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Chapter: 158

Xiaohe tribe is located in a valley with beautiful environment. A small tributary of haiwoxi river flows down from the high mountain at one end of the valley, quietly passes through Xiaohe tribe, then flows out from the mouth of the valley and finally flows into haiwoxi river.

The name of Xiaohe tribe comes from this river which is only 20 meters wide.

The valley is very secluded. The specific location is about the northwest edge of blue ridge. The famous tananhala National Forest Park in the United States is about 150 miles to the east of the valley.

The valley is very long and narrow, with only one entrance and exit, surrounded by mountains as high as six or seven hundred meters. These steep mountains are a ring of natural walls, which firmly protect the small valley.

It is worthy of living in seclusion. They can find such a hidden valley!

This is the first impression of the stone bear after entering the valley where the Xiaohe tribe is located.

As for the second impression, this valley is definitely a good place for one man to control and ten thousand people to stay away from!

Without him, the only entrance to the valley is the narrow and steep one. I don't know how many years it took for the nameless River to wash out a mile long exit at the mouth of the valley.

The mouth of a valley is a river valley, and the two become one.

Both sides of the valley are cliffs hundreds of meters high. The river here has become only ten meters wide, so the flow speed of the river here is quite considerable.

The surging river roared all the way across the valley, and there were some jagged rocks hidden under the surface of the river.

In other words, it is almost impossible to go upstream through the river. Perhaps the future stormboat or speedboat can defeat the roaring river with excellent power. As for the modern sailing boat, unless it is pulled by the trackers, it is absolutely impossible to go upstream.

The most important thing is that the jagged rocks at the bottom of the water greatly limit the draught of the boats. That is to say, even if there are some trackers pulling on the bank, the boats with a little larger displacement can not get through the river valley.

On the north side of the valley, there is a path about four or five meters wide. The path was built on a mountain about ten meters high from the surface of the river.

Perhaps during the orogeny, the magical power of nature left such a flat mountain like the jade belt on this mountain. Of course, it may also be such a flat road formed by the natural weathering process of Lanling for countless years. Anyway, this road suddenly appeared in the mountain.

Whether riding or walking, you must take this road to get in and out of the valley. If there is a war, as long as Xiaohe tribe keeps this path, then the enemy outside will never be able to attack.

Stone bear really doubts how the Xiaohe tribe found such a wonderful place. This is more hidden than Tao Yuanming's Peach Blossom Land.

The stone bear came into the valley with the army of Xiaohe tribe.

After learning that the stone bear could actually make steel, Lei Ying blew the horn, and then not long after that, forty or fifty strong men appeared outside the depression. These strong men are soldiers of Xiaohe tribe.

The bodies of 27 wild wolves were carried away by these men, and the two wild goats shot by the stone bear were also carried away. Of course, one of the wild goats has lost a hind leg, which is in the belly of the stone bear

Then, at the invitation of Lei Ying, the stone bear followed the army into the small valley, and then came to the river tribe.

The scale of the Xiaohe tribe is beyond the imagination of the stone bear. Although this tribe is called "Xiaohe", its scale is a bit amazing.

Standing on the hillside path overlooking the tribe, Shi Xiong saw about three or four hundred wooden houses!

In other words, the number of Xiaohe tribe is at least more than 1200, or even more than 1500!

Even if we look at the whole North American continent, such a large-scale tribe is definitely a large one.

You know, the whole gaoshu tribe has only 300 people. Even the small tribes separated from gaoshu tribe over the years have only 1000 people.

In this beautiful and secluded valley, there is a large tribe with more than 1200 people. This is beyond the expectation of stone bear.

"Our Xiaohe tribe is made up of people who are not willing to participate in tribal wars. Although we chekasa people occupy the majority, there are also some Cherokee people and even Yuchi people in our tribe, who do not like war as much as we do. Now in our tribe, whether they are chekasa, Cherokee or Yuchi, there is only one name: Xiaohe people. Because in our tribe, all the people are brothers and sisters, relatives and members of the tribe. " Riding on horseback, Lei Ying pointed to the tribe below and said with pride.

Shi Xiong sighed a little. He had to admit that Lei Ying was not simple. He really led these people to build a paradise.

As the guardian of the high priest kabulu of the gaoshu tribe, he also experienced the battle in which the longmaoniu tribe was almost exterminated. The stone bear is very clear about the hatred between the Cherokee and the chekasa people. It's just like the 200 soldiers of the letiqi tribe who were killed some time ago. Even the leader of the letiqi tribe, the whistler snake, was killed by the fire bull battle. This is enough to show how deep the hatred between the two groups is.

But here, there are so many war averse people living in seclusion. And because of their aversion to war, these people transcend racial hatred and live together. There is no hatred, no dispute, no war!

No wonder Baiyun and leiying didn't raise their butcher's knife to themselves after they learned that they were Cherokee. Instead, they warmly invited themselves to visit their tribe.

On the way here, perhaps in order to gain the trust of the stone bear, Lei Ying said his own situation almost without hiding anything.

The two twins are his daughter. The eldest daughter is Baiyun, whom the stone bear met. Another girl who was born a few minutes later than Baiyun naturally became his sister. Her name is green Skylark.

According to Lei Ying, when the twin sisters were born, there were many white clouds in the sky, so the eldest one was called Baiyun. When the second one was born, a group of skylarks came from the woods. One of them was the biggest one, whose feathers were rare blue-green, so the name of the second one became "green Skylark".

As for the young man who followed Lei Ying, he was Lei Ying's youngest son, whose name was Shi Chui.

The arrival of the stone bear caused a sensation in the Xiaohe tribe.

For these Indians who lived in seclusion in the Xiaohe tribe because of their avoidance and aversion to war, it's really rare for them to be such a big, strong and terrifying guy.

The most important thing is that this big man killed a wolf pack composed of more than 30 wild wolves alone in the wilderness, which is just something that gods can do.

So, just came to the river tribe not long stone bear was a strong onlooker.

Fortunately, the stone bear's face has been thick enough, otherwise he really can't bear so much worship.

Although these people of Xiaohe tribe hate war, it doesn't mean they don't worship personal force. Now, a character like the God of war has come to the tribe. Everyone wants to have a close look.

Only at this time did Shi Xiong realize the feeling that those stars of later generations were chased by fans.

However, the one armed man Lei Ying obviously has a high prestige in the tribe. Under his command, the people of Xiaohe tribe only have a strong onlooker, which makes the stone bear get less black hands

When he came to the wooden house where Lei Ying lived, Shi Xiong wiped his sweat.

Xiaohe tribe, located near the "border line" between the Cherokee and chekasa ethnic groups, is not very different from the gaoshu tribe. The people of this tribe also live in wooden houses and usually live on rough farming, gathering and hunting. The most important thing is that this tribe also celebrated the Green Valley Festival.

If Lei Ying hadn't told Shi Xiong that most of the people in Xiaohe tribe were chekasa, Shi Xiong would have thought that he had come to a tribe composed of Cherokee.

In later generations, many people said that Indians were incurable, stupid and uneducated. Originally, Shi Xiong thought so, but when he really went through this era, he found that foreigners would also tamper with history books.

Well, maybe it's inappropriate to call it tampering with history books. It should be that "history books are written by winners".

After the founding of the United States, the North American Indians who had helped them were almost extinct. There is no doubt that the descendants of the European colonists are the winners.

Then, in order to cover up the massacre of the Indians and the help of the Indians to their ancestors, the victors will naturally change some records in the historical books.

It's just like when the braided soldiers entered the pass and occupied the world that originally belonged to the Han people, they naturally tampered with the history of the previous dynasty.

In fact, the Indians of this era, at best, can only say that they are backward. They are not stupid, let alone stupid.

Limited to the level of scientific development and social development, the Indians naturally seem to be ignorant and backward in the eyes of vasichu, but if the Indians can have the scientific level and social living standard of Europeans, then the North American Indians are also very powerful.

Apart from other things, the current social structure of the North American Indians is actually very suitable for the North American Indians of this era. And this kind of social structure is also the rudiment before the emergence of the state.

At the same time, the North American Indians are also very smart. They just lack some big scientists like da Vinci and Newton.

Anyway, the stone bear thinks that at least the people of the gaoshu tribe are very smart. They all learn these things very fast, which proves that the North American Indians are not stupid or incurable. It's just that no one came to save them!

And after coming to Xiaohe tribe, the stone bear's feeling is deeper. It turns out that the North American Indians are not all like the historical books written by the Americans. They are ignorant and bloodthirsty. They always copy guys and start wars with other races.

These people from the Xiaohe tribe prove that there are many peace loving Indians among the North American Indians. You can say that they are timid and dare not take part in the war; You can also say that they have no seed and dare not fight with the enemy for the sake of the tribe. But you can't say they're not peace lovers.

But is there no such person among the European colonists?

Oh, for you white people, you can praise them as peace lovers, but why do they become cowards and cowards when they come to North American Indians?

Anyway, since the stone bear came to Xiaohe tribe, he suddenly fell in love with this tribe and the people here.

These people are living here because they hate war. They don't want to fight for irrelevant people, but if it's for their relatives, they also dare to kill people.

Just like the gaoshu tribe, in fact, the gaoshu tribe is similar to the Xiaohe tribe. Otherwise, high priest kabulu of that year would not let the high priest of Cherokee court not do it, but took his people to the foot of the remote fog mountain.

No matter what reasons these people of Xiaohe tribe came here, but now that they have come here and become a member of Xiaohe tribe, they can actually be called peace lovers.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons why stone bear came to Xiaohe tribe was Lei Ying's warm invitation, and the other was the girl Baiyun who made him excited.

In the past and this life, it's not easy to meet a woman with heart. How can the stone bear let go?

In the past life, I didn't have the conditions or the mind to pursue girls, but in this life, it's different. Shi Xiong has some enviable conditions to pursue the women he likes.

So the stone bear followed Lei Ying to Xiaohe tribe.

But what makes the stone bear secretly happy is that the girl Baiyun seems to be very welcome to Xiaohe tribe. Besides, when she talks with Lei Ying, she carries water and food in and out, and smiles at herself from time to time, which is enough to show that the girl doesn't seem to dislike herself.

But let the stone bear a little headache is Baiyun's sister and younger brother.

Compared with Baiyun's serenity, the twin sister green skylark, which seems to be carved in the same mold as Baiyun, is not so lady. The girl's character is a ghost horse spirit, and some questions asked by the girl are too much for the stone bear.

For example, this girl is very bold to ask the stone bear: "do you want to form a family with my sister?"

In the face of 30 wolves, the stone bear was not afraid, but for this problem, the stone bear completely surrendered.

Of course, the green Skylark who asked this question was immediately ruthlessly suppressed by her sister

Compared with the green Skylark of ghost horse spirit, the future brother-in-law stone hammer is much easier to deal with.

The boy was particularly interested in the weapons of the stone bear, and even asked the big bow of the stone bear to show off to the people. To this, the stone bear thinks it doesn't matter, but Lei Ying can't laugh or cry.

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