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Chapter: 188

Major hank left with all the British soldiers on their way back to Jamestown in nearly a hundred wagons and 80000 pounds of salt.

Major hank didn't give a definite answer to the stone bear before he left, and the stone bear didn't care very much.

In the old world, the promotion of textile machinery was just a temporary idea of Shi Xiong. OK, you can get more materials or personnel from Europe; No, it doesn't matter. Anyway, it's an unplanned product.

But it's different for major hank.

Shi Xiong's proposal is really attractive to him, and he knows that if he can put it into practice, it will be a great thing for him for the rest of his life.

The most important thing is that if this can be done well, major hank thinks it's not a problem even if he is given the title of Baron.

Major Hank's hometown is in West London, right under the eye of the king of England. If this kind of textile machinery can really catch fire, huge profits can be made from the sale of textile machinery. The most important thing is that if we start a large textile factory and employ hundreds or thousands of female workers, then our influence in West London will definitely become great.

In this era, people who can create a large number of jobs also have a strong voice.

So major hank really wanted to do it. But he also has many concerns.

First of all, if he wants to do it, he has to retire from the army. The rank of major he got after 20 years in the British Royal Army will disappear with his retirement, and what he did in the army will disappear with it.

The armies of all countries in the world and in all ages of history are almost the same. No matter how successful you are in the army, as long as you retire, people will not know you when you go back to the local area.

Of course, except for those generals who are at the very top, if you can be a general, it's almost a lifetime career, and there will be no retirement. Even if you retire, it's a permanent rank.

But hank is not the same, although the school officer is very powerful in the army, once retired, it is really a tragedy.

It's a good time to devote all of them to the army, and there are almost no local contacts. But when they retire suddenly in middle age, can they be strong when they return to the local area?

Hank is bound to think about it carefully. After all, it's about the rest of his life.

Secondly, major hank also needs time to make a judgment and choice about the future of the two textile machines mentioned by Shi Xiong.

Of course, the most important point is that hank feels a bit toothache because of the conditions offered by stone bear.

In ten years, 40% of the annual net profit is not a small number, nor is it a short time. What's more, the guardian doesn't want any money. He wants all kinds of materials and personnel, which makes major hank in a dilemma.

Major hank suffered a lot for the 80000 pound salt deal. After all, some of the things the guardian wanted were easy to handle, but others were not. For example, the experimental equipment and some strange raw materials are really not very good.

Oh, and alchemists. That's even worse.

Those who can be alchemists are not poor in money, and those who are poor in money can not be alchemists. Although many of these alchemists will lose all their money in the end, if you want to recruit some alchemists to seal them

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