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Chapter: 190

This time, Shi Xiong came to Xiaohe tribe not just to visit Baiyun, but also brought a lot of things.

Thanks to the operation of Fort okron and the deal with major hank, the stone bear was rewarded by the tribe.

Thousands of pounds of grain, salt, cloth, iron... He got a big share of everything that the stone bear got.

This is the tribal rule - the rule of rewards and punishments.

It's just like hunting. If a member of the tribe hunts a large game such as a bison or a red deer, the game will belong to the tribe, but according to the reward and punishment rules, the big head of the game will be distributed by the hunter.

It's a tribal rule that's been around for hundreds and thousands of years. There are similar rules in other tribes.

Reward for good work and punish for bad work. There is a supreme truth in the simple rules.

In the past, the tribe used to reward and punish people for hunting. But this time, the guardian has done so much that everyone in the tribe can't imagine. No one in the tribe has ever brought 36 war horses, 30000 pounds of grain and more than 2000 meters of cotton cloth at one time. The most important thing is that, Getting these things doesn't cost the tribe anything.

In addition, the first credit for the goods and materials traded from vasichu also owes to the guardian. If it wasn't for the guardian to teach the people to make salt, these materials would not have been traded.

You will be rewarded for your meritorious service!

So the stone bear was rewarded with a lot of things.

But the problem is that Shi Xiong is full now. His family is not hungry. He is a bachelor. Why do you want so many things?

So the stone bear took these things to Xiaohe tribe to give gifts to the future Taishan and Taishui adults

"Big bear, are you really going to take my sister?" The green Skylark followed the stone bear, looking at the extra things in the warehouse greedily, and asked the stone bear without scruple.

As like as two peas in the white cloud of her elder sister, this girl's character is exactly the same as her sister's, but the girl's personality is extroverted, daring to do and dare to do.

"Yes, I'll take your sister away on the Green Valley Festival." For this future sister-in-law, stone bear is also more appreciated.

"Can't my sister come back after that?" The green Skylark continued to ask, breaking the rhythm of the casserole to the end.

"Who said that?" Stone bear turned his head and looked at his sister-in-law with a smile, "if Baiyun is homesick, I will bring her back to see you. It doesn't mean that I will keep Baiyun close to me when we form a family. He is my wife, not my property. "

"Well, that's a good thing to say." Green skylark is very satisfied with the nod, "that you and my sister after the formation of a family, I and small stone can often visit my sister?"

"Of course, I'll welcome you." With that, the stone bear lowered his voice and asked in a low voice, "skylark, are your parents satisfied with the gifts I brought?"

As soon as the girl heard this, a naughty smile suddenly appeared on her face. She looked at the stone bear who was a little nervous and said with a smile, "guess..." then she ran to the front, her father Lei Ying and her mother were looking at the gifts brought by the stone bear.

Baiyun doesn't want to participate in the gift giving, so now there are only four members of Lei Ying's family in the warehouse. Baiyun's younger brother Shi Chui is squatting in the corner of the warehouse to play with the iron ware. He has a fancy to a fine steel mountain opener and is probably thinking about how to start with his father.

Lei Ying is very satisfied with the gift of the big bear.

Although the number of these gifts is not very large, they can't stand many kinds. To be honest, since childhood, Lei Ying has never seen so many styles of things at one time. This one armed man is also a little excited.

Of course, he knew what the big man was doing to pull these things, but Lei Ying was very satisfied with the big bear. Height and strength, not to mention, the most important thing is that he is very responsible, which is what a man should have.

If this big man doesn't take on the responsibility, even if he moves to a golden mountain, Lei Ying won't let his beloved eldest daughter form a family with him.

However, the last trip to gaoshu tribe made Lei Ying fully feel the responsibility and courage of this big man.

My eldest daughter will live better with this big man in the future.

As for Baiyun's mother, she was very satisfied with the bear for a long time. Although Indian women can hold up more than half of the sky, as a woman, if the men around her are not able and responsible, then the woman will have a hard time.

But this tall and strong bear is obviously not such a man. His daughter will live better with him.

There is no one in the world who does not love their children, even the Indians of this era are no exception.

Lei Yinggui is the leader of a large tribe with more than 1500 people. Baiyun's mother is the leader's wife. Naturally, she hopes her daughter will have a better life than herself.

Now it seems that her daughter has indeed found a suitable man.

In the warehouse around a circle, Lei Ying very satisfied came to the stone bear's side.

"Big bear, thank you very much for the gift. Our family like it very much." Lei Ying said sincerely.

Although the big man was still very young, Lei Ying didn't dare to look down on him. When I first saw the big man, the wolf corpse in the wilderness was enough to show that the big man's force was amazing; On the trip to gaoshu tribe, the big man's responsibility also made Lei Ying praise him.

Such a good man, his daughter with him must be very good.

Stone bear said modestly: "leader Lei Ying, you don't have to be so polite. All these things are rewarded to me by the tribe, but I live alone now, so many things can't be used at all. Plus my relationship with Baiyun, I'll bring them to you. "

Baiyun's mother said with a smile: "anyway, we have to thank you. In addition, we can rest assured that Baiyun will be handed over to you. You should treat Baiyun well in the future. "

As soon as Baiyun's mother's words came out, the stone bear's heart that had been hanging was completely in his stomach.

In Indian, men and women are the ones who establish family has the final say that they are not the father of the two sides, but the mother. Only the mothers of both men and women agree that the two can live together and form a family.

Now that Baiyun's mother says so, the stone bear knows that the matter between himself and Baiyun is settled.

"Thank you very much!" For the future mother-in-law who personally promised this marriage, Shi Xiong still has great respect.

The stone hammer over there also ran excitedly, his hands holding a shining mountain knife.

"Big bear, can you give me this knife? I've long wanted to have a knife like my father's. The knife you brought is better than that of your father. I like it

Thirteen year old Xiao Zhengtai is interested in all kinds of weapons, and this Dao is really good. It's not surprising that his future brother-in-law would like this Dao.

Stone bear laughed, "stone hammer, I have no opinion about this matter, but these things now belong to leader Lei Ying. If you want this knife, you need to ask leader Lei Ying's consent."

On hearing this, the excited little stone was silent. He knows his father's strictness best.

"Little stone, this is a good knife. If it belongs to you, can you guarantee that it will not be covered with dust in your hands?" Lei Ying's words were like sounds of nature, which made the dejected stone hammer raise his head excitedly.

"I promise!" The stone hammer answers very seriously.

Lei Ying nodded with satisfaction and didn't speak any more. But the 13-year-old Xiao Zhengtai immediately cheered excitedly and ran out of the warehouse with the knife in her arms. It was estimated that she was showing off with her friends.

Looking at his son's excited look, Lei Ying also showed a smile on his face. It is estimated that he remembered the things when he was so old.

After walking out of the warehouse, Lei Ying asked the stone bear, "big bear, you have brought us so many gifts this time. What do you want to bring back?"

Although the North American Indians in this era are still in a period close to the primitive times, the reciprocity is still very popular. Especially this time, the stone bear has brought so many precious things. Naturally, Lei Ying wants some gifts back.

For Lei Ying, Shi Xiong didn't refuse. This kind of thing can't be refused, refusing means looking down on others.

"I really want to take something back from you." "It's soybeans," said the stone bear after a little deliberation. It's a round crop. "

Just now, when he was in the warehouse, the stone bear accidentally found that there were a lot of soybeans there, which surprised the stone bear. Some time ago, we found soybeans in gaoshu tribe, which is surprising enough. I didn't expect that there were more soybeans in Xiaohe tribe.

According to the history book, this year, in 1765, the British sailor Samuel Bowen brought soybeans from Europe to the new world. But whether it is gaoshu tribe or Xiaohe tribe, it seems that the history of planting soybeans has a long history, otherwise it is impossible to see so many soybeans here.

Lei Ying was stunned, and then said with a smile: "the soybean you mentioned is the raw material used to make the delicious tofu I ate in your tribe last time, right? Well, since you like this thing, when you go back, just pull on some. This thing can only be eaten as a snack here. If you eat too much, it's not easy to eat. If you like, you can take it away more. "

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