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Chapter: 20

North American Indians, especially the Cherokee, practiced burial.

On a sunny hillside to the south of the gaoshu tribe is the site of the tribe's cemetery. As long as the tribal people die, they will be buried here.

In the center of the cemetery stands a stone totem pole about ten meters high, which was erected by the kabulu priest who first led the people to live in this area.

It is no different from the totem pole of other tribes. This totem pole is built entirely of stone. It depicts many totem gods headed by the sun god, with sky god, earth God, Thunder God, rain god, wind god, Eagle God, bear God and wolf God under it.

On this day, four long ribbons of different colors are hung on this totem pole. In the belief of Cherokee people, the four ribbons symbolize the four directions of the universe.

The black ribbon in the four ribbons symbolizes the land of Thunder God (West), because the God of thunder and lightning lives here and can bring rain to the people.

The white ribbon symbolizes the land of giants (the North), because the great wind of white purification comes from it.

The red ribbon symbolizes the place where the sun shines forever (the East). Since then, the light has sprouted. Chenxing lives here and gives human wisdom.

The Yellow Ribbon symbolizes the place to face (South), from which comes the power of summer and the growth of all things.

These four holy spirits come together to assist the sun god to manage the sky and the earth.

Here, the sun god is like a broad-minded father, taking care of his children.

Under the totem pole, there is a beautiful eagle feather and a buffalo skin.

Eagle feathers symbolize that people will fly like eagles, while buffalo skin symbolizes mother earth.

In the belief of Cherokee people, all Cherokee people, like all birds and animals, plants and trees, are born from this, and they suck in the mother's arms like babies all their lives.

All the Cherokees who came to attend the funeral lay down in front of the high totem pole and prayed most devoutly.

At the end of the prayer, the high priest from the Cherokee royal court personally presided over the funeral.

"All my people, the great kabulu sacrifice has returned to the embrace of the Holy Spirit. Let's see her off and pray together..."

All the people's mouths issued a uniform "Hey, hey! hey! hey! Hey, hey, It lasted for half a minute.

Then the high priest began to pray to the totem pole: "ancestors, great holy spirit, you are eternal, you are the only one. There is no one else to pray for but you. You create yourself, you create everything you see, you create everything; You have completed all the stars in the sky; You have created the four sides of the earth. That day, that day, you made everything

"Ancestors, great spirit, please bend down and listen to my voice. Please face the sunset, please look at me; God of thunder, look at me! Please look at me in the white giant's land! Please look at me where the dawn stars and the day appear! Please look at me in the summer! The eagle God who lives in the high sky, please look! And you, mother earth, the only mother, are you pitying your children

"Listen to me, four sides of the earth - we are all children of the same mother! Please give me strength, let me walk on the soft earth, the earth that feeds all things! Please give me eyes, please give me the ability to see everything and understand everything like you. Only with your strength can I break through the difficulty. "

"Great Holy Spirit, great holy spirit, my ancestors, on the earth, thousands of creatures are one family. Only compassion can breed all things in the earth. Only by giving equal treatment to these countless children and grandchildren can they break through the difficulties and embark on a better life road to the sabbath day. "

"I pray here, please listen to my prayer! My voice is so weak, but it comes from my heart. Please listen to my prayer! Hey, chitujero... "

The high priest prayed for half an hour. To be honest, the stone bear could not understand what the high priest said, but he could feel that the high priest was really praying devoutly.

All the people followed the high priest's prayer, or knelt down, or lay down. Until the end of the prayer, the kabulu sacrifice was put into the earth pit in a crouched fetal state. In the custom of North American Indians, the dead are buried in this way, which means returning to the original. Every dead people will be buried in this way.

This time is what the Cherokees call "beaver month", which is November of the year A.D., because in this month, the weather begins to get cold. In addition to food, Cherokees also need to wear, and beaver fur is the ideal material, so this month is named "beaver month".

In November, the foot of Dawu Mountain was cold and overcast, but at this time, the sky began to rain again.

Because there are no East-West mountains in North America, almost all of them are north-south, so the cold wind from the Arctic can invade from the northernmost end of the North American continent to the southernmost end, so in Dawu Mountain, the cold rain in late autumn is particularly cold.

As the guardian of the new generation of kabulu sacrifice, he has been following Hongyun all the time and standing in the best position. So the stone bear can clearly see the leader of LiLei lying in the sliding rod.

Leader Li Lei's face is very bad. He is as pale as a dead man, and he is thinner than when he just saw him. Shi Xiong, who has rich experience in later generations, can easily judge leader Li Lei's life expectancy, and he won't be long left.

In this age of lack of medicine, not to mention the Indians, bloodletting is still popular in Europe. It is estimated that in more than ten years, the current French emperor Louis XV will die of smallpox because he is infected with smallpox. When bloodletting is used to treat smallpox, he will die because there is too much blood.

As for the European colonists in North America, bloodletting therapy was still used for those diseases that had no solution. Moreover, this bloodletting therapy was brought to North America by these colonists, and the Indians also learned bloodletting therapy.

The reason why Li Lei's face is so pale is that this guy has been blooded

Where is the cure? It's just killing me!

It's strange that the stone bear didn't know what happened to him. He had such an idea on such a solemn occasion.

These lovely but sad Indians really need people to save them

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