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Chapter: 157

A look of disbelief flashed on the faces of the soldiers who dismounted behind the one armed man after hearing these words. But they didn't show too much. After all, the wolf corpses on the ground are lying here.

But even with these wolf corpses, these soldiers still don't believe that the nearly 30 wolves were killed by the big man in front of them. If the big man said that there are four wolves running away, it means that there are more than 30 wolves in the pack.

Such a large wolf pack, even the soldiers of their tribe, need at least 20 or 30 to deal with. Moreover, this kind of coping is only self-protection, and it can not ensure everyone's safety. In order to completely kill all the wolves in the pack, it needs at least 70 or 80 elite soldiers.

So, although the big man looks fierce, how can he kill all the big wolves by himself?

This guy must be blowing bison!

The one armed man didn't say anything else. Instead, he went to the wolf corpses, squatted down and pulled the wolf corpses. Then his sight was attracted by the wound on the wolf corpses.

The one armed man looked at the big and exaggerated bow on the stone bear's back and the cold mountain knife on the edge, then nodded thoughtfully.

The one armed man stood up and went to the stone bear again. Wen Sheng said, "thank you very much for saving my little Yunduo. I'm Lei Ying, the leader of the river tribe of the chekasha people."

After hearing the one armed man's words, Shi Xiong realized that the man who looked very dignified was actually the leader of a tribe. He was a big man who could sit with Li Lei and Gao Niu.

The stone bear nodded slightly, then bowed slightly to the thunder eagle with his left hand touching his chest, and said, "the powerful bear of the Cherokee gaoshu tribe has seen the leader of the thunder eagle."

It seems that the stone bear is a Cherokee from his clothes for a long time. Lei Ying didn't react much. He just said with a smile, "you can rest assured here that although we Xiaohe tribe are chekasa people, we live in seclusion. We are not interested in the battle between the tribe and you Cherokees, and we will not regard you as an enemy. "

"Thank you for your tolerance."

One armed man behind a young man suddenly asked: "big bear, these wolves are you with a bow and arrow shot to death?"

Stone bear took a look at the boy and found that the boy's eyebrows were a little similar to Lei Ying. It is estimated that the boy should be Lei Ying's son or nephew.

Sure enough, hearing the boy's words, Lei Ying turned his head and yelled, "little hammer, don't be so rude to the guests."

The young man was scolded for a while, and immediately shrunk his head and didn't dare to speak any more. Lei Ying turned his head and said to Shi Xiong with a smile: "this is my little son. He is still young and some of them are not very sensible. I hope you don't mind."

The stone bear waved his hand and said, "it doesn't matter." With that, the stone bear said to the boy, "among these wolves, I should have shot 19 of them directly, but the head of the wolf group is more cunning. I didn't kill it with an arrow, just nailed the head of the wolf to the ground, and finally stamped the guy to death. As for the other seven wolves, they were all killed in close combat with my knife and my fists. "

As soon as these words were uttered, the boy's mouth grew up in surprise, and several other strong soldiers shook their heads slightly. They didn't believe the big man's words any more.

It is possible to shoot these wolves from a long distance with bow and arrow, but if they are approached by wolves, an elite soldier is not a wolf's opponent at all. But the big man even dared to say that a man killed seven wolves in close combat with a knife and fists, which was like forcing the bison to blow through

One armed man Lei Ying obviously didn't believe what Shi Xiong said, but he didn't show anything on his face. He just said, "big bear, can you show me your big bow and your knife?"

Lei Ying's words make Shi Xiong Leng for a while, and then he laughs with indifference. He takes down the big bow and the mountain knife and hands them to Lei Ying.

In Indian customs, it is better for others not to ask a soldier for his weapons easily, and if a soldier is asked for his weapons, the soldier can simply refuse.

The weapons of North American Indians are very important property for a soldier, and their importance is no less than that of his relatives. Therefore, outsiders can not ask a soldier for his weapons, which is a taboo thing.

But for the stone bear, it doesn't matter whether he has a bow or a knife. One is that stone bear is very confident that even without these two weapons, he can kill these people in a short time with his bare hands. Of course, another and more important reason is that Lei Ying is Baiyun's father. Shi Xiong wants to turn this man into his father-in-law. How can he not obey the orders of his future father-in-law?

So, the stone bear simply handed over his big bow and the mountain knife, along with a bloody arrow, and said with a smile, "this bow, these arrows and this knife are all made by myself, and the materials are also made by me and the tribe people."

Lei Ying had one arm, so he couldn't pull the bow. But when he took the bow, the weight of the bow changed his face slightly.

He handed the big bow to a very strong man nearby and said in a deep voice, "Dashan, try this bow."

This mountain obviously has a high status in the Xiaohe tribe. It is estimated that it should be the same level as the big foot or wolf tail of the gaoshu tribe. It is very likely that it is Qu Kui, the warrior of the tribe. This kind of person is usually the most powerful person in the tribe.

The mountain is also worthy of his name. People are tall and big. Although they don't have the same shape as the stone bear, among the Indians, he is definitely tall and big.

This Dashan was the one who didn't believe what Shi Xiong said just now. In China, there is a saying that literature is no first and military is no second. In Indian tribes, there is also such a phenomenon.

The stone bear, who is strong enough to make people feel terrible, naturally makes Dashan feel great pressure, so he has an instinctive aversion and unconventional to the stone bear.

But when he took the bow, the heavy weight suddenly changed his face. He had never seen such a heavy bow.

When Dashan tried to pull the bow apart, his mind completely collapsed.

Without him, Dashan turned red with a breath. He wished he could pull Baba when he was sucking or even constipated. But at most, he pulled the big bow half way

The scene in front of us changed everyone's face, including Lei Ying.

Others don't know the strength of Dashan, but these people do. Dashan is the strongest man in their Xiaohe tribe. No one in the tribe can match Dashan in terms of strength.

But Dashan, what's the matter? Is he amusing everyone?

The two girls as like as two peas stood at a distance. The girl in the coat of white bear skin had an incredible expression on her face. She seemed to be surprised by the power of the big bow.

And Baiyun came up to the girl in the white bear skin cloak and whispered, "little skylark, do you see that? I'm not fooling you, am I? I'll tell you, this big man named big bear is too strong. I've tried to pull his big bow, but I can only pull it a little bit. But this big man can open his bow 15 times in a row and then shoot 15 wolves, which I saw with my own eyes. The funny thing is that even you, including your father, don't seem to believe this big man very much. Now, are you all right? Are you making a fool of yourself? "

The girl called "little Skylark" turned her face and said in surprise, "elder sister, does this big man really have such great strength?"

Baiyun nodded and was about to say something, but suddenly he held his sister's face, twisted her face to the original angle, and said in a low voice, "look, this big man is going to hit her face again. Father, if they don't believe it, they have to prove it to you. "

While Baiyun was talking, the little lark saw that the big man took the big bow from the red looking mountain, and then pointed to a black spot in the distance and said, "it should be a wild goat. In the morning, I shot and killed a wild goat around here, and the others were scared away. It is estimated that this wild goat is one of the wild goats scared away."

Stone bear's words made everyone's eyes look at the wild goat 250 steps away. At this distance, the wild goat looked like a small shadow not much bigger than a mouse, but people could still tell that it was a wild goat.

But this wild goat doesn't seem to worry that these bipedal monsters can catch it at all, so it is still leisurely looking for grass roots.

The stone bear put the arrow on the bow and arrow, and then as if with no effort to pull the big bow full, this action made several other people's eyes straight.

"This bow has some strength, so it has a long range." With that, the stone bear glanced a little, and then released his hand. The next moment, people only see a black light, in an instant across the distance of 200 meters, accurately hit the goat that looks not much bigger than the mouse.

Everyone took a cold breath, and the little Skylark over there was the same.

No wonder this big bow needs so much strength to be full! It can shoot such a small target 200 meters away, which means that this big bow can at least shoot the heavy iron arrow out for 500 steps!

This is a terrible range. None of the bows and arrows of the whole Xiaohe tribe can shoot the arrow to 250 steps. However, this big bow of others can shoot such a small target at 250 steps. This bow force and archery is absolutely shocking!

The stone bear put down his bow and said faintly: "at that time, the distance between those wild wolves and Baiyun was more than that of this wild goat, so I could shoot them more easily. But the number of my arrows is limited, only 20, so I can only rely on this bow to shoot 20 wolves

The soldiers' faces were red and white.

At this time, they don't believe it and have to believe it. People can easily shoot a wild goat at such a long distance, so it's no use shooting those wild wolves.

What's more, they have just seen that most of the wounds on the wolves' bodies are penetrating wounds. It's obvious that this big man made them with the arrows from his powerful bow.

They thought these wolves were killed by a large group of people, and then the big man's partner left before they came. Then the big man blew the bull and forced him to kill all the wolves by himself.

But now it seems that someone has the ability to kill this wolf pack, and it's still the ability to kill a wolf pack easily! Other than that, the power of the big bow alone can make people do it easily.

There is something wrong with Lei Ying's manner. The big man has brought them too much shock. Even Lei Ying is a well-informed tribal leader, but he has never seen or even heard of such powerful soldiers in this continent.

The white cloud over there said to his sister, "little skylark, do you believe it now?"

Little Skylark nodded with a look of shock on her face. The fact was in front of her, and she couldn't believe it or find a reason.

"In fact, this big man is not only strong, but also very skilled. You also heard the big man say that he had only 20 arrows. When the arrows were shot, there were still 11 wolves left in the pack. With the knife in his father's hand and his fists, the big man killed seven wolves again in a few breaths, and the remaining four wolves scared away directly. It's the first time I've ever seen these wolves run away. "

The little Skylark nodded and said, "it's really powerful. Elder sister, as you said just now, that big man's arrow is very precious. Let's go and get that arrow back now. By the way, let's also get that wild goat back. "

The sisters said to the thunder eagle, and then they got on the horse together and galloped away in the distance.

Lei Ying nodded to the two soldiers behind him, and the two soldiers got on the horse and followed.

Lei Ying touched the edge of the mountain knife with his finger, and exclaimed: "this knife is also a good one. Big bear, you just said that this big bow and this knife are all made by yourself? "

"Yes, dear leader Lei Ying, I made this bow and this knife myself."

"What about the materials? What about the materials that make this bow and this knife? Did you get it from vasichu? But it seems that the iron traded by vasichus is not as good as that used by your knife. " Lei Ying asked curiously.

"The material used for this sword and bow is better than the iron that the vassichuns bought, because it's steel! Much stronger than iron! Now the vasichus should not have this kind of steel. This kind of steel is made by the people of our tribe under my leadership. "

"Ah..." Lei Ying's chin almost fell down

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