether the body of the knife was clamped by the spine or the cervical spine.

At this time, the girl's exclamation began: "be careful on your left side..."

Stone bear didn't even think about it. His right hand, which was about to draw out the knife, immediately released the handle of the knife. Then he suddenly turned around and smashed his fist the size of casserole with the wind.

The wolf, who had just been knocked off, just jumped at the stone bear with his big mouth open. As a result, the fist hit the wolf's head.

With a clear and audible "click", one of the wolf's eyes was smashed by the blow, and the wolf fell to the ground without saying a word. The stone bear's blow not only broke one of the guy's eyes, but also directly smashed the wolf's hard skull.

You know, the skull is the hardest place on the wolf, but it's the hardest place, but it was smashed by the stone bear!

At the next moment, the two wolves come face to face, and the stone bear takes a big step back. This big step makes the two wolves' flying become useless, and with the withdrawal of this big step, the two wolves' flying trend has become the end of the crossbow.

At the moment when the two wolves were about to land, the stone bear stretched out his hands and pressed the outside of the two wolves' heads accurately. Then, with a burst of drinking, his hands suddenly closed, and a louder "click" sound came out as the two wolves' heads collided with each other

This set of movements is a rabbit up and down, clean! In less than 20 seconds, six wolves were beheaded, ripped, deep throat, smashed in the head with one punch and killed by stone bear. Another wolf was kicked by stone bear.

The remaining four wolves seemed to be completely frightened by the murderous bipedal monster in front of them, and they even hesitated and did not dare to rush forward.

As soon as the stone bear saw this, he knew that the four wolves had been scared, so he turned and pulled out the mountain knife which was stuck in the crack of the bone. Then he wiped another one on his face. The wolf blood splashed on his face immediately turned the stone bear into a bloody God of killing.

The stone bear, holding the mountain knife in his hand, stood still in front of the only dead wolf. Then he opened his mouth suddenly, and a roar full of murderous, tyrannical and extremely strong masculine atmosphere suddenly rang out.

The voice made the four wolves shiver, and they turned around and ran away with their tails in their hands

Seeing that the four wolves were scared away by the big man, the girl's face also showed a smile. When she looked at the big figure, her eyes were more confused

Men's nature is to like beautiful women, while women's nature is to like men with strong masculinity.

This is the result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, which is deeply embedded in human genes and cannot be transferred or eliminated by will.

Obviously, at this time, the stone bear has fully displayed what a male should have. How can such a man full of masculinity not make the girl excited?

So, when the stone bear turns around, the girl seems to have been found the secret in her heart, and her little face turns red.

"Are you, you, you ok? You're not hurt, are you? " Although the girl is a little shy, but the new world of India

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