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Chapter: 200

The stone bear personally pointed out that the Baijiu liquor produced naturally is no problem.

This can be seen from the fact that more than 80% of the tribe's people were drunk on the day of the wine tasting.

It is not that the tribe's drinker is not good enough. They have never touched such a high number of Baijiu before. Their tolerance to the body is very limited. So a large number of Baijiu in a district of more than three or twenty degrees can be brought down.

The rest of the people who didn't get drunk were mainly due to their constitution. These people are really able to drink, although the tolerance to this highly Baijiu is not good, but because of their own large amount of alcohol, so 32 Baijiu can still stay awake.

Stone bear is no problem. His soul is a master of the battlefield in the past. Although he has come to this world, the body's tolerance to the high Baijiu has not been cultivated. But the physique of this pair of body is too good. Let alone 32 Baijiu, even if you drink 782, the stone bear will estimate this body absolutely.

To the surprise of the stone bear, Jack Williams, an alchemist with outstanding talent in mechanical manufacturing, has a great capacity for liquor. And this guy didn't dislike the taste of this kind of high sweet potato wine because he drank it for the first time. On the contrary, he preferred this kind of high sweet potato wine.

No matter Gao Niu or Li Lei, or Shan Mao or Kuaima, they can't drink enough, so Shi Xiong just wants to find someone to drink with.

As a result, in Ferguson's place, the stone bear saw a person who was carefree to drink Jack Williams. As for Ferguson, Agust and brother Gai, they have been put down for a long time. One by one, they are sleeping in bed. It's been almost a month since that guy David Addison went out to look for lead-zinc mines, but there's still no news coming back. It must be that the process of looking for lead-zinc mines is not very wonderful.

But there is no way. In this primitive new world, it really depends on luck to find a lead-zinc mine.

Moreover, the territory occupied by the Cherokee people is 100000 square kilometers, and there are hundreds of tribes, large and small. It's really a great effort to get information about the lead-zinc mine from so many tribes.

David edian is not at home, and Ferguson is all drunk. When stone bear comes to Ferguson, he sees that Jack Williams is the only one left to drink.

Seeing the stone bear coming in, Jack Williams, who had been at ease, immediately stood up and his face became a little scared.

"Jack, come on, just keep drinking." The stone bear smiles and waves his hand to let Jack Williams not be so formal, which makes this somewhat lonely alchemist relax.

The stone bear sat on the opposite side of Jack, picked up the pot of Baijiu, and poured himself a bowl. Then he raised the bowl and touched Jack's wooden bowl and took a sip.

"Jack, how are your legs?" Asked the stone bear.

Jack nodded. "I'm recovering very well. I've been able to get rid of the double crutches since I came to the tribe. After a while, I'll be like a normal person. "

This guy is a lonely and rebellious guy. At the beginning, he signed a damned voluntary contract with an English nobleman because he couldn't afford to buy a ticket and became a indentured slave. Later, the nobleman didn't want to terminate the contract for him and wanted Jack to continue to serve him.

Jack quit immediately and said he would not work for the nobleman. As a result, the nobleman broke his legs. Finally, Hank bought Jack's contract from the nobleman for five pounds and sent it to stone bear.

When major hank left, the stone bear, like Jean Agust and Bill Gates, returned the contract between Jack Williams and David dean to them, which immediately gained the hearts of the two alchemists.

The stone Bear looked at the empty table. There was no wine or food on it except for the wine bowl. How could that be.

"Jack, just a moment." As he said this, the stone bear stood up and went to the door, opened the door and yelled out: "hard bone, hard bone!"

As soon as this voice fell down, a man came running over there. It was the hard bone with a red face.

This guy's drinking capacity is surprisingly good. Others have been lying down for a long time, but he has nothing to do with his age, but his face is a little red. Obviously, the tough guy is one of those people who can drink naturally.

"Come to my room and get some peanuts and a piece of smoked ham. By the way, bring another can of wine. It's the kind of high-quality wine that just came out of the pot today." The stone bear is very handy for the little brother hard bone.

Hard bone nodded and ran back, and soon came over with a lot of things.

Stone bear wants to have a good conversation with Jack, so he doesn't leave a hard bone and let him find a drink by himself. Not everyone can drink those 32 drinks. No one who has passed the high Baijiu flavor is even knocked down by one or two drinks. So there are still plenty of wine left in every household.

Hard bone is the iron brother of the guardian, which is recognized in the tribe. In addition, he is still young. If he goes to other people's houses to find some wine, the people will not be stingy to give him.

Ferguson has a complete range of cooking pots, bowls and stoves. The stone bear has collected a lot of seasonings, pressed oil and salt in recent months, so soon a plate of fried peanuts and a plate of smoked ham are on the table.

Although peanuts need to be preserved, even such a small plate is not a big deal. In terms of Shi Xiong's identity and status, he still has no problem if he wants to keep some peanuts. Not to mention the peanuts he secretly saved when he pressed oil last time.

As for smoked ham, it was smoked by the two hind legs left by stone bear after hunting a wild boar in the mountain last winter.

In fact, before the Europeans discovered the new world, there were no pigs in North America, even wild boars. But when Europeans came to the new world, they brought pigs to the new world.

However, some of the pigs that were brought over by them ran out because of poor care and became wild boars. Moreover, as long as the pig breeds in the wild for three generations, it can almost become a wild boar.

It has been more than 100 years since Europeans came to the new world and settled down in the new world. Who knows how many pigs have come out. In addition, pigs are especially able to live. Therefore, in a short period of more than a century, there have been many wild pigs in the Appalachian Mountains. Even here in Dawu Mountain, you can see this kind of manic second elder martial brother from time to time.

When I went to school, I would slaughter a pig every year when the new year was approaching, and the hind legs of the pig would be smoked until the Mid Autumn Festival next year.

When I was a child, I was looking forward to eating smoked ham every year. When I grew up, Shi Xiong learned how to smoke ham with his family, which a child from the countryside should know.

Jack is a little flattered. Since he came to the new world, he has never seen such dishes.

Their four alchemists have lived in the house next to lieutenant Ferguson since they came to the high tree tribe. The house was built for them by the old wood family.

No way, they are golden haired, blue eyed, white skinned vasichu, and they can't speak native Indian. It's very difficult to communicate with the people in the tribe, so the four of them live together.

Both Jean Agust and Bill Gates have families. The former has a wife and the latter has a lovely daughter. Jack and David are all single, plus a single Lieutenant Ferguson. Therefore, as single dogs, these three people often go to Agust's house to have fun. No way. None of the three single dogs can cook. Only Agust's wife, beibella, can cook. Moreover, the cooking taste is more suitable for them, so they often get together. Even the gap between Britain and France has long disappeared.

But even so, Jack has never eaten such exquisite dishes, so even if there are only two dishes, Jack is flattered.

"Come on, don't poke there. Now it's just us, Patrick. They don't have that. Come on, let's meet and have a drink. How about you try this dish, too? "

Jack's excited hands were a little shivering. After touching the stone bear, he drank a lot of wine and almost choked.

"Drink slowly, no one will drink with you." Stone bear said with a smile, "how about living here?"

Maybe it's because of alcohol. Jack, who always looks a little rebellious and aloof, looks much better at this time. Especially after hearing the question of stone bear, he has a smile on his face.

"Very well, dear guardian. Living in the tribe is the happiest time I've lived in nearly ten years. Dear guardian, thank you very much for saving me and bill from hell. "

Jack didn't boast. Although the gaoshu tribe still has some shortcomings, it can really be called heaven compared with the dark life of indentured slaves that he once experienced.

There is no problem in all aspects of food, clothing, housing. The most important thing is that he has regained his freedom here.

After several years of contract slave life comparable to hell, the free air is heaven for Jack.

"That's good, as long as you feel used to it. Besides, Jack, don't call me the guardian in the future. I prefer to hear you call me the guardian. "

"Yes, Mr. guardian." Jack cleverly changed his name. He was very clear that when the powerful Guardian adult asked him to change his name, it meant that the adult had completely accepted himself.

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