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Chapter: 178

There are many people and great strength, which is best reflected in the shipment.

Almost all the people in the fortress went out. 30000 pounds of grain filled the cabins of two inland river armed transport ships. Other supplies were quickly loaded by hundreds of people. So when the stone bears left the harbor, the sun in the West was even half hanging in the sky.

Stone bear won't spend the night in the fortress. After all, it's not a casual thing to talk about. I don't know if Lieutenant Alphonse will do anything. So when all the supplies are loaded on the ship, stone bear immediately orders to leave the fortress of okron.

The whole journey back was against the current, but today's wind direction was good for ships. From the afternoon, the cold air mass from the north end of the North American continent to the South caused a strong northwest wind on this land.

The sails of the four armed transport ships were pulled up, and the huge sails were soon puffed up by the fierce northwest wind. The next moment, even if the ship was going against the current, the speed was still not slow.

With the arrival of the northwest wind, the sky began to become dark, which also predicts that in the next few days, there will be rainfall in this area.

The four boats quickly turned the big bend when they came. Then, the stone bear saw the thick smoke from the distant shore. This discovery made the stone bear's heart thump.

But the stone bear didn't worry about the presence of Fort okron's men on gaoniu's side - gaoniu led 40 soldiers to guard the French prisoners. The stone bear is more worried about the chekasa people living nearby or the wild animals in the wilderness.

Bigfoot, who was in charge of leading the clan to control the boat, also found the thick smoke coming out there. He came up and asked anxiously, "guardian, it seems that the smoking place over there is the place where Gao Niu and he stayed."

"Yes, Gao Niu, they may be in danger." The stone bear said in a deep voice, "Uncle foot, speed up as soon as possible."

Dajiao is the top of gaoshu tribe, and his brother is Lilei. But unlike his brother, Bigfoot is very nice and kind.

This is the most intuitive feeling of the stone bear since it came into contact with Bigfoot.

Li Lei can only be regarded as a regular tribal leader, far from being outstanding. This is mainly because Li Lei's vision and pattern are not enough, and Li Lei is a little cautious. For this careful eye, Shi Xiong did not neglect Li Lei a while ago.

But big foot is different. This honest man is really good. If Li Lei is careful, then as Li Lei's brother's big foot is a straightforward man who can see chrysanthemums with his mouth open.

At the beginning, Gao Niu took a group of surviving people from longmaoniu tribe to gaoshu tribe, and Dajiao was the person who took care of them most. And Bigfoot is very supportive of the stone bear, or he is very supportive of the kabulu sacrifice. Because of this, some time ago, when his brother Lilei and wolf tail were always aiming at the stone bear, Bigfoot rarely participated.

Normally, as Li Lei's brother, big foot should stand firmly on his brother's side, but big foot didn't do it. Maybe it is because he has been firmly supporting the kabulu sacrifice, so when he found that his brother always aimed at the guardian of kabulu sacrifice, he became the man in the middle, so he simply jumped out without help from either side.

In fact, this is already very good, big feet can do so is actually a kind of silent support.

Stone bear estimates that this is also because he is just the guardian of kabulu sacrifice. If Hongyun encounters such a thing, Bigfoot will not hesitate to stand next to Hongyun, and even will not hesitate to face his brother.

However, the stone bear appreciates Bigfoot very much, so when he goes to okron fortress this time, Bigfoot and Gao Niu become his right arms. Bigfoot was in charge of the soldiers who controlled the ship, while Gao Niu was in charge of the French prisoners.

The four armed transport ships were moving rapidly in the northwest wind, but even so, it took almost two hours to reach the position where the French prisoners were put down in the early morning.

After arriving here, the smoke became more obvious, but the stone bear stood on the deck and looked at it, but could see nothing. In order not to be found by outsiders, Gao Niu led the soldiers of the tribe to escort these French prisoners into the dense forest. Although the trees have already lost all their leaves in this season, the forest is so dense that people can't see the situation inside after they get in.

"All the soldiers load the muskets. Follow me. The soldiers who control the guns load the guns. Uncle foot, you are responsible for guarding." Stone bear frowned and said.

Bigfoot nodded and began to command more than a dozen tribes to charge the 84 mm wallier guns. Other tribesmen took down the muskets on their backs and began to load ammunition carefully.

The stone bear didn't take the musket. He took out his big iron bow. At the same time, he had four flying axes pinned on his waist and the heavy iron spear on his back. Then he walked out of the boat first.

This area has rare solid land in this area, so there is a large area of dense forest, surrounded by cold swamps.

As soon as he entered the dense forest, the stone bear heard a faint scolding from the front. It sounds like a tribal warrior, and it's not like meeting the chekasa, but more like meeting a beast.

The stone bear made a gesture to the soldier behind him, and took the lead in running towards the direction of the sound.

After a distance of about 70 or 80 meters, the stone bear saw a big circle of bonfire burning in front of him. Gao Niu led a large group of people, including the French prisoners, all in the big circle of bonfire, and outside the bonfire, several big dark guys were watching the people on the other side of the bonfire.

Seeing these big guys, the pupils of the stone bear couldn't help shrinking. In front of us, these six big dark creatures are actually six adult Mihe crocodiles!

"Damn it, how could it be here?" The stone bear also can't help cursing, and the tribal soldiers who followed him also hesitated to stop.

All the soldiers in the tribe have seen this. There are many crocodiles living near the Tennessee River near Knoxville. Of course, the soldiers in the tribe know the horror of this ferocious animal.

When this thing attacks people or other animals, it's usually one bite. But with this bite, people and other animals basically have no hope of living.

This kind of ferocious animal has too much deterrent power

The sound of stone bear's footsteps makes all six crocodiles turn their heads. Obviously, the burning bonfire in front of them makes them feel very afraid, which also makes them become irritable. I can't eat the delicious food in front of me, but there's a big crowd behind me. If I can't eat the food in front of me, won't I eat the food in the back?

So, the six crocodiles immediately turned their bodies, 12 eyes with fierce light, quickly swinging their body and tail towards the stone bear, and rushed to them.

At this distance, the stone bear can clearly see the wounds on these crocodiles. Obviously, the six crocodiles who didn't know how to come out suffered a loss just now.

The muskets in the hands of these soldiers led by Gao Niu are not for fun. Although the muskets now fire lead pellets, which are far less powerful than the bullets of later generations, they are hot weapons after all. The soft lead bullets may not kill these crocodiles, but they can definitely break the skin protection of these crocodiles.

Seeing that the crocodiles turned their heads to attack them, the stone bear took out an iron arrow without hesitation and yelled to the people behind: "back up!" I'm pulling this big bow into a full moon.

At a distance of less than 20 meters, the stone bear hardly needs to aim. At the next moment, an iron arrow of more than one meter easily runs straight into the head of an alligator. The sharp arrow, pushed by the huge kinetic energy, easily breaks the alligator's skin, then easily breaks the alligator's skull, and then all the way down, It ended up running through the alligator's entire skull.

Revealed the arrow and went deep into the soft soil, rigidly nailed the alligator to the ground.

However, the crocodile's activity is very great. Even if it was shot, the crocodile didn't die directly. Instead, it opened its mouth wide and tried its best to toss on the ground. Even the arrow made of fine steel with the thickness of little finger and a foot deep into the ground was pulled out with this huge force.

A group of soldiers were shocked by the crazy strength of the crocodile and took a breath. They could not help but speed up their retreat.

The stone bear ignored the crocodile who had been pierced by himself. He took out an iron arrow and arched. The next moment, another crocodile was nailed to the ground.

Different from the crocodile just now, this crocodile didn't move at the moment of being hit.

Obviously, the first arrow just now seemed to have hit the alligator, but actually it didn't do any damage to the alligator. That is to say, the arrow didn't hit the alligator's brain stem. The second crocodile was unlucky. It was not only shot through the head, but also shot through the brain stem with an arrow.

Crocodiles have no brains. Crocodiles have only brain stem.

Brain stem is the most basic existence in the brain. There is another name for human brain stem, which is called "crocodile brain".

For human beings, the brain stem is the main control unit that controls the most basic human actions, such as breathing, such as heartbeat, such as stress response to injury. Brain stem is not thinking, all the instinctive reaction is the brain stem at work rather than the brain.

Just born baby hungry to milk, baby want to milk and did not produce any thinking, this is the brain stem in the control.

When you pour boiling water, you are accidentally scalded by boiling water. At the moment of scalding, the conditioned reflex of automatically extending your hand back is also the working principle of brain stem.

As for such things as "why to get boiled water" and "how to boil the water", it is the problem that the brain should think about.

In other words, the human brain controls human thinking, while the brain stem controls instinct.

There is no brain in the crocodile's head, only the brain stem, so all the actions of the crocodile come from instinct.

The crocodile's brain stem controls the crocodile like this: if the intruder is bigger than it, whatever it is, it will slip away; If the intruder is a same-sex crocodile, it will fight with it; If the intruder is a crocodile of the opposite sex and the time is right, it will mate with it; If the intruder is small enough and not of the same species, it will prey on it; If the intruder does not belong to the above four situations, then it will remain motionless and unresponsive

Therefore, the crocodile's brain stem is a brain central system in the mechanism of self-protection. If it is weaker, we will bully it to obtain "benefits", and if it is stronger, we will open the mechanism of "escape".

At the same time, the brain stem is also the crocodile's highest control organization. The crocodile will not die immediately if it is damaged in other places, or even if it is cut open. But as long as its brain stem is destroyed, the crocodile will die immediately.

The second crocodile was shot in the brain stem by the stone bear, and then died without saying a word.

At this distance, the power of the iron arrow from the big iron bow in Shi Xiong's hand is much more powerful than the lead shot from the rocket gun. The most important thing is that the arrow made of refined steel is extremely sharp, which can easily break the crocodile's skull under the promotion of huge kinetic energy.

And the lead shot from the musket has no such power. One reason is that propellants are not more powerful smokeless powder, but just black powder. The second reason is that lead pellets are too soft. Even if a certain proportion of tin and other metals are added to lead pellets in this era, lead pellets in this era are still very soft. In any case, they can not be compared with copper-clad steel core bullets of later generations.

In addition, crocodile skin is usually very thick, so in this case, the firegun can only break the crocodile's skin and muscle tissue, but can not break through the crocodile's bones, including the skull.

So before Gao Niu, although they hit the six crocodiles with muskets, they couldn't kill them. On the contrary, they made them more manic. But for the bonfire, I'm afraid Gao Niu would have been the food of these crocodiles.

After shooting the second crocodile, the stone bear turned back and ran for a distance. After pulling away from the crocodiles, he arched again.

Just like kite flying in online games, the stone bear used the big bow in his hand and the moving speed much faster than the crocodile, and soon shot all six crocodiles.

It seems that it's very easy for the stone bear to shoot these six crocodiles, but if the stone bear can do this, I'm afraid that the six crocodiles would have chased him away for a long time.

If other people can't pull the big bow, they can't shoot these crocodiles.

All the people at the scene are one. Only the stone bear has the arm strength to pull the big iron bow, so only he can shoot the six crocodiles so easily.

Seeing the six crocodiles lying on the ground motionless, Gao Niu led a group of soldiers and prisoners out of the campfire circle. Of course, the horror on their faces was obvious.

These six crocodiles must have scared them

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