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Chapter: 196

"What about the power, range and accuracy of this gun?" Asked the stone bear.

"It's pretty good. It's better than I expected." "Ferguson is very excited," the effective range of this gun can reach 200 yards, at this distance, with this gun can easily hit a slightly smaller target than the real person. The power is also very good. Boss, you can try this gun

Stone bear nodded with a smile and nodded at Ferguson, who immediately handed him a small cloth bag and a bullet.

The small bag contained gunpowder, and one bag contained about eight grams of gunpowder. Before the large-scale production of the new gunpowder, the French gunpowder needed about eight grams for each shot.

The concept of fixed charge gunpowder has been implemented in the European continent for nearly a hundred years. Before the flint gun became popular, when the European countries used the firerope gun, the firerope shooter's shoulder would be slanted with a leather strap, and the belt would be hung with twelve wooden pre loaded cartridges, each of which was the charge of a gun, a bag of pellets and a horn powder can.

At that time, the Musketeers were all carrying twelve pre loaded cartridges. This kind of musketeers was called "Twelve Apostles".

But between 1670 and 1690, with more and more flint guns in the army, leather straps gradually disappeared from the Musketeer's equipment list. Instead of it is an ammunition box, which is wrapped in oil paper and pre loaded with a precise amount of gunpowder and a projectile. When loading, the Musketeer bites one end of the gunpowder roll with his teeth, bites the bullet in his mouth, pours the gunpowder into the muzzle of the reversed Musketeer, then inserts the bullet into the muzzle, the packaged oil paper is used as the filling plug, and finally compacts the ammunition and the propellant with a pressure bar (first wooden bar, then iron bar).

The gunpowder roll that Ferguson had brought before could not be used because of the calibre of the new rifle. If you want to remake this kind of gunpowder roll, stone bear hasn't measured out the paper, and Ferguson didn't bring oil paper when he came here, so the method of using oil paper to make this kind of fixed loading gunpowder roll can't be implemented for the time being.

But it's hard for Ferguson. Although there is no oil paper in the gaoshu tribe, well, it can't be said that there is no oil paper. The wooden casks containing gunpowder, sulfur and tinnitus seized by the stone bear from the French are lined with kraft paper and oil paper, but that thing can't move. Once the lined kraft paper and oil paper are pulled out, then both gunpowder and tinnitus sulfur are easily affected by moisture.

But there were many cotton cloth in the gaoshu tribe, so Ferguson commissioned the clever women in the tribe to sew a batch of such small cloth bags, which were specially used to hold gunpowder.

Although this kind of bag is not moisture-proof, the powder in the bag can be loaded as soon as it is used. As long as it doesn't rain, it's OK to use this method temporarily.

The powder in each small bag is quantitative, which can be regarded as fixed powder. When loading, just untie the mouth of the cloth bag and pour all the gunpowder into it.

The stone bear first plugs the bullet into the hole above the open powder chamber, and then tilts the muzzle down a little bit, so that the bullet will automatically clip into the barrel along a shallow groove in the powder chamber after entering the powder chamber.

Then the stone bear opened the bag and poured all the powder into the powder chamber. Then turn the trigger retainer again, and the iron cover above the powder chamber is rotated with the help of the thread to seal the powder chamber, and the small iron bar below the cover can also compact the powder in the powder chamber after the cover is screwed. The compacted powder will resist the projectile in front, even if the gun is erected, the projectile will not leave the barrel.

Stone bear took out a small pinch of gunpowder from another big cloth bag that Ferguson took out, put it in the medicine pot next to the fire hole in the gunpowder room, and then pulled down the sickle reed to cover the top of the medicine pot.

This small amount of gunpowder is specially used for igniting. When shooting, the "rooster" (PS: the gun term for the firing hammer in the firing mechanism) will move rapidly downward driven by the reed, and the flint clamped by the flint clamp on the "rooster" will rub with the sickle reed above the medicine pot, and then produce sparks to ignite the small amount of powder in the medicine pot.

Because the flint on the "rooster" rubs against the sickle reed, the sickle reed has sealed the medicine pot and acted as the lid of the medicine pot, so the ignited powder in the medicine pot can not explode to other positions, and the flame can only be transmitted to the powder chamber at the back of the barrel in a very short time through the ignition hole, and finally ignite the powder in the powder chamber. The ignited powder in the powder chamber will burst out a large amount of gas in an instant, and the gas will push the projectile to shoot out from the barrel to complete a shot.

After finishing this set of actions, even if the loading is finished, the next moment is to raise the gun to aim, and then pull the trigger to complete the firing.

"Boss, there's a target outside. I stood up when I tried the gun. The straight-line distance from the door to the target is 200 yards. I measured it myself

"Come on, let's go out and shoot a few shots!" Stone bear took the gun filled with clothes, strode out of the house, walked out of the house, looked into the distance, vaguely could see the human shaped target nailed to a big tree.

Two hundred yards is a little more than 180 meters. In this distance, even real people look very small. The target is slightly two circles smaller than the human body, so the head and body of the target can only be vaguely distinguished at this distance.

Stone bear took up his rifle, butts tightly against his right shoulder socket, his left arm straight, his left hand firmly holding the gun body under the barrel, his right hand also holding the front of the butts, his right index finger slowly extended into the trigger retainer, pulled on the trigger.

His feet were separated back and forth, breath holding, his face leaning against the butt of the gun, his left eye slightly narrowed, his right eye through the front sight of the barrel, aiming at the humanoid target 200 yards away.

When the collimator and the head of the target are in a line, the stone bear pulls the trigger.

With the sparks from the flint rubbing on the sickle reed, the gunpowder in the medicine pot was ignited. A few seconds later, the stone bear only felt that the body of the gun was shocked, a large stream of smoke came out from the ignition hole and muzzle of the gun, and the round bullet was also ejected in an instant.

The recoil force produced by the gun using this kind of gunpowder as the firing powder is not very big, and the stone bear is strong and ready, so this recoil force is nothing to him at all.

The most important thing is that the stone bear's arms are too powerful. The huge force can keep the muzzle stable when firing, so that the shot will not deviate too much because of the muzzle shaking.

The bullet flew over 200 yards in a few seconds, and then hit the humanoid target accurately. It's just a little pity for Shi Xiong that when he saw the fresh bullet hole on the target, he could not help shaking his head slightly.

Clearly aimed at the head, but the bullet hit the chest position. What does this mean? It's very simple. The effective range of this gun may be more than 200 yards, but it's not much.

Two hundred yards is almost the farthest effective range of this gun.

Although the maximum range of this gun is very long, the effective range and the maximum range are two very different concepts. Generally speaking, the maximum range of a gun is usually five to seven times of the effective range.

Just like this Ferguson rifle, its maximum range can exceed one kilometer, and its effective range is estimated to be at most 200 meters. No matter how far away the bullet is, it can be shot, but it can't be a fart.

Looking at the half inch thick target, the plank was almost penetrated by one shot, and the stone bear was quite satisfied with the power.

This means that within 200 yards, as long as the gun is aimed at, the enemy will hardly run away. Even if it is not hit the key, but as long as the bullet hit the arm or leg, it is absolutely enough for the enemy to drink a pot.

The loading speed of six shots per minute, the effective range of 200 yards, the accuracy and power are also passable, which is better than most of the standard rifles at present.

If you say, but in terms of effective range and power, the only one that can be compared with this rifle is the Kentucky rifle. However, the loading speed of Kentucky rifle is far less than that of this rifle, and its accuracy should also be slightly lower than that of this rifle.

In general, the rifle developed by Ferguson is absolutely ahead of all rifles in the world.

Looking at the satisfied look on his boss's face, Ferguson looks like a child who has been praised by his teacher and looks happy.

Although the gun is developed by himself, Ferguson is very clear that this rifle will never have such excellent performance without the guidance of the boss and the steel refined by the boss. In particular, the rotary locking mechanism directed by the boss is a genius.

Ferguson thinks he can't come up with such a talented idea.

It's no exaggeration to say that at least 70% of the credit for this rifle is due to the boss.

Although hard bone and rabbit mouth and the newly arrived Jack Williams contributed a lot to the post production of this rifle, in Ferguson's mind, the boss is the real inventor of this rifle.

"This gun is very good, quite good. As far as I know, this gun is better than the standard rifles in the armies of various countries. Patrick, you've worked hard. " The praise, stone bear is absolutely not stingy of their praise words. As a leader, it is necessary to express appreciation under the right opponent, which can win over his subordinates.

This is very clear to the stone bear who worked in the museum for more than ten years in his previous life.

In the past life, no matter the curator or or other leaders praise their subordinates at the right time, no matter who they are, their faces will be smiling for at least three days, and they will say "our leaders" when they speak.

What is this? In fact, it is a kind of return.

Ferguson, who was praised, was even more happy. He said happily, "boss, please name this rifle."

Stone bear took a look at this guy and felt that his words were not against his heart. It seemed that he really wanted to name this gun.

So the stone bear said with a smile: "well, this gun is made by yourself, and you have made great efforts and contributions in the process of research and development, so this gun is called Ferguson rifle!"

Mr. Patrick Ferguson immediately froze

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