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Chapter: 201

"Jack, is there anyone else in your family? For example, parents, wives or children. " Although the four alchemists have been in the tribe for some time, the stone bear has not yet found out their details. Taking this opportunity, the stone bear plans to have a good touch.

After all, only when we know their exact situation, can the stone bear treat them in a targeted way.

Williams shook his head: "I haven't been home for nearly ten years, and before I came to the new world that year, my mother had already died of illness, and my father's health was not very good. It is estimated that he would not be able to survive this ten years..."

There was a sad look on Jack's face, and there were tears in his eyes.

Anyone who hasn't been home for nearly ten years suddenly mentions his family and relatives. It's estimated that no one will feel better.

"As for my wife and children, I'm not married. How can I have a wife and children? I was only 25 years old when I came to the new world, and I am only 34 years old this year. When I was in England, I didn't want to get married. When I came to the new world, I didn't have the conditions to get married, so I always wanted to get married alone. Well, David and I are about the same Jack said with a bitter smile.

Jack's words surprised the stone bear. This guy looks almost fifty years old, but he is only in his thirties. It seems that the years of indentured slave life have really made him suffer a lot.

Stone bear and Jack touch a wine bowl, two people sipped a sip of wine, Jack began to attack fried peanuts, thanks to stone bear prepared a wooden spoon for him, otherwise this guy will really take this kind of small round beans have no way.

Taking advantage of the gap between Jack and peanuts, the stone bear carefully thought about it in his heart, and then said: "Jack, you should know that after you come here, you need to stay with me for a few more years. I can guarantee your food, clothing, housing and other expenses. I can also provide you with research tools and materials as much as possible. I can also give you directions and some suggestions for your research. I can even introduce women to you and David. But you must stay here for a few more years. Because what you study is far beyond what your motherland can have, your research results must be kept secret for a long time. "

Maybe Jack had drunk a lot before the stone bear came, or maybe he had drunk several times with him after the stone bear came. At this time, Jack's eyes began to look a little confused.

He laughed. "Mr. guardian, when major hank brought me and David from Jamestown, David and I knew our fate. Major hank, who brought us here, doesn't know what you want us wretched alchemists to do, but we all know what you want to do. "

The stone bear nodded seriously and asked, "would you like to stay? I have no other guarantee, but I can guarantee your safety and a certain degree of freedom. Of course, I can also guarantee that you can research achievements that are worthy of great fame. Similarly, I can guarantee your future prosperity. But if you want to get this, you have to endure this life for a few years. "

Jack said with a wry smile, "Mr. guardian, do we have any other choice? Since we chose to be alchemists, we have embarked on a road that we can never turn back. "

"Jack, you should understand that I'm not forcing you to say that," the stone bear said. If you don't want to stay here, I can ask major hank to take you back the next time he comes... "

Jack waved his hand. "Mr. guardian, please forgive me for interrupting you. But what if we go back to Jamestown? We don't have the money to buy tickets back to the old world, and the nobles and rich businessmen covet our technology, so even if we go back to Jamestown, we will inevitably end up as indentured slaves. So instead of going back to Jamestown and living in the dark, we'd rather enjoy the countryside here. Mr. guardian, don't worry. We've already discussed with you for a long time

Stone bear smile happily: "Jack, I have to say you are very smart, you made a good choice."

It seems that Jack's words have completely untied his heart. He also said with a smile, "Mr. guardian, the key reason why we stay is the idea of making new guns that you provided to lieutenant Ferguson."

After a pause, Jack organized the language and continued: "let's not mention the rotating locking mechanism you proposed, which enables the ammunition of the musket to be loaded later. It's the broaching machine that you made to pull the rifling. I admire it very much. In Jamestown countryside, I have seen some immigrants use wooden broaching machine to pull rifling, but the mechanical efficiency of that broaching machine is too low. It takes at least three or four days for a person to pull a gun barrel. Therefore, although the military of all countries know the advantages of rifling gun, the backward processing technology greatly limits the promotion of rifling gun. "

"And you, you just instructed Lieutenant Ferguson to make a change to that simple broaching machine, and the efficiency of this broaching machine has been improved several times, which is a genius idea. You know, I know some mechanical things, but when I saw your broaching machine, I was convinced

"And David said that before he left. He said, Mr. guardian, you can point out that lead and tin are abundant in lead-zinc mines. That's the only thing that makes David admire. David said that you are a mysterious and unpredictable person. There must be many things in your heart that we don't know but want, so we all want to make more good things under your guidance. We also want to learn more from you. "

Hearing this, the stone bear laughed. "Jack, to tell you the truth, I have been instructed by the great sun god, and you may have heard that from Patrick. It's not an ethereal thing, and it's not my intention to put a halo on myself. I've really been instructed by the great sun god. "

"I know, guardian, not only did Patrick tell me, but your two little followers, well, it seems that one is hard bone and the other is rabbit mouth. They also told me about the magical changes that happened to you. Especially the tough guy who lived with you since he was a child. He said that your brain was a little bit... "

"Ha ha, there's nothing to hide. I used to be nicknamed silly head. I was really a fool before I accepted the guidance of the great sun god. But do you think I look like a fool now? And I'm a native of the new world. Before I came to the gaoshu tribe, I only met Europeans a few times in my life. But you see that my English and French are not much worse than your English? "

"Mr. guardian, I hate it, but I have to admit that your London accent is too authentic."

The stone bear waved his hand with a smile. "Jack, I won't say more if it's unnecessary. You should learn from me. There's no problem at all. But you'd better have a psychological preparation. The most I can do is to give you a general direction guidance. I may also give you some key guidance for specific things, but those tedious research work must be completed by you. "

"Mr. guardian, we can understand that even if you don't say it. What we need most now is a directional direction, such as the broaching machine with rifling made by Patrick, which is a directional breakthrough for me. Therefore, we would like you to give us more directions, which will give us a clear direction for our research. "

The stone bear smiles, takes the wine bowl and drinks with Jack again. Then he says, "Jack, since you have said so, I can give you a direction now."

Hearing this, Jack sat up straight and looked at the stone bear with eager eyes.

"You have also studied that broaching machine, so you should know that this broaching machine has many disadvantages, right?"

Jack nodded. "Yes, I don't think that broaching machine is perfect enough, such as the power source. Mr. guardian, why don't you use water for power? "

"The hydraulic power is good, but it's not suitable for the broaching machine now, because this broaching machine is only modified by me temporarily. In fact, the fundamental defect of this broaching machine is not in the power, but in the transmission. As you can see, this broaching machine is driven by belt and pulley, so its stability is very poor. If the hydraulic drive is used, the power is too large. Before solving the problem of transmission stability, maybe the broaching machine just has a set of hydraulic drive, and the whole broaching machine will fall apart. At least the rifling pulled out is absolutely unqualified. "

Jack nodded thoughtfully. "Mr. guardian, how can we solve this problem?"

"It's very simple. Change the belt transmission to gear transmission, and change all the wooden structures to steel structures."

"Gear drive? Are you talking about the kind of gear with involute as tooth profile curve proposed by French Felipe de la hill more than half a century ago

"You know that?" Stone bear asked with a smile.

Jack scratched his head with a smile and grabbed a large amount of dandruff.

"Yes, gear transmission will become the core and development direction of mechanical transmission in the future, because gear transmission has the stability that other transmission methods do not have. If you can solve the problem of the smoothness of gear transmission, then you will become a giant in machinery. "

"But I don't know much about gears..."

"It doesn't matter. I can give you some advice."

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