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Chapter: 192

"When we saw the female bear and the wolf pack, the wolf pack had been killed by the female bear, three wolves and two wolves were injured. But there were more than ten wolves in the pack, and the female bear was seriously injured by the attack Dashan was very excited. After all, it was a great honor to be able to hunt a bear. Even if the bear is seriously injured when hunting, it's better to hunt a bear than any other animal.

"I fought with some brothers, the bear was killed by us, and the remaining wolves were scared away by us. So we brought back the bear, the wolf carcasses and the cub

Hearing what Dashan said, the stone bear fully understood what was going on.

If the winter wolf is terrible, then a group of hungry eyes green wolves can only be described as terror.

In particular, the wolf pack in the new world of North America, the serious North American gray wolf, is the largest canine in the world.

At this time, the North American gray wolf was not nearly extinct as it was more than 200 years later. In the new world of North America, the North American gray wolf was the top predator, and their tracks were all over the North American continent.

If you haven't seen the North American gray wolf, then you really want to imagine how powerful the wolf is when the male weighs 90 kg and the female weighs 60 kg.

When it comes to dogs in later generations, it is estimated that the first thing people think of is the Tibetan mastiff or the fierce dog like kangao. Especially after a certain God surnamed Ma simply said "one mastiff fights three wolves, two mastiffs fight one tiger", the Tibetan mastiff is even more mythical.

Many netizens follow this sentence, so "five mastiffs fight God, ten mastiffs create a century" also appeared

It's true that Tibetan mastiff is fierce, but to say that one mastiff fights three wolves is pure nonsense.

Not to mention the North American gray wolf, even the Mongolian wolf, the younger brother of the North American gray wolf, is not a Tibetan mastiff can defeat.

Maybe the Mongolian wolf is a little smaller than the Tibetan Mastiff in body size, but in other aspects, the Tibetan mastiff and the Mongolian wolf are completely at a disadvantage, especially in the most critical bite force, the Tibetan mastiff is completely defeated.

The bite force of Tibetan mastiff is only 280 pounds, while the bite force of Mongolian wolf can reach 700 pounds. What does that mean? Tibetan mastiff bite a Mongolian wolf, may be able to bite the Mongolian wolf, but as long as the Mongolian wolf bite the Tibetan mastiff, it is basically either dead or seriously injured.

Not to mention the more fierce North American gray wolf than Mongolian wolf.

Groups of North American gray wolves are extremely terrifying. They may not easily challenge the black bear or the larger brown bear, but if they are extremely hungry, wolves dare to touch them.

This time, obviously, this is the case. Just gave birth to the cub of the bear is with the baby through the winter, the result unfortunately met a group of hungry eyes green wolves.

If an adult brown bear can deal with five or six wolves, it's OK. But if the number of wolves exceeds ten, let alone brown bears, even polar bears have to run.

If the bear doesn't have her cub, she can't beat it and run. But two bear babies who were just born became the biggest Achilles' heel of this bear. So in order to protect her children, the bear was seriously injured by these wolves, and finally took advantage of them.

This is a helpless thing, the world is so cruel, the jungle!

Baiyun gently pulled the stone bear and said in a low voice: "that bear cub is so pitiful..."

After thinking about it, the stone bear reached out and patted Baiyun on the back of his hand, then said in a loud voice, "brother Dashan, what are you going to do with this living bear?"

Whether it's the bear cub, the female bear or the dead wolves, they are all the prey of Dashan and his brothers. According to the regulations, although these prey have to be handed over to the tribe, Dashan still has the biggest distribution right.

"What else can I do? I'll peel it and eat it." Dashan replied, but then he realized that something was wrong. He quickly picked up the bear by the back of his neck and asked, "guardian, do you mean..."

The stone bear smiles and nods, "brother Dashan, if you can, I'd like to exchange something for this bear in your hand."

As soon as he said this, everyone around him was stunned. They obviously didn't understand why the big man wanted the bear. It's not that the soldiers of the tribe have never hunted bears with cubs, but as long as they do, they usually kill and eat meat.

"I just feel sorry for this bear. Dashan brother, you should know my name is big bear, and I am also an orphan, so when I see this little guy, I can't help thinking of myself. So, I want to trade you something for this little guy, because I don't want to kill him. "

Dashan stammered: "do you, do you want to support this bear?"

The stone bear nodded for sure.

"But this thing is not well bred. It's a bear. If it's grown up..."

The stone bear waved his hand and said, "brother Dashan, you don't have to worry about that. I want to exchange what I have for this little guy. Do you agree?"

Dashan looked at the white cloud standing beside the stone bear, and his face showed a sudden realization. He said with a smile, "if you don't change it, you don't need it. You have brought so much salt to our tribe, and last time you killed so many wolves in the wild, you have stayed in the tribe. If I want to exchange it with you again, it's too hard to say. Guardian, since you like this little guy, I'll give it to you. "

With that, Dashan handed over the little bear with his eyes still open, and the stone bear quickly held the little guy with both hands.

The little guy is estimated to be born for half a month at most, and his height is about 30 centimeters. His eyes haven't been opened yet.

The stone bear carefully gives the little guy to Baiyun, who quickly covers the little guy in his arms. The temperature is still too low for this little guy. I'm afraid it has been damaged just now.

The stone bear said to Dashan with a smile, "Dashan, thank you. I'll make a big bow for you according to your strength. It's smaller than my bow. I'll give you 20 arrows by the way. They're all made of fine steel. What do you think? "

Hearing this, Dashan's face immediately blossomed and nodded.

Dashan is the archer of the tribe. He likes good bows very much. He once saw the power of the big bow that the stone bear took. Such a good bow naturally has incomparable attraction for a marksman.

However, the strength of the stone bear's bow is too great for Dashan to play.

Now it's a great thing to hear that stone bear specially made such a bow and arrow for him, and it was made according to his own strength.

Dashan can't refuse such an exchange.

The stone bear saw that the faces of the brothers around Dashan were all envious, so he said with a smile, "I'll give each of you a steel knife. It's very good for self-defense."

Those people immediately became like mountains.

All of a sudden, the envious people became the onlookers around

When walking back with Baiyun, Baiyun asked the stone bear, "are you really going to raise this little guy?"

"What? Do you have the heart to throw this little guy away? Didn't you just say that this little guy is still very poor? "

"No, I just think it's so small. How can you raise it?"

Stone bear scratched his head, but he forgot this stubble. This little guy is cute, but he is not weaned yet.

So the stone bear asked, "do you have any wild sheep, bison or red deer in your tribe? It's better to have a baby. "

White cloud, stone bear one eye said: "you when our tribe and your tribe, can raise so many animals. Our tribe doesn't raise them at all. They come back to eat meat after hunting outside. We're not going to raise those things, either. "

This puzzled the stone bear.

However, the barking of the dog in the distance made the stone bear happy. "Baiyun, is there a female dog who has just given birth to a puppy in your tribe?"

North American Indians have been keeping dogs for a long time. Dogs are the most loyal companions of Indians. There are a lot of dogs in the gaoshu tribe. Of course, there are no golden fur or Labrador dogs in this era. The Indian dogs are all local dogs.

"Well, this one seems to have." When Shi Xiong said this, Baiyun's face also smiled. She didn't want the little bear to starve to death.

Back to the tribe, it was completely dark, but even so, Baiyun soon found two bitches who had just given birth to puppies.

But what depressed Baiyun was that when she brought the bear cub up to the female dog to let the bear eat dog's milk, the female dog exploded immediately.

Originally, the docile dog seemed to be crazy, and growled at the bear whose eyes had not been opened. If the owner hadn't pulled him, it was estimated that the female dog would have killed the bear in one bite.

No way, who let this bear cub still have the smell of a female bear.

Brown bear is a fierce animal at the top of the food chain, which is far beyond dogs. Although the cub hasn't even opened his eyes, he has a strong smell of female bear. When asked about this smell, it would be strange if the female dog didn't blow it up.

This dog can't be fed, so the stone bear let Baiyun continue to hold the bear cub, and then go to the next family.

But at the next house, the stone bear didn't let Baiyun go in first. He went in, and then came out with two stone bowls. One of the two stone bowls is yellow orange urine with a pungent smell, while the other is a milky white liquid with a milky smell.

"This is the urine and milk of the female dog. This bear can only be accepted by the female dog if it is contaminated with this urine and milk."

While explaining, the stone bear poured these two bowls of liquid with different flavors on the bear. He rubbed them and made the little guy shive

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