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Chapter: 162

Before the stone bear came to the gaoshu tribe, the most unpopular estimate of the whole gaoshu tribe was that there was no one else except rabbit mouth.

Born with a cleft lip, he became the devil's child in the eyes of tribal people. Even his parents ignored him for this reason.

Because of this reason, rabbit mouth almost starved to death because of no milk when he was a child. Thanks to the kabulu sacrifice of the previous generation and the kabulu sacrifice of this generation, Hongyun took good care of the little guy and fed him with corn porridge, so the little guy who was born with cleft lip survived.

But even though kabulu took good care of the rabbit's mouth, because of his natural harelip, almost all the people in the tribe didn't like him. In the ignorant and backward Indian tribes, this kind of unusual people are usually named one way or another by their clansmen. Anyway, they are not good names.

No matter what kabulu said, anyway, the poor little guy is not welcomed.

Poor rabbit mouth is not even qualified to attend his 12-year-old initiation ceremony. He doesn't even have a clan name. Rabbit mouth is the only name that accompanies him all the time.

And because of long-term malnutrition, the 13-year-old rabbit has a thin mouth, which is similar to that of an 8-year-old or 9-year-old.

What happened to the rabbit's mouth, even in modern times, is a real tragedy.

To say, the fate of rabbit mouth is not as good as that of stupid head. Although his brain is not easy to use, he still has an enviable physique. In addition, he has boundless strength. He is a good hand at fighting and hunting. So he was more comfortable in the longhair cattle tribe. At least he could eat enough.

Until the stone bear followed Gao Niu and they came to the gaoshu tribe, the rabbit's mouth took the stone bear's thigh decisively and became the little footman of the stone bear. It was a comfortable life.

So, in the current situation, the skinny rabbit mouth is the first to stand up for his boss!

Very simple, in the eyes of the rabbit mouth, the guardian is his God! He doesn't care about the chekasa or the vasichu, but if anyone dares not listen to the guardian, it's his rabbit mouth enemy, even his enemy!

All the clansmen listened to the words from the thin rabbit's mouth and were silent one by one.

No one can think of this usually timid and thin rabbit mouth, even dare to say such words on such occasions, but also look down on you, this saying is very heartbreaking, who do you think your rabbit mouth is?

However, no one can refute the rabbit's words.

At the beginning, Lieutenant Ferguson stood by to watch the excitement. Although he didn't understand what these people said, he also saw something. Originally, he wanted to stand up for his boss's platform, but he was preempted by the rabbit mouth.

However, Lieutenant Ferguson was the second one to step forward.

Although he can't speak Indian, his actions and expression show his attitude.

Fast horse and hard bone came panting from a distance. They had just gone to little salt mountain to get charcoal, because Lieutenant Ferguson planned to make his own black powder according to the formula given by stone bear.

When they came back, they saw such a scene.

The two brothers grabbed the little guy who usually mixed with them and asked about the situation. Then they gave the charcoal on their back to the little guy without hesitation. They walked out of the crowd together and stood beside the stone bear.

Gao Niu and Bobcat looked at the horse and the hard bone, sighed helplessly, turned and left here.

They are not fast horses and hard bones, they can follow the guardian without scruple. As the senior members of the former longmaoniu tribe, they are cautious in whatever they do after they come to gaoshu tribe. They have too many worries.

Red cloud took a look at his guardian, finally sighed helplessly, walked out of the crowd, and then stood beside the stone bear.

Hongyun's action made the people make a sound of discussion. The face of Li Lei and wolf's tail immediately became very ugly.

Stone bear saw red cloud coming, and no excited expression appeared, just nodded lightly, as if it was natural for kabulu to do so.

Some people stood up when they saw the red cloud, shook their heads slightly, and then stepped back a few steps away from the circle. Needless to say, these clansmen are all loyal supporters of Hongyun.

However, there are still some people who did not move, such as stone hammer, Li Lei, wolf tail and so on. These people are obviously people with deep hatred against the chekasa people.

Seeing this, the stone bear nodded secretly, and then said in a loud voice: "leader Li Lei, uncle Shi Chui, and other people, I know you all bear great hatred. The chekasa people have brought you endless sorrow. The chekasa people have made us lose our loved ones. But that doesn't mean we're going to live in hatred. "

"My mother, father and sister died under the butcher's knife of the chekasa people, which I still remember clearly. For me, I will not let go of the enemies who killed my relatives. However, injustice has its head and debt has its owner. We can't kill all the chekasa people with one stroke. There are good people among the chekasa people. "

"Like the chekasa people standing behind me, they have never been involved in a battle with us Cherokees, and their hands are not stained with our Cherokee blood. On the contrary, in order to avoid war, they took the initiative to break away from the chekasa ethnic group and found a place far away from the battlefield to live in seclusion. Do you have the heart to kill such people? "

The stone hammer said in a deep voice, "guardian, since they are chekasa people, they are our enemies."

The stone bear sighed and said to the old soldier, "uncle, I know you hate the chekasa people. Your son and daughter died under the chekasa people's butcher's knife, but my relatives also died under the chekasa people's butcher's knife. I also hate the chekasa people who killed my relatives. However, we can't let hatred blind our eyes and interfere with our judgment in this way... "

Before the stone bear finished his words, wolf tail said aloud, "guardian, no matter what you say, we are going to kill these chekasa today to avenge our relatives!"

"Shut up The stone bear made a sudden drink at the wolf's tail, which made the wolf's tail tremble.

Immediately, the stone bear didn't pay attention to the wolf's tail, but continued to say to the stone hammer in a warm voice: "uncle, do you believe me, big bear?"

Stone hammer looked at the stone bear's eyes, mouth opened, but finally nodded.

"Well, uncle shichui, since you believe me, I am here today to assure you and all the people that I will lead you to revenge in three years! As long as it's the chekasa whose hands are stained with the blood of our people, I won't let one go! I promise you will kill those chekasha whose hands are full of our people's blood! "

Stone bear's words made all the people nod involuntarily.

The stone bear nodded, then pointed to the thunder eagle. They raised their voice and said strongly, "but they, these secluded chekasa people, are not our enemies, and they are my friends. I don't want you to think about them any more. If anyone still wants to attack them, then first step on the body of my big bear and attack them! "


The thunder hawks finally stayed in the high tree tribe.

Stone bear successfully convinced the people, especially to Lilei, that the saltpeter rich in this hermit tribe was an important raw material for making gunpowder, and Lilei was silent. As for people like shichui, Shixiong went to the door alone and talked about the importance of trading between Xiaohe tribe and gaoshu tribe. Even people like shichui didn't hold leiying anymore.

However, although they no longer pursue Lei Ying, they still have no good face. But that's enough for ray hawk.

Although they met with a very unpleasant event when they first came here, Lei Ying also fully understood the big man's mind. The big man really wanted to make a long-term deal with them.

What surprised them even more was that the big man's prestige in gaoshu tribe was so high. The most important thing was that he was the guardian of the famous kabulu sacrifice, which was absolutely unusual.

"Are you not afraid that your people will have bad ideas about you when you do this?" Baiyun asked the stone bear carefully as he walked.

Baiyun was not used to this kind of behavior that two people went out for a walk alone after dinner. No matter her tribe or other tribes, it seems that there is no such behavior between men and women, right?

However, it seems that it's very good for two people to walk around alone.

The stone bear tilted his head and looked at the girl beside him. He shook his head with a smile. Then he threw out a small stone he had just picked up. Then he clapped his hands and said, "it doesn't matter. The people of our tribe are actually very good. They're just... Well, they're just blinded by a moment of hatred. That's why they act like that. If they explain it clearly, they won't have any other ideas. You can rest assured that you will never be hurt with me. "

"Of course I have faith in you." The girl kicked out a small stone with her toe. "I'm just worried that you'll have an impact on your prestige."

"No impact, absolutely no impact! I can be sure of that. Don't you see that even our high priest cabro supports me? "

"That's true. But why is your kabulu so young? I don't think it's much older than me. "

"I can't help it. The last kabulu sacrifice just passed away. Hongyun is the daughter of the last kabulu sacrifice, and she didn't take over for long."

"Then why is she so supportive of you? Under the circumstances that day, she supported you so much, didn't she worry about what the people thought of her? " The girl asked.

The stone bear immediately recognized an unusual smell from the girl's question, so he turned to the girl beside him and said, "Baiyun, the reason why the kabulu sacrifice supported me is that the previous kabulu sacrifice was decided by Hongyun's mother. Moreover, I was also the guardian designated by Hongyun himself. Of course, she would support me unconditionally."

Said, the stone bear smile unkindly, "I said white cloud, how do I think you say this taste a little sour ah."

"Acid? How can my words be sour? Speaking is speaking. How can it be sour? " White cloud doesn't understand of ask a way.

Stone bear was choked by these words, and immediately realized that the North American Indians did not understand the meaning of "jealous", so he had to fight a ha ha.

Baiyun glared at the big man. After a while, he asked, "big bear, do you teach your people how to make the steel and salt in your tribe?"

"Well, I taught our people how to make steel and salt. In addition... "The stone bear pointed to the surrounding farmland, which was almost invisible. The wheat seedlings in the farmland had grown up. Even though it was a little late when planting the wheat, thanks to the low latitude of Dawu Mountain, the temperature was ok, so the growth of winter wheat was very good.

"See these fields? This is our people in the use of some of the advanced tools I made out of farming out. In the past, the farmland of our tribe was only in this small area by the river, but look at our farmland now, it is dozens of times larger than before! What's more, we use our tamed bison to reclaim these farmlands. After being tamed, those bison are definitely the most effective helpers for us to reclaim these farmlands. Moreover, so much farmland has been opened up, and our tribe has also adopted the most advanced sowing methods. When summer comes, our tribe will surely have a bumper harvest of grain. "

Looking at this high spirited big man, Baiyun felt that his heart beat a lot faster at that moment.

After a long time, Bai Yun asked, "big bear, how can you understand so many things? I haven't even heard of what you said before, but how can you understand it? "

Stone bear looks at the girl who makes his heart beat and wants to tell her that he is a soul traverser. But stone bear knows that even if he says it, the girl will not believe it.

In this era and this place, things like soul crossing are obviously not as convincing as being instructed by gods.

"If I tell you that all I know is directed to me by the great sun god, do you believe it?" Stone bear finally decided to use this set of words to explain these unusual places in himself.

White cloud Leng for a while, immediately smile to nod, "believe, how can I not believe you?"

Although this is very simple, it warms the stone bear's heart.

"I used to be a fool, otherwise my nickname in the tribe would not be the name of a fool. In the past, I didn't know anything except eating, drinking and sleeping. If I didn't have the strength, even the tribe would not support me. "

"Later, our longhair cattle tribe was attacked by the chekasa people. All my relatives died. There were more than 100 people in the whole tribe, and about 20 people were alive. I almost died in that battle."

The girl's heart trembled and she could not help holding the big man's hand. It seemed that she wanted to convey her warmth to him.

With a smile, the stone bear covered his other hand on the top of the small hands and continued: "just when I was seriously injured and in a coma, the supreme Sun God came to my mind. He told me a lot of things I didn't know before, and also let me see a lot of things in the future. The most important thing is that I was almost certain to die, but I was also cured by the supreme Sun God. "

"So, when the rest of our longhair cattle tribe came to gaoshu tribe, I began to teach my people what the sun god instructed me. The supreme sun god instructed me to smelt steel, make salt, tame bison, and develop new farming methods, including the research and development of muskets."

Hearing this, the girl could not help saying, "you are a man who is favored by the gods."

"The one favored by the gods?" Stone bear thought silently, "maybe it's true..."

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