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Chapter: 174

The last governor of New Orleans was Francois. He was not only the governor of New Orleans and the whole French Louisiana, but also an earl in France. He was a great nobleman with status, status, wealth and power.

However, he ran back to France more than a year ago. Although he was the local emperor of New Orleans and even the whole French Louisiana, and his jurisdiction was even larger than that of France, he was a real death fearer.

Francois had long been ready to run after watching the French army retreat on the European battlefield.

As soon as the Fontainebleau pact was signed, he ran back to France with the wealth he had plundered in the new world over the years.

However, major general Clare, who was also a noble and had Baron status, could not leave. If he withdrew all the French troops stationed in New Orleans, the city would be in a mess immediately.

After all, more than 10000 Frenchmen living in New Orleans are not good birds. Their identity in France is a pariah.

Once these Untouchables get out of control, they will rebel immediately.

So general Claire stayed. After all, New Orleans is still responsible for delivering supplies to the military fortresses and fortresses along the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. Once he withdraws, the French soldiers stationed along the Mississippi River will become unwanted children.

As a general, Claire couldn't do anything to leave her.

Since the signing of the Fontainebleau pact at the end of the year before last, general Clare has been staying in New Orleans.

Lieutenant Alphonse knows these things, and the stone bear from later generations also knows them very well.

So, on the way from the dock to the fortress, Alphonse asked Stone bear some questions about New Orleans by knocking. After stone bear answered all the questions, Alphonse's only doubts were completely dispelled, and there were more conversations with the big man.

The stone steps extend from the riverside Wharf under the hill to the gate of the fortress on the top of the hill. This step road is the only regular road of the fortress.

The road was not long. After a short walk, the group entered the fortress through the gate of the fortress, which was wrapped in heavy iron.

From the outside, the fortress is magnificent. After all, the fortress is located on the top of the hill, and the blue gray wall makes it look so majestic and indestructible.

But when the stone bear really walked into the fortress, he found that the fortress was no different from those European castles he had seen in various materials before.

The fortress is not big. It's in an irregular circle. The estimated area is only ten mu. In other words, the diameter of the fortress is just over 100 meters. The area is not even half as big as the residence of gaoshu tribe.

Moreover, the wall didn't look as tall as it looked from a distance. The stone bear estimated that the wall was three meters high at most. However, the wall is very thick. After approaching, Shi Xiong can clearly see the four big caliber fortress guns and more than a dozen smaller caliber guns erected at the top of the wall.

The four fortress guns are set up on the special fort, which can well resist the huge recoil force produced by the large caliber fortress gun. As for the smaller caliber guns, they were all erected directly above the city wall.

Before the flowering bomb was developed, these guns fired solid bullets. Although the diameter of the four largest valerian fortress guns is only one circle larger than a big apple, no one can underestimate the power of these guns.

Even if the power of this kind of shell propelled by black powder is far less than that of the 20 mm machine gun with the smallest caliber in later generations, in this era, this kind of Fortress gun, together with the "artillery group" composed of those small caliber guns, is enough to make the vast majority of enemies look and fear.

Generally speaking, the defense of this fortress is very good. Excellent terrain and thick city wall, there are so many guns on the wall, this kind of defense is easy enough to resist the attack of a thousand people.

However, compared with the strong defensive measures of the city wall, the fortress inside the city wall does not look so beautiful.

Although the stone bear has never been to Europe in his previous life, he has seen the internal conditions of European castles in many materials, so in his imagination, this fortress of okron should be similar to those European castles in his previous life, with solid external walls and luxurious interior

In the end, the reality makes stone bear very disappointed.

This seems to be a very solid military fortress, but the internal situation looks very bad.

In addition to a building made of stone, there are no solid stone buildings in other areas. Most of the buildings are made of wood. Stone bears even see many tents made of animal skins.

Moreover, there is no planning for the construction of these wooden houses in the fortress. Except for two roads that can barely be called "streets", all other places are such wooden houses and tents that can be regarded as "illegal construction" in later generations.

The disordered houses make the interior of the fortress look extremely chaotic. Except for a row of wooden houses near the stone building, the stone bear thinks that all the other houses should be demolished!

Shi Xiong estimated that the stone building should be the so-called city Lord's mansion, and the neat wooden house next to it might be the military camp.

The chaos of the buildings inside the fortress is far beyond the expectation of the stone bear, but compared with these chaotic buildings, what makes the stone bear more unbearable is the smell inside the fortress.

If he didn't walk into the fortress himself, the stone bear would have thought that he had walked into a huge dry toilet.

Without him, the whole fortress is filled with a smell that is difficult to describe in words. The smell of feces, the smell of urine, the strange smell of human body after a long time of not bathing, and the smell of a large number of horses, cattle and other livestock and poultry are mixed together

Stone bear thinks that when he was a child, the pig pen in his hometown smelled 100 times better than this fortress!

Compared with the magnificent appearance of the fortress, the situation inside the fortress is really disappointing.

If the stone bear can still control itself with strong self-control, then many people can't help retching. Even pieno, who had been outside for nearly a month, turned pale.

Alfonso was a little embarrassed and said, "chief bear, this is really impossible. The fortress of okron is so big, and there are so many people living in it, so the taste is..."

"It's OK, it's OK, we can bear it..." said the stone bear

With these words, the stone bear can't help thinking that this okron fortress is really donkey dung, with a bright surface. By contrast, the backward Indian tribes are more like paradise

The stone bears dislike the environment in the fortress of okron. The French living in the fortress are surprised by the stone bears.

It can't be said that the people who can travel across the sea from France to the new world are not good people, but ten of them are shot, and at least nine of them are not wronged.

This group of Frenchmen can live in the fortress, they are already very tough, both men and women. But even they had never seen native Indians lining up with guns.

Therefore, these soldiers carrying guns in the gaoshu tribe became the Western scenery in the eyes of the French.

Of course, they also saw the retching Indian soldiers, and the expression on their faces was a little unnatural.

Although public toilets appeared in Roman cities as early as ancient Rome, modern public toilets and toilets will not appear on a large scale in Europe until the end of the 18th century. So today's Europeans do not defecate as they did in the middle ages, but they are still no better than they were then.

Fortress okron is a military fortress, and it is on the top of the mountain, so the French living in the fortress will hardly leave the fortress except for farming and fishing. After all, at this time, wild animals and aborigines are very dangerous

It is this kind of close environment that makes the fortress completely become an open-air toilet.

Although the French living in the fortress do not urinate as much as the Europeans in the middle ages, the corners behind the houses are usually their excretion places.

If the population in the fortress is a little smaller, it is acceptable. But the key is that there are more than 500 people living in the fortress with the largest area of about ten mu. It's really spectacular that so many people excrete things together every day

However, as the saying goes, "if you enter the Abalone Restaurant, you will never know its smell after hearing it for a long time."; When you enter the orchid room, you don't smell its fragrance for a long time. "Now the military fortress that the French have spent a lot of effort to build has become" the house of abalone ". The French who live in the fortress all the year round can't feel anything after smelling it for a long time.

But outsiders really can't stand it.

At this time, stone bear understood why he said he didn't understand the situation in okron Fort when he interrogated Constantine.

It is estimated that this guy has never been in the fortress since he entered the fortress once.

This thing is really not for fun. The French living in the fortress enter the fortress to protect their lives, while the French living outside the fortress enter the fortress to protect their lives.

The soldiers of the tribe paid no attention to the French who pointed out. At this time, they were also very beautiful. Although the taste here was very bad, it was the first time that they appeared in front of these vasichu with guns. And from the eyes of the vasichu, the soldiers of these tribes could clearly feel a kind of emotion called "shock".

Of course, the soldiers didn't know that the shock of the French came more from the rules of the fortress.

You know, okron fortress is the largest military fortress in Ohio. The usual rules of this fortress are very strict. It is very difficult for outsiders to enter this fortress, and even if they are allowed to enter the fortress, the number of people who enter it must not exceed 10.

This is to prevent enemies from sneaking into the fortress and then launching attacks from inside.

The terrain of the fortress is dangerous and the defense is strong. It is very difficult to break through the fortress from the outside.

But if an attack is launched from within the fortress, it will be difficult to protect the fortress.

A powerful empire often disintegrates from within.

The French clearly knew this, so they set such rules at the beginning of the establishment of the fortress.

But now, there are more than 40 outsiders walking into the fortress together, and they are also carrying guns, which is a subversion of the French cognition.

Once these people make trouble in the fortress, let alone their guns, they just need to spread out and set fire, which is enough to paralyze the fortress.

It's the end of winter and the north wind is strong. Almost all the houses in the fortress are made of wood. Once there is a fire, the consequences are unimaginable.

Of course, the French were shocked.

However, it seems that this group of gun carrying aborigines do not seem to have any idea of making trouble. They walk over the gate of the fortress in a neat pace, and then walk along the street towards the city hall.

The main street in the fortress is not wide. It's only about three meters wide, but it's the main traffic artery in the fortress.

One end of the street is connected with the gate of the fortress, and the other end leads to a small square in the middle of the fortress. On both sides of the street are uneven wooden houses with different shapes.

A lot of tough looking French men stood on the street, looking at this group of Indians carrying muskets, and a lot of women with heavy makeup stood behind the window, pointing fingers at these people.

Especially after these women saw the stone bear, their eyes were as bright as small light bulbs.

These women have never seen such a strong man. They probably did not expect that there should be such a strong man among the aborigines.

Therefore, one by one, these women would like to come forward and get into the big man's chest.

Yes, most of the women living in the fortress are skilled women

The team walked along the street and soon came to the small square.

This small square is the only open space in the fortress. The area is very small. The stone bear estimates that it is more than 200 square meters at most. However, this square, like other places in the fortress, has no brick and stone floor, and the ground is full of loess, just like the courtyard of drying grain in rural China.

Despite the cities in Europe and the United States, all of them are beautiful, especially the large and small squares in the cities. But in this era, almost all the city squares in Paris and London are similar to those in the countryside. The only difference is the size.

This small fortress square is also like this, with small area and poor ground. But even so, this small square is also the most lively place in this fortress.

Compared with the street when I came here, there were more French people gathered here, including men, women, the old and the young. Of course, all the soldiers stationed in the fortress came out and stood in line at one end of the square.

In addition to these poor people and soldiers, Shi Xiong also saw more than 20 people who were obviously different from those civilians in their clothes.

Seeing these people, the stone bear knows that these guys are his own food

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