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Chapter: 195

Good news keeps coming.

Stone bear has just finished discussing with Lilei and Hongyun about spring ploughing, and Ferguson has another good news.

New rifles have been made!

This is good news to the core.

For a tribe, food and weapons are two indispensable foundations. In fact, from a tribe to a country, food and weapons are also the most basic things.

No matter in ancient times or in modern times, no matter in a dynasty or in a country, internal kings and external tyrants are highly valued.

The inner king is the inner king, and the outer hegemony is the outer hegemony.

The concrete embodiment of the inner king and the outer hegemony is that the domestic people live and work in peace and contentment, and do not worry about food, clothing, housing and transportation; On the other hand, outside the country, no country dares to invade, or even all countries come to Korea.

If a country or dynasty can do this, it can be called great.

Of course, if we want to achieve this, we cannot do without food and weapons.

Food is the basis for the implementation of kingcraft at home. If there is not enough food, let alone the implementation of kingcraft, it will be good if the people do not overthrow you. You can't even feed the common people. How can you dare to be king?

The foundation of foreign hegemony is weapons, powerful weapons, ahead of other countries' weapons. If you want other countries to respect you and convince you, you have to come up with something for other countries to convince you. And this kind of thing is a powerful weapon!

If you don't listen, I'll beat you. Laozi has more powerful weapons than you. If you don't obey, you will be beaten by Laozi.

If the gaoshu tribe wants to develop, these two are indispensable.

With the development of spring ploughing this year, as long as there is no natural disaster, the food of gaoshu tribe is destined to get a huge harvest.

And weapons, now there are more than 100 muskets in gaoshu tribe. The people of gaoshu tribe have fully realized the huge gap between hot weapons and cold weapons. Although the present muskets are not so powerful, if they are used intensively, the power is still unstoppable by cold weapons.

However, the new musket developed by Lieutenant Ferguson, that is, the epoch-making rear loading rifles in history, Ferguson rifles have many defects, but compared with the front loading muskets commonly used in European countries, their power, range and accuracy have been improved by more than one level.

To use the modern weapons of later generations as an analogy, if the front loaded muskets used in European countries are 155mm self-propelled guns, then the rear loaded muskets developed by Lieutenant Ferguson are surface to surface short-range missiles.

Although the power of surface to surface short-range missiles is not so strong, they are much more powerful than self-propelled artillery.

If the whole people of the gaoshu tribe are equipped with this new rifle, and through continuous training, the force of the gaoshu tribe will immediately rise to a very high level. At least according to the judgment of the stone bear, the force of the gaoshu tribe will become the most powerful Indian tribe in the whole new world, even compared with the well-trained European army.

"Boss, you see this gun is OK!" Second lieutenant Ferguson had an irrepressible smile on his face and a proud tone.

This is a back loaded gun. Before the news of the new gun was released, Lieutenant Ferguson had tested this gun hundreds of times. No matter in terms of loading speed, range, accuracy and power, this gun is far better than the front loaded muskets commonly used in various countries.

Shi Xiong was a typical puppet fan in his previous life, that is, he was dissatisfied with a bottle of weapons and sloshed half a bottle. He can say one or two or three things about weapons, whether they are modern or old. But if you want to ask him deeper principles, he doesn't quite understand.

As an epoch-making rifle, stone bear has naturally seen pictures of this Ferguson rifle many times in his previous life. Of course, this Ferguson rifle is mostly imitated by people.

But there is almost no difference between the rifle in front of me and the rifle in the picture in my memory. If there is one, it is a real gun in front of me, and the visual impact is definitely not comparable to that in the picture.

Stone bear grabbed the gun and weighed it. The weight of the gun satisfied stone bear.

This gun is about half lighter than the French San Etienne rifle captured by stone bear, which is a great improvement.

You should know that rifles usually accompany a rifleman for a long time, especially during the war, rifles are the closest partners of the rifleman.

So the problem is, if the weight of the muskets is too heavy, it will bring a great burden to the musketeers. Just like the St. Etienne rifle captured by the stone bear, this front loaded smooth bore rifle is a very good rifle in this era, but the weight of this gun is a little too heavy.

The total length of the San Etienne rifle is about 55 inches, which is about 1.4 meters. It is about the same length as the British Brown Beth rifle and the Ferguson rifle. However, the weight of the San Etienne rifle is more than 15 pounds, which is close to 7 kg.

Seven kilos doesn't seem to weigh much, but if you carry it for a long time, it's not so heavy for a Musketeer.

For a more appropriate example, a box of six bottles of Baijiu is about seven kilograms.

A long time long time a gunman carried the Saint altini rifle, which was like a long time carrying a box of Baijiu.

Ten minutes and eight minutes may be OK, but if you carry it for an hour or two, you will know what the seven kilos mean.

The weight of the gun made by Ferguson is estimated by stone bear to be more than seven Jin. Although there is a slight error, stone bear believes that the error is not big.

Seven kilos and seven kilos are totally different things. At least for a rifleman on the battlefield, carrying a seven kilo rifle for a long time can save energy more than carrying a seven kilo rifle.

In the age when the traffic is basically on legs, physical strength is undoubtedly a very precious thing.

(PS: the weight of the gun that Lao Mo wrote here is similar to that of the Ferguson rifle in the original history. The Ferguson rifle in the history is between 1.22 meters and 1.52 meters long, and the weight is about 7.5 pounds, which is about 3.5 kg. This is well documented.)

The barrel of this gun was cast by Ferguson together with several of his men. Because it is made of steel, the wall thickness of the barrel of this gun is much thinner than that of St. Etienne's rifle, and the weight of the barrel alone is much lighter.

The gun body is made of tough walnut wood. Using this kind of wood to make the gun body can well slow down the recoil force on the human body when shooting.

Behind the barrel, the stone bear saw the familiar rotary locking mechanism.

The mechanism of opening and closing the powder chamber by rotating the trigger retainer is the core of the gun. It is with this rotary locking mechanism that this rifle can be loaded after.

The stone bear tried to turn the trigger retainer, and sure enough, through the thread above the powder chamber, the cover above the powder chamber was opened. If it is filled in this way, just insert the bullet into the gun chamber from here, then pour the fixed powder into the powder chamber, and then turn the trigger retainer back, then the cover above the powder chamber will rotate to completely seal the powder chamber.

When shooting, pour a small amount of powder into the ignition hole next to the powder chamber, then you can aim and pull the trigger.

"Boss, I've tried. If I'm proficient in operation, this gun can be loaded seven times in one minute! That's twice as fast as the San Etienne rifle and the brown Beth rifle. " Ferguson explained excitedly.

"Oh, can you really achieve such a fast loading speed?" This makes the stone bear happy.

Ferguson nodded heavily, "as long as more training, a minute to reach seven filling speed or no problem, even if it is slow, a minute can also fill six."

Now that Ferguson is so sure, it's clear that's true.

Most of the muskets used in this era are front loaded muskets. Let's not mention other aspects of this kind of rifle. Just the loading speed is enough to worry people to death.

This kind of loading method of front loading gun is very complicated. Firstly, the gun should be set up with the muzzle upward, and the gunpowder should be poured into the barrel from the muzzle. Then, the bullet should be inserted from the muzzle, and the bullet and gunpowder should be compacted. Finally, the gun should be placed horizontally, and a small amount of gunpowder should be poured into the side of the ignition hole in the gunpowder chamber for ignition.

This is the loading procedure of the front loading gun. It's really cumbersome. Therefore, in this era, even the fastest loading veterans can reach the top loading speed of three rounds a minute, while ordinary riflemen can only reach the loading speed of two rounds a minute.

Loading speed is very important. You can only shoot three shots a minute. What can you do with a firearm that can shoot six or even seven shots a minute?

There are 100 riflemen on both sides. You can only shoot 300 bullets a minute on your side, and you can shoot 600 or more bullets a minute on the other side, which is equivalent to twice as many people as you.

What do you use to fight people?

The most important thing is that when loading the front loading gun, the Musketeer must be standing, otherwise you can't load it.

And in the battlefield of bullets flying, you poke there like a stick. If the enemy doesn't hit you, it's strange.

It's a very dangerous and deadly thing to load the front loading gun on the battlefield.

After loading the gun is not the same. The loading speed should be put aside first. When loading the gun, people can load it on their stomach.

On the battlefield, if one soldier is standing and the other soldier is lying on the ground, it is unnecessary to say who has higher security.

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