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Chapter: 167

Looking at these colorless transparent granular crystals, Lieutenant Ferguson's eyes brightened.

"Boss, the quality of this kind of Glauber's salt you made is very good. It's even better than those Glauber's salt we seized from the French!" While speaking, Lieutenant Ferguson dipped a little bit of this powdery crystal in his hand, licked it with his tongue, and then was sucked into a ball by his bitter face.

Looking at this guy actually using his tongue to taste mirabilite, the stone bear was happy, but he didn't care.

It's very bitter. It's like Coptis, but it's non-toxic. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is a kind of medicinal material.

Ferguson "bah" a few times, spit out the bitter taste in his mouth, and then asked: "boss, how do you know that this kind of saltpeter can be used to make such a high purity of nitre?"

The stone bear glanced at this guy, with a mysterious smile, pointed to the sky with his index finger, and shut up.

Ferguson immediately made a cross.

"Patrick, you take some sulfur and charcoal, and I'll make some gunpowder in front of the people."

Kuaima asked: "are you trying to make the people fully understand the importance of Xiaohe tribe?"

The stone bear nodded and said in a low voice, "yes! The minority people don't like Xiaohe tribe, so I will try to make them pay attention to it. Moreover, the saltpeter produced by the Xiaohe tribe is really something we can't do without in the future, so we must let the people change this concept. "

Ferguson said with a smile: "boss, your way is undoubtedly the best way." Say, drop this sentence, this kid ran back to the wooden house where he lived.

The process of boiling nitrate is not difficult to master. After a demonstration by the stone bear, the clan can basically operate it. After all, the process of making salt is more complicated than boiling nitrate.

In fact, the key to boil nitrate is the control of temperature. As long as the temperature is well controlled, it can boil high-purity sodium hydroxide.

Now the Daqu in the room has already passed the second time. The temperature is no longer the most important thing for the room, so Shi Xiong took out two simple thermometers from the room to boil nitrate.

Whether it is 75 ℃ hot water or 30 ℃ precipitation temperature, as long as these two key temperatures are well controlled, then there is absolutely no problem in boiling nitrate.

The stone bear just demonstrated once, and the people of the tribe began to be busy.

However, when Ferguson brought back the sulfur and charcoal, most of the people's attention was attracted by the guardian.

"My people, I know that there is a general question in your mind now, that is, what are we doing today?" The stone bear said loudly to the surrounding people.

The ethnic people all nodded in unison.

It's OK for the guardian to ask this question. The people of the tribe have this question in their hearts now. In the past, it was very tiring to work with the guardian, but the final results were refined salt, iron ware, farming tools for planting, peanut oil for cooking, and so on.

But today's work is not the same. I've been busy working for a long time, and what I finally ordered out is such a pile of colorless and transparent fine particles. Some people have already tasted it, and they don't want it.

In other words, if you can see if you can eat this kind of food after working hard for a long time, it's better than salt.

But the guardian seems to attach great importance to this kind of fine particles. Of course, people have doubts about it.

"My people, you should have seen the scene of firing muskets, right? Let me ask, what do you think of the power of this musket? "

"Very powerful!"

"It's much more powerful than bow, arrow, bone and spear to kill people."

"It's very loud. My cattle were scared when I shot that time."


The problem of guardian adults has aroused heated discussion among the ethnic groups. The buzzing sound is comparable to the large group of green bean flies in the dry toilets of China decades ago.

However, no matter how much we talk about it, the people who have seen the power of muskets and artillery for a long time are full of praise for this kind of thermal weapon.

The stone bear stretched out his hands and pressed them down, and the people's voices were much lower.

"You only see the power of muskets, but do you know why muskets are so powerful?"

"I know!" A young voice rang out. The stone Bear looked and found that he was the little grandson of the chief stone maker of the family.

This little guy is not old, only in his teens, but he is very popular. The people call him "little stone" affectionately. This little guy seems to be very interested in hot weapons. He almost follows the rabbit's mouth like a follower every day, because this little guy knows that with the rabbit's mouth, they can see the magnificent scene of shooting all day long, and they can also smell the nice smell of smoke

"Because of the powder! Once the gunpowder in the barrel is ignited, it will send out a huge bang, and then the bullets in the barrel will go out. It's very powerful to hit the tree with one eye. "

Xiaoshi's words caused a burst of laughter from the people around him, but they all knew that this little guy was right. The main reason why this gun is so powerful is the black powder.

"Little stone is right." The stone bear smiles and draws a big thumb at the little stone, and makes the little stone smile happily.

"But do you know how the powder was made?" Stone bear asked again.

All the people shook their heads.

"In fact, what you have just done is to extract a very important raw material for gunpowder. In order to make powerful gunpowder, this kind of raw material is essential. As you can see, the most important raw material comes from the Xiaohe tribe. It can be said that without the saltpeter mined by the Xiaohe tribe, we would not be able to make gunpowder ourselves. The fireguns and artillery we captured from the French would become firesticks, which are useless at all. "

When the people heard this, they were silent.

"So, my people, please stop hating Xiaohe tribe. There is no hatred between us and them. They are almost the same as us except for the identity of a chekasa. Why should we hate them? "

With that, the stone bear sighed and looked at the silent people around him. Then he said, "forget it, I'm afraid you can't turn around now. Then I'll show you how important Xiaohe tribe is to our tribe! I hope you don't treat the people of Xiaohe tribe like that after you understand the relationship


It's not difficult to make gunpowder. The difficulty lies in the purification process of sodium sulfate and sulfur.

Stone bear in his previous life preferred to read online novels. Many historical novels said that the protagonist began to build after he passed through a certain Dynasty. This stone bear agreed with him very much.

After all, the protagonist has accumulated knowledge for hundreds of years or even thousands of years. This kind of golden finger does not need to be white, which is also the welfare of passers-by.

But the problem is that whenever the protagonist scrapes the white "wall hair" from the corner of the old house, he directly mixes it with sulfur and charcoal to make gunpowder, and the stone bear will laugh.

It is true that the white "wall hair" in the corner of the old house is undoubtedly saltpeter, but even the saltpeter needs to be purified after being scraped off, otherwise it can be directly used as gunpowder, and the gunpowder can only be used as firecrackers at most. If you want to make real military gunpowder, this kind of white "wall hair" is far from enough.

Whether it's the white wall hair, the nitrate soil produced in the nitrate field, or the saltpeter excavated from the saltpeter mine, it must be purified before it can be used as military gunpowder, otherwise the gunpowder can only be heard.

Saltpeter without purification can only be called saltpeter. And only after purification of nitre, can be called nitre!

Even if you purify it once, just like the work stone bear did just now, the power of gunpowder made from this purified nitre is many times greater, so that it can reach the standard of military gunpowder.

Of course, if you purify it on the basis of this kind of powder, congratulations. The powder you make will be more powerful.

After purification, the high-purity nitre and sulfur are the basis of producing powerful black powder.

As long as you have high purity of nitre and sulfur, then it is not difficult to make gunpowder.

It's like the stone bear making gunpowder now. In fact, it's very simple.

After the charcoal is crushed, it is mixed in proportion with the already powdery purified nitre and the purified sulfur seized from the French. Then the three raw materials are put into a wooden tank, continuously stirred with a fine stick, and a little high distilled liquor is added.

Of course, you must be careful when mixing. After all, there is no danger if these three things are not mixed together. Once they are mixed together, as long as there is a little spark, the end is bound to be a boom.

The amount of gunpowder prepared by Shi Xiong is very small, but he is also very careful in operation. Stone bear did not make black powder in his previous life, but he knew the whole process of making powder, and the purified Glauber's salt looked very good, so even if it was the first time to make powder, he did it very smoothly.

It doesn't matter. There are many turkeys in the tribe. Take a fire egg, and the egg white can also be used as a private knot.

As a matter of fact, the effect of egg white is much better than castor oil. However, no matter what kind of poultry eggs are, people still can't eat enough. It's too luxurious to use it as gunpowder. So people later developed castor oil.

After the egg white is added, the raw materials are stirred slowly. Soon, the powder will become granular.

This granular powder is the final product.

Of course, the production of gunpowder to this point is not the final completion. This gunpowder still needs to be dried, and after it is completely dry, it will be the best black gunpowder.

Today, although the weather is dry and cold, the humidity is very low and the sun is good. So the stone Bear looked for a corner with a leeward and a rising sun, and spread the granular gunpowder on a stone slab to dry. After lunch at noon, the gunpowder could be used in the afternoon.

Of course, while making gunpowder, the stone bear did not forget to make a fuse.

In fact, the fuse is very easy to make, as long as there is gunpowder, then making fuse is a matter of course.

When major hank left, he left some low-grade distilled liquor for the stone bear. Although he drank some, he still left some.

These low-grade distilled spirits are not too low in degree. They can be used when making gunpowder and fuse.

Take out some of the black powder before adding egg white, dissolve it with this distilled liquor, soak a piece of fine hemp rope in it, and then take it out to dry together with the granulated powder. When the gunpowder is dry, the hemp rope that serves as the fuse is also dry.

After lunch, the ethnic group gathered again in the small square in the center of the tribe. Because the stone bear has always emphasized eating three meals a day, now the tribe has gradually implemented three meals a day.

Although the lunch is very simple and the quantity is not large, it is still lunch.

Stone Bear looked at the powder, found that these powder are dry, this just found a small pot.

The jar is very small, about the size of a man's fist, and its shape is not very good. It looks more like a child's graffiti.

In fact, this little pottery pot was really made by a child. When Hongyun was a child, she learned how to make pottery with the women in the tribe. According to Hongyun's recollection, she was only eight years old when she made this pottery pot

Hongyun said that she had made several pottery pots of this size, but later she didn't know where to throw them. Only this small pottery pot was left at home by her and was found by the stone bear.

"My people, gunpowder can shoot guns or guns, but do you know that this gunpowder can make another weapon with the same great power? And this kind of weapon can embody the real power of gunpowder. Now, I'll make you a weapon to show you the real power of this gunpowder. "

About three Liang black powder was poured into the small pottery pot with a handful of scrap iron in it. Then the mouth of the pot was sealed with mud. A small hole was poked in the middle of the mud to insert the fuse. A simple local black powder grenade was made.

"This is a new kind of weapon. It's not good-looking, but it's powerful!" The stone bear said as he put the native grenade in the place he had prepared for a long time.

This place is in the big coking pit, but the wall of the pit has been protected by an inch of thick wood - this is the masterpiece of the old wood family.

When the stone bear put the local grenade into the pit bottom, the long fuse extended out.

"All back out fifty steps, squat down, no one is allowed to stand, or you deserve to die!" The stone bear yelled loudly, and the people began to retreat until they retreated enough distance. Then they continued to stand there and watch with their arms in their arms.

"All down! If anyone dares to stand, I'll throw him into this big pit! " Stone bear angrily scolded two words, these clansmen then all squatted down, but one by one also all happily

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