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Chapter: 165

The discussion about the origin of Thanksgiving caused by a turkey makes the stone bear's heart a little heavy.

Although the Indians in Massachusetts have little to do with the stone bear, they are Indians after all, and they are now their compatriots.

These poor Indians, at this time, are still suffering from the tragic treatment of being killed and scalp cut off, but the stone bear can only watch them being slaughtered without any way.

However, this beautiful lie about the origin of Thanksgiving makes the atmosphere at the dinner table more friendly. At least all the drinks brought by Lieutenant Ferguson have been wiped out. No matter red cloud or ray hawk, they all offer Lieutenant Ferguson a drink

All in all, the meal was quite enjoyable. Lei Ying's eyes on the stone bear changed completely. Obviously, Lei Ying was satisfied with the stone bear and could not be satisfied any more.

But Shi Xiong's mood is not very good, because after the meal, it means that he will be separated from Baiyun temporarily.

Although in the North American Indian tribes, men and women can live together and form a family as long as they like each other, there is no saying of love or marriage here, but Baiyun's identity is more sensitive. Before all the people in gaoshu tribe completely accept her identity, the stone bear can't leave Baiyun in the tribe.

Therefore, in order to be better together in the future, now two people can only bear the situation of temporary separation.

In fact, during the five days when Lei Ying stayed in gaoshu tribe, gaoshu tribe's perception of them changed a little. With the exception of a very small number of people who continue to hate them, others at least do not hate them as much as they did before.

So on the day after the banquet for Lei Ying's family, gaoshu tribe sent dozens of people to start loading.

It's true that Lei Ying plans to pull a batch of salt and ironware back this time, but salt alone has a lot of weight. Sixteen of them can't pull it back. What's more, on the way back, we still need to pull the saltpeter back from the Xiaohe tribe. It's a lot of saltpeter.

As far as the land transportation between Xiaohe tribe and gaoshu tribe is concerned, it is not easy for individuals to ride, let alone carry so many goods. So the four inland river armed transport ships captured by the stone bear and his people from the French came in handy.

To the west of the gaoshu tribe is the littleriver river. After the salt and iron vessels are loaded down the river, they will enter the Tennessee River. Then they will continue to swim down the Tennessee River. When they reach the intersection of the haiwoxi River and the Tennessee River, they will turn to the haiwoxi River upstream and finally reach the mouth of the valley where the Xiaohe tribe is located.

The people of Xiaohe tribe only need to transport the saltpeter to the mouth of the valley to ship it, and then use the boat to pull the saltpeter back.

Although it is more than twice as far by water as by land, water is indeed the best route to take now. The displacement of French River armed transport ships is also OK. It's absolutely no problem for a ship to pull more than ten tons of materials.

Moreover, waterways are also the safest in this era. The six 84 mm caliber valerian guns set up on these inland river armed transport ships are not furnishings. If grape bombs are used, they will be more lethal.

During this time, some soldiers in the tribe have been following more than a dozen French sailors to learn how to control the windsurfing. At the same time, they have also learned how to use muskets and how to control artillery.

But these are learning. No matter how well you learn, it's better to let the soldiers in the tribe go out with a boat.

It's better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books. That's the truth.

Moreover, the stone bear also has an idea in his heart. If this voyage can successfully reach the Xiaohe tribe, then the next time these four boats can take the tribe's soldiers to the hinterland of the chekasa people and give them a center.

And these fransies can't keep it that way. Although these captives are given to the soldiers of the tribe how to control the sailboat every day, that is, to go to xiaoyanshan for labor and reform, dozens of people have opened their mouths all at once. Now it is winter, and there is not much food in the tribe. Raising so many more captives is also a great burden for the tribe.

So Shi Xiong plans to "cash" these prisoners as soon as possible. Yes, these prisoners also mean a big ransom.

As for the Revenge of the French, the stone bear is not afraid of that.

One is that there are more than 100 guns in the tribe, including 24 84 mm Wallace cannons and two 121 mm Wallace cannons. If the Frenchmen don't come with these hot weapons, they can't take the gaoshu tribe.

However, I'm afraid that the number of the thousand and eight hundred soldiers will be so large unless all the French soldiers in all the military fortresses along the half Mississippi River are gathered together. Otherwise, with the French strength in the new world, they can't gather so many soldiers at all.

Moreover, based on the stone bear's understanding of the French soldiers in this era, they may not be so angry about the redemption of just a few dozen prisoners.

I'm kidding. A battle of more than 1000 people this year can be regarded as a large-scale battle. I'm afraid that those French officers who are high above the table have not got the brain to launch such a large-scale battle for such a matter.

Besides, even if the French really gathered so many soldiers, their officers also wanted to save face. But this is the gaoshu tribe, surrounded by mountains and deep water, these French soldiers can not really beat the gaoshu tribe when they come here.

Not to mention the stone bear is not idle, with the seizure of those firecrackers and sulfur from the French hands, the configuration of new gunpowder is in progress.

Once the saltpeter of Xiaohe tribe and the sulfur produced by Daqingshan tribe, which was separated from gaoshu tribe in those years, can enter gaoshu tribe continuously, then at least gaoshu tribe will not lack black powder from now on.

As long as there is enough black powder, the stone bear has a way to thwart any retaliation by the French.

Shi Xiong firmly believes that in this era when the shells are still solid shot put, the Zha medicine bag made of enough black powder will definitely become a nightmare for any enemy who dares to invade the gaoshu tribe.

If you add something like nails and scrap iron to the medicine pack, those enemies will definitely cry

what? If you say that there is no tool to transport the first medicine package, then the first medicine package is just a set.

Come on, we don't have any guns that can make a charge, but can't we make a crossbow?

We have made such a big iron bow. To make a bed crossbow is just to enlarge it. Ratchet is not so difficult to do. At that time, as long as there are four large bed crossbows with a range of 400 meters in the tribe, they will be enough to blow up any enemy who dares to invade the tribe!


It takes more than 250 miles to get from gaoshu tribe to Xiaohe tribe by land. The detour for crossing the river increases the distance by at least 20%.

If you go by water, the distance will be more than doubled.

But it's faster by water than by land. If we take such a lot of goods by land, it will take at least five or six days to travel the 250 plus mile road. These goods can be pulled by boats. More than 80% of the 500 mile voyage is downstream, so the fleet only took three days to reach Xiaohe tribe.

That's right. In order to train troops this time, all four inland river armed transport ships have been sent out. The journey of more than 1000 miles back and forth is enough to turn the young men of the tribe into qualified sailors.

Anyway, this is not sailing in the sea, sailing in the inland river, as long as the control of the ship is not stranded, and then against the wind and current can drive, that is enough.

The soldiers in the tribe are really good. Some time ago, they have been practicing how to control these four ships, so that they have the basic quality to control these ships. In addition, this first voyage is downstream, which has become a typical step from simple to difficult.

Stone bear doesn't care how the soldiers control these ships. As long as he has time, he will get together with Baiyun and love each other. The soldiers in the tribe also understand this.

Although the guardian is big and knows everything, everyone knows that he is only a 16-year-old boy. These soldiers are all from the past, and now they will be separated. Two boys and girls of the same age behave like this. Who doesn't understand.

Among the people who went to Xiaohe tribe this time, Hongyun was the only one at the top of gaoshu tribe. Li Lei didn't come. Wolf tail wanted to come and have a look instead of Li Lei. He was rejected by Shi Xiong without hesitation.

The leaders of Xiaohe tribe came in person. You not only nearly killed them that day, but now you want to send a soldier Qu Kui to pay a return visit. Isn't that humiliating Xiaohe tribe?

Hongyun went to Xiaohe tribe just because he was idle at home, and the fleet sailed for the first time. As the spiritual leader of the tribe and the actual supreme ruler, Hongyun went out with the fleet. But Li Lei, you can't say it if you don't follow.

Now Xiaohe tribe and gaoshu tribe are cooperative tribes. Now that they have reached a deal, they are no longer enemies. You said that if you, a tribal leader, didn't pay a return visit to show the minimum respect, it would be insulting the Xiaohe tribe.

So, since you don't show up, don't come to wolf tail. What are you doing here? Make people laugh?

Anyway, with Hongyun, it shows respect for Xiaohe tribe, so there is no need for others to follow.

The fleet of gaoshu tribe didn't enter Xiaohe tribe. One is that the river course of that river is not allowed to pass by such large ships. The other is that Hongyun and guardian adult represent gaoshu tribe to enter Xiaohe tribe. It's meaningless that other people can't go.

As for the scale and tranquility of Xiaohe tribe, Hongyun was surprised to see it.

If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would not have believed that there were so many chekasa who were tired of war in such a deep forest. The most important thing is that the tranquility shown by Xiaohe tribe is really the envy of Hongyun.

The situation of Xiaohe tribe also makes Hongyun completely believe that this tribe is a secluded tribe. When trading with such a secluded tribe, gaoshu tribe has no psychological burden.

This time, because the kabulu sacrifice came in person, so the stone bear also followed Zhanguang to see the saltpeter mine.

This saltpeter mine is at the end of the valley where Xiaohe tribe is located. The valley turns a corner somewhere, so that people standing in Xiaohe tribe can't see the saltpeter mine at all. Then, after turning the corner, you can see a dark cave. The pure niter comes from that cave.

In fact, many natural nitrates are produced in this dark and cold cave, but the amount of nitrates produced in this cave is not much. And this cave can produce so much saltpeter, so the stone bear can almost be sure of one thing, that is, there must be a saltpeter mine with large reserves around this cave.

Because this cave just goes deep into the inner part of the ore body of this saltpeter mine, it is able to continuously mine natural saltpeter in the cave.

However, this saltpeter mine is obviously not an open pit mine, but is deeply buried in the mountain. If it were not for this cave, it is estimated that in a few hundred years, no one would have found a saltpeter mine hidden in the mountain.

Stone bear and red cloud enter the cave under the guidance of Lei Ying. After seeing the situation in the cave, stone bear immediately puts forward very serious suggestions on safety.

"Leader Lei Ying, I suggest that you'd better let your people set up more supports in this cave, otherwise this cave is too prone to collapse."

This kind of primitive mining method naturally has no protective measures, and the people of Xiaohe tribe probably don't know how to support and protect, so there is no wood used to support and protect in this cave. Fortunately, the depth of this cave is not very deep. If we continue to mine it, it is estimated that it will not be long before a landslide will occur.

"Support? How to support it? " Li Lei is very puzzled to ask, those who are mining in the cave of the river tribe people also stopped their work, carefully listen to the big man's explanation.

They don't know how to support, but they know about landslides. In the past, when there was a heavy rain, they had seen landslides more than once. Naturally, they knew how fierce the anger from the God of nature was. No matter how powerful a fighter you are, you can't count two farts in front of the anger of the God of nature.

If the cave collapses, there will be no one who can survive as long as they are mining nitre in the cave.

"Here, here, and here, there are three rows of logs with thick thighs. The top of the cave is supported by planks, and the bottom of the planks is supported by logs. I think the width of your cave is not small, so you have to make three rows of support. Take the three rows of logs as the starting point, and make a row of such support every two steps. This kind of support must be in any position where your people are mining. The denser the support, the better. Just leave a passage in and out in the middle. "

After a pause, the stone bear said to Lei Ying seriously: "this thing must not have a fluke mentality, and must not be careless. Because this kind of support is to protect the life safety of your people, no matter how much attention can be paid. And if you want to continue mining this saltpeter mine, you'd better listen to my arrangement and arrange people to support immediately. Don't be troublesome, because doing so can ensure the safety of your people to the greatest extent. "

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