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Chapter: 183

However, Shi Xiong is also very clear, now to come up with serious cigarettes can only be an idea. No, because cigarette paper is not easy to make now.

Although papermaking was introduced to Europe through the Middle East a long time ago, and the paper also made a great contribution to the Renaissance of Europe, in this era, the paper of Europe could not be used either hard or soft.

The cigarette paper used for cigarette must be soft and tough, too hard paper can't be used, too soft and no toughness paper can't be used, so to make cigarette, we must first make enough excellent cigarette paper.

No matter what kind of paper you make, the temperature requirement is still very high. The temperature required for papermaking is relatively high. In this age when there is no temperature control, the best way to make papermaking is to wait until the temperature rises. At this time, papermaking is not impossible, but it is too difficult.

So the stone bear can only think about it. But with the idea of this time, the stone bear has already had the idea of cigarette twice. No way, who let this guy be a smoker

Anyway, it's sailing now, and there's no big deal. The stone bear can only sit in the bow of the boat and think wildly.

After several days of such wishful thinking, four inland river armed transport ships finally returned to the gaoshu tribe. It is worth mentioning that when turning from the Tennessee River to the littlerivere River, four long and two short horns sounded in a hill several tens of meters high by the river.

Four long horns and two short horns represent the meaning that the scouts in the tribe use to inform the tribe that there are expeditionary people to return triumphantly and welcome them. Obviously, the detection post set up by the tribe at the confluence of the two rivers is very responsible.

This reconnaissance post was specially set up by the stone bear to prevent the enemy from unconsciously touching the gaoshu tribe along the litterliver river. The tribal soldiers on duty at this reconnaissance post are equipped with a single Telescope captured from the French. Standing on the top of the hill, they can see clearly the situation within a few kilometers.

Standing on the boat, the stone bear could not see who was on duty, but he still waved at the top of the mountain.

This investigation post is obviously very conscientious, because if the top of the mast is not hung with two green flags, then the horn sound of the investigation post will immediately become two long and two short, which means "the enemy is attacking".

The two green flags hanging on the top of the mast were specially explained by Shi Xiong before he set out. Only the ships of the fleet were hung with two green flags, which means that the ships were only tribal, not imitated by others. Of course, the only one in the fleet who knew about the green flag was the stone bear, and no one else told him about it, in order to prevent the French from seizing the four ships and attacking the tribe in case of any uncontrollable situation.

Stone bear can't guarantee that the rest of the fleet can keep the key code in case of such an emergency, so he didn't tell anyone. When the fleet approached the confluence of the two rivers, he ordered each ship to raise the two green flags, and then used this method to pass the verification of the reconnaissance post in a long distance.

Four armed river transport ships with full cargo docked on the simple log wharf, and almost all the people in the tribe came to greet them. The more than 100 soldiers involved in this operation are more than 80% of the elite soldiers in the tribe, and they are the pillars of every family in the tribe.

Thirty six horses, though slightly tired, made the tribe cheer for a long time. When the bags of grain were carried down, the atmosphere of the tribe reached a high tide.

Before the return of the fleet, the hearts of almost everyone in the tribe were hanging, and all the people were praying and worrying for the soldiers who went deep into the enemy's hinterland to carry out the mission.

Now all the people are back intact, but also with so many supplies and horses back, how can we not let the tribe people ecstatic?

Many people even dance on the quayside, which is a victory dance usually performed after defeating the enemy.

The clan people are excited to jump, and the soldiers who get off the ship will join in regardless of fatigue.

The return of this victory is a complete victory!

Standing on the bow of the boat, the stone Bear looked at the happy ethnic people in front of the wharf with a smile and felt proud.

However, in this group of carnival people, the stone bear was surprised to find a familiar face, accompanied by several golden haired and blue eyed vasichu.

"Damn it! How did major hank come back so soon? " The stone bear murmured in surprise, immediately waved to major hank, and then quickly stepped out of the boat.

"Hey, William, you've come back so fast. I thought you'd have to wait a little longer to get back." After a big hug with major hank, stone bear asked with a happy face.

Major hank also said with a happy face: "guardian, it's not that I come back fast, but a lot of pounds behind my buttocks urging me to speed up." The major made a move to count the money, which made both sides laugh for a while. Then he said, "in fact, I just arrived yesterday. Congratulations, guardian. You should have got a lot of good things from the French this time? "

It's no surprise that major hank knows these things. After all, there is a lieutenant Patrick Ferguson in the tribe, and it's not an extremely secret thing for stone bear to lead the team out this time, so major hank must know a lot.

"All right." The stone bear shrugged. "I extorted a lot of good things from the French fortress of okron. When I came back, I sent those prisoners to the crocodiles by the way. Those guys know the exact location of our tribe and can't stay. "

Stone bear said it lightly, but major hank felt a thrill.

Hank would not have said anything if he had shot those Frenchmen with a gun. When he fought with the French a few years ago, he had seen 40 or 50 deaths, even hundreds.

But send the captives without any resistance to a group of crocodiles, tut tut

The faces of the three people around hank also became not very good-looking. Obviously, they should also know what happened between the tribe and the French during this period.

The stone bear laughed, patted major hank on the shoulder and said, "major, have you brought me some wine? If you have good wine, I think I can make some delicious food for you that you have never eaten before

Major hank also laughed. "How can there be no wine?"

The stone bear didn't pay any attention to the fact that the people of the tribe happily moved things from the cabin down to Sela from okron. It's absolutely impossible for these things to fall into other people's hands.

Stone bear is more concerned about the things that major hank brought, and the most important of them are two alchemists and indentured slaves.

Ironically, major Hank's two alchemist indentured slaves from Jamestown came from exactly the opposite of Jean Agust and brother Gail.

The two alchemists brought by major hank were French and English. The fate of the Englishman Jack Williams is similar to that of Jean Agust. This guy also wants to go to the new world to make a fortune, but because he can't afford the expensive tickets, he signed a "voluntary contract" with an English nobleman who owns a ship and then came to the new world by boat.

But Jack Williams has outstanding talent in machinery. In the past few years when he worked for the noble, he invented a lot of gadgets, which made the noble make a lot of money.

As a result, when the contract expired, the nobleman immediately turned away, and the nobleman would not terminate the contract with Jack Williams.

But Jack is also a tough guy. If you don't terminate the contract for me, I won't work for you.

Tough Jack said that he would not do it if he didn't do it, so he stood up with the noble. But he is just a white slave. How can he be a famous nobleman? Even if the noble was just a little Baron, Jack could not resist.

The nobleman was not interested in Jack's attitude, so he ordered to break the guy's legs and throw them into Jamestown's slave market.

It happened that major hank was taking in the alchemist. Although Jack Williams had broken his legs, he was still famous. So major hank bought Jack's contract from the nobleman for five pounds, and took Jack from Jamestown to the high tree tribe.

It has to be said that the fate of Jack Williams is similar to that of Jean Agust, but this guy is obviously more unlucky than Agust. At least Agust has not been broken, but Jack has been broken.

The other alchemist was a Frenchman named David Addison. This guy was born in a declining aristocratic family in France, but he loved alchemy since he was a child. At the same time, he was determined to carry forward his family and restore the family's past glory with his alchemy.

So young and light David took a boat to the new world and settled in Quebec, New France.

As a result, the seven-year war broke out. Five years ago, in 1759, the British captured Quebec, and poor David Dean became a prisoner of the British.

Fortunately, this guy knew alchemy, and the British Army didn't have much trouble with him. He was shipped to Jamestown and became the first contract slave under the name of Captain James Jones.

This time major hank sent back a lot of high-grade refined salt, which shocked Colonel Jones. As a baron, Colonel Jones certainly knows how much sensation this kind of high-grade salt will cause once it appears on the dining tables of the British aristocrats.

So, even if the price of this batch of salt is much higher than that of the salt produced in Britain, the greedy Colonel Jones really wants to intervene as Hank and Ferguson judge.

Both Hank and Ferguson have long judged the reaction of Colonel Jones, and they know very well that if they want to transport the salt back to England, they can't do without the support of Colonel Jones. After all, Colonel Jones is not only in charge of the army in Jamestown, but also has a very good relationship with the top military officer of the Royal Navy in Jamestown.

Most importantly, Jones is a baron himself. He has several transport ships that can cross the Atlantic Ocean. If the salt is to be transported back to England from the new world, it can only be transported by Captain Jones, who controls more than 60% of Jamestown's shipping business.

This guy is the local emperor in Jamestown! Or the local emperor with military power!

Just because he knew that he couldn't get around Colonel Jones, Hank was ready to deal with it. When hank said that there was a need for alchemists in the high tree tribe, Captain Jones, who was always stingy and greedy, did not hesitate to send David Addison out.

Of course, he is not without conditions, his requirement is that the transportation of salt should not be less than 60000 pounds!

For this reason, Colonel Jones even sent out a company of soldiers to protect the transport convoy along the way, and the convoy used to pull salt used nearly 100 wagons, which almost collected all the wagons in Jamestown.

The transportation mission was also crowned by Colonel Jones with the reason of "escorting important military materials".

It's right for Colonel Jones to do so. After all, salt is also a very important military material. It's hard to say whether the salt will be brought back into the army

It is very common in the new world in this era that private affairs should be turned into official affairs in such a grand manner.

Why do you think those aristocrats in Europe are fighting to get involved in the new world? For this reason, there was even a seven-year war between Britain and France, the purpose of which was to seize the rich resources of the new world?

If the country is still like this, the nobles as individuals are naturally not willing to lag behind, and even say it is no exaggeration that the seven-year war between Britain and France was counselled by these nobles.

As long as these nobles can get a foothold in the new world, they will certainly use their power to maximize the wealth here. Not only the wealth of the new world, but also the wealth of white slaves and even immigrants.

The most important thing is that these nobles' means of plundering wealth are simply appalling! In contrast, the same person who lived in this era, although he was greedy, he was civilized like a good baby.

There's no way. In this era, the new continent of North America is a cruel jungle. The only law that suits here is the jungle law.

The law of the jungle, ruthlessness is not a problem here, as long as you dare to start, as long as you can do it, then you can get everything you want.

Obviously, the four alchemists who are gathered in the hands of stone bear are not the dishes of jungle law, so they become prisoners from an alchemist.

Keeping major hank, the stone bear can't show a good attitude towards the two alchemists. He just said a few simple greetings, got to know the life experience and origin of the two, then turned to go out to drink with Hank and Ferguson.

Hank, well, no, it should be said that major Jones is very willing to pay this time. In order to monopolize the refined salt, he even took out several bottles of good wine this time

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