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Chapter: 177

Although the tall and thin man's voice was small, the stone bear not far away from them and Mr. fernan also heard it.

Especially fernan, after hearing the name of chikmont, his face became very pale. Obviously, he should have heard of the mysterious team of the mysterious chikmen.

"You... I..." fernan's face was ugly, and the other people's faces became extremely respectful.

Stone Bear looked down at the white fat man who was scared to pee, and said impolitely: "I said, I don't care what your identity is. Here, anyone who dares to insult our chikmon tribe, their only end is to wash this insult with their blood, so..."

The stone bear weighed the small axe in his hand without expression, and fernan immediately howled: "Dear chief, please forgive my rudeness just now. I didn't know the identity of you and your brave soldiers just now, so please give me a chance to atone. "

Stone Bear looked at this guy coldly and scanned the remaining four people. Then he asked, "I can give you a chance, but you must take out a ransom that is equivalent to the value of your life. Otherwise, I can forgive you. I'm afraid the axe in my hand won't forgive you."

"Food!" Fernan seemed as if a drowning man had grasped a piece of wood, and his voice suddenly became loud. "Food, I can give you a lot of food."

"Food? Joke! I'm here for food, and it's your duty as residents of the fortress to raise food for major Armand, who is hundreds of miles away. So, besides food, you need to bring out other things. "

Hearing this big chief's words, Armand's face became extremely bitter, but he just thought for a short time and immediately said: "Dear chief, I can provide you with a lot of salt, cloth, iron and even horses..."

The stone bear shook his head slightly. "Do you think we chikmen will lack salt? We live by the sea all the year round. When your people came to New Orleans along the Mississippi River, we provided you with a lot of salt. And now more than half of the salt that New Orleans needs is provided by our chichmuns. Mr. fernan, do you still think we will lack salt? "

After a pause, the stone bear said, "as for the iron ware, don't you think these two flying axes in my hand are not good enough? To tell you the truth, these flying axes are made by ourselves, and we don't lack iron. "

At this, Fernand's face broke down.

At this time, there was a neat sound of footsteps outside. Several people looked up and found that the gate of the camp was opened not far away, and dozens of French Army soldiers with guns came out in line.

What happened just now actually took a short time. It took only a few minutes from the time when the stone bear threw the flying axe to the time when he just said these words. It is estimated that the French soldiers in the barracks have just finished their formation. They just came out to see who disturbed the order of the fortress.

It is also the duty of these soldiers to maintain order in the fortress.

When these soldiers saw that there were more than 40 native Indians with guns aiming at them in the square, they immediately raised their guns and aimed at them as if they were facing a big enemy.

But in the face of the French soldiers aiming, the soldiers brought by the stone bear did not even frown. Their hands were still as steady as Mount Tai. They aimed their rifles at the 20 or so people in front of them, as if the muskets in the hands of the French soldiers were firesticks.

The stone bear glanced at the French soldiers, then looked at Fernand, whose face became ecstatic because of the appearance of these soldiers, and said with disdain, "if these soldiers dare to shoot, I guarantee that your head will fall before the lead bullet hits my soldiers!"

Fernand's ecstatic face suddenly became terrified. He yelled: "Alphonse, order these damn soldiers to put down their guns, or I will not spare you."

Alfonso was also a little confused. He had been receiving the great bear chief. Naturally, he didn't know why the soldiers in the barracks came out. But it's clear that the reason these soldiers left the camp was probably the order given by the damned Lieutenant Antoine.

So Alphonse said helplessly, "Mr. fernan, these soldiers are following the orders of lieutenant Antoine. I can't help it."

Antoine is Fernando's man, and that's clear to everyone. If major Armand had not valued Alphonse, Alphonse would not have been able to hold down Lieutenant Antoine.

Hearing Alphonse's words, fernan immediately yelled again: "Antoine, you watch keeper, quickly order the soldiers to put down their guns..."

One of the soldiers, a tall officer, heard the roar. Immediately, he seemed to see an eagle quail and gave the order to put down his gun.

Just now, he saw the scene on one side of the square in the barracks. When he saw that his master was insulted by an aborigine, he immediately organized the soldiers in the barracks to "rescue".

There are more than 40 aborigines with guns outside. Antoine doesn't think he can save his master if he goes out. Only soldiers in the barracks can fight against these aborigines.

Although the French soldiers are not very effective, they do a very good job of ordering and banning. With Lieutenant Antoine's orders, the soldiers obediently put down their guns.

Alphonse immediately went up and began to severely reprimand these soldiers. In a short time, these soldiers followed Lieutenant Alphonse back to the barracks with guns. Only Lieutenant Antoine was left at the scene.

Stone Bear looked at fernan playfully, shook his head slightly and said: "don't think you can do whatever you want in this fortress. It doesn't have any effect on me. And because of what the lieutenant did, I decided to increase your ransom chips! "

When Fernand heard this, he looked at the lieutenant Antoine angrily.

However, Shi Xiong won't take care of these messy things. He has made it clear that there is an irreconcilable contradiction between the military of the fortress and the spokesmen of these aristocrats. If he doesn't make good use of this opportunity to blackmail the top Sergeant officer of the fortress at present, I'm really sorry that I've led a group of people for hundreds of miles!

So he said simply, "twenty thousand pounds of grain, forty war horses, thirty APON cotton cloth, well, plus six contract slaves who can alchemy!"

These noble spokesmen all shivered at this, and the tall and thin man could not help shouting: "it's impossible, you're blackmailing!"

Stone bear said with a smile: "yes, I am blackmail!"

Finally, the group of six headed by Fernand recognized the conditions put forward by Shi Xiong.

As early as in the gaoshu tribe, through interrogation of Armand, pieno and others, the stone bear knew the wealth of the six noble spokesmen in okron fortress.

If major Armand is in charge of the military power of okron fortress, the six men headed by Fernand are in charge of the economic lifeline of the fortress.

Grain, cloth, salt, horses, ironware and other groceries were the goods that the nobles behind the six men managed in the fortress.

Fernan is count fernan's brother. He is the most powerful, so he controls the whole fortress, including the food around it.

Behind oreno, who was almost kicked to the white board by the stone bear, was also an earl. However, oreno was only a butler under the name of the Earl, so his strength in okron fortress was not as good as Fernand, but he controlled the salt trade in okron fortress and surrounding areas.

Behind the tall and thin man stood a Viscount whose main business was cloth.

The remaining three, together with fernan, were in charge of the trade in ironware, horses and other groceries.

Since the construction of Fortress okron, their six families have become the actual controllers of the economic lifeline of Fortress okron. If the French military had not controlled the most powerful military force, the fortress would have been renamed by other surnames.

This situation can be found everywhere in the new world, especially before the outbreak of the seven-year war. Whether it was New France or Louisiana, the economic lifelines of various military fortresses and fortresses and even most of the small colonial cities were controlled by the big nobles in France. Only large immigrant cities like Quebec and New Orleans were under the control of the French king.

Therefore, the fortune of the group of six headed by Fernand is actually very rich, and the fortune of any one of them is far more than that of the forced major Armand.

Although I can't figure out the real wealth of the six guys, the stone bear has already sharpened the knife in his hand. Originally, the stone bear was worried about finding an excuse to use the knife. As a result, Fernand and oreno came to the door, and the knife in the stone bear's hand didn't kill them?

Originally, the stone bear intended to collect 15000 pounds of grain from these guys, so that with 10000 pounds of grain in the barracks, he could make up 25000 pounds of grain. But now these guys are coming to the door by themselves. Of course, the stone bear will knock them hard.

The stone bear asked for five thousand pounds more grain. No matter how much, it won't come out. After all, no matter the soldiers in the barracks or the civilians in the fortress, they have to eat food every day. If they don't leave enough food for them to eat for ten days, they will not give the food to themselves.

Since we can't kill them more in terms of food, we should just use this lead to kill them in other aspects.

The value of forty horses is not much less than 20000 pounds of grain, or even slightly more than that. The most important thing is that the war horse is what the gaoshu tribe needs most at present, so the stone bear lion opens his mouth with 40 war horses.

As for the cloth, there are a lot of thirty a pangs. In 1791, before the French formulated the "meter" as the length measurement unit, a pen was a French length measurement unit.

The length of a roll of cloth made by the French at this time is about half a pen, that is to say, the length of a roll of cloth made by 30 a pen is about two thousand meters.

If the cloth is something that the stone bear wants to add temporarily, then the alchemy contract slave he wants must be obtained.

The scientific theory of this era has not yet been fully established, and the term "scientist" has not yet become popular. In Europe of this era, the best pronoun for scientists is alchemist. Except for some cheaters, real alchemists are almost all very good scientists.

The stone bear now needs scientists from Europe, very much. He has a lot of science and technology coming from the future in his mind. He knows a lot of technologies. But to turn these technologies into real objects of this era, it must be realized through the hands of these scientists or alchemists.

Stone bear doesn't have the energy to study those technologies. He can only provide these scientists with a big idea or a golden finger occasionally. The specific research work must be completed by these people.

So, the stone bear had thought about the robbery as early as his voyage to okron fortress, because he knew through captain pieno's mouth that there were several alchemists and indentured slaves in the fortress.

Compared with other materials, stone bear valued these alchemists more. Even grain, horses and stone bears are not needed, but these alchemists and stone bears must be brought back to gaoshu tribe.

Unfortunately, there are only three alchemists in the whole fortress, and one of them is a liar.

The swindler was kicked aside by the stone bear without hesitation, while the other two alchemists were taken away by the stone bear and their family.

The two alchemists were indentured slaves, and their families were also indentured slaves. The slave contract was in Fernand's hands, so stone bear easily rescued the two alchemists and their families.

In front of the powerful "chieftain of chikmon", fernan is powerless even if he wants to resist. It's true that he has money, but he doesn't have enough armed forces. The most powerful armed forces in the fortress are in the hands of Alphonse and pieno, while fernan's armed forces in their six hands are only about 30 people, which are not the opponents of the "chikmen fighters" in any case.

In addition to the number of alchemists did not meet the requirements of the stone bear, the number of war horses was also insufficient.

In addition to the horses raised in the barracks, almost all the horses in the whole fortress were raided by fernan and the six of them, but even so, the number of horses was only 36.

However, there are a lot of horses used to pull plows and carts, but why do stone bears want such horses? To pull a plow and a chariot, how can this horse compare with those tame bison?

As for the cloth and grain, it's enough. What pieno said is right. These six guys have stored more than 30000 pounds of grain in the fortress. Although they are very distressed to take out 20000 pounds of grain, compared with their lives, these grains don't matter.

Cloth is one of the main materials traded between the French and the Indians, so there are many cloth stores in the fortress, all of which are cheap.

These materials were quickly loaded on the ship, especially the existence of the 36 war horses, which made the four ships almost unable to load these materials.

Now that they have what they want and what they extort, the stone bear, on the pretext that major Armand is in urgent need of help, takes Captain pieno on board and leaves the fortress of okron

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