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Chapter: 202

Stone bear knows very well what these alchemists of this era want most.

It is no exaggeration to say that although the alchemists of this era are not as fanatical as those in the middle ages of Europe, they are definitely not comparable to ordinary people.

Almost all those who can become alchemists are very determined and never say failure lightly.

It's just like the four alchemists who have been in the new world for several years, and Jack was interrupted by the nobles. But even so, none of them said that I would quit and I would go home.

For them, the unknown and mysterious alchemy is their pursuit of the supreme road.

As long as we can give them some guidance on alchemy, that is, the germination of modern science, then they will definitely abandon everything and follow them without hesitation.

For them, even a little progress in alchemy is their greatest affirmation.

Like Jack Williams, this guy has a passion for mechanics. Of course, in this era, this aspect is not called "machinery industry", but collectively referred to as "alchemy".

In their eyes, since other alchemy, that is, the so-called chemical and physical alchemy, can not produce the "sage's stone", it needs to break through from other aspects.

And the machinery industry is just another interesting industry. Once a determined alchemist like Jack Williams gets in, it's almost impossible to climb out.

The alchemists or "budding scientists" of this era have a passion and enthusiasm for pursuing the unknown, which is beyond the understanding of later generations.

That's why stone bear gave Jack Williams a gear drive.

No matter in the east or in the west, the application of gears in transmission appeared long ago.

But because there is no corresponding scientific theory, so before the 17th century, the application of gear in transmission was not popular.

But with the French Felipe de la hill put forward the theory that involute can be used as tooth profile curve in 1694, the application of gear in transmission began to have a solid theoretical foundation.

It is worth mentioning that the person who put forward this theory, Felipe de la hill, is also an alchemist

With the support of involute theory, in 1733, another French alchemist, M. Camus, published Camus theorem, which further consolidated the foundation of gear application.

But at this time, the application of gear in transmission is still not very extensive. It was not until this year, that is, 1765, that Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler put forward the mathematical basis for the analytical study of involute tooth profile and clarified the relationship between the curvature radius of the tooth profile curve and the position of the curvature center of a pair of meshing gears.

Until another mathematician savari developed the famous Euler savari equation on the basis of Euler's theory, the application of gears in transmission was completely opened.

The reason why Watt's improved steam engine can be popularized on a large scale is that Euler savari equation solves the problem of gear application, otherwise, the steam engine appears, but it can not achieve effective transmission, and the steam engine is just a decoration.

So at this time, before Euler savari equation appeared, gear transmission mode was almost a magic for a mechanical research enthusiast.

Shi Xiong learned this theory when he was in University. Later, after he went to work, there were some mechanical equipment left by Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau in the museum. In order to maintain these precious cultural relics, Shi Xiong studied this knowledge and naturally knew something about gear transmission.

Although Shi Xiong is not proficient in this aspect, what he knows in this era is absolute magic.

It's like Euler Vasari equation, gear module calculation formula, pitch module calculation formula, graduation circle diameter calculation formula, etc. these formulas are popular in future generations. Even students in Vocational and technical schools have learned these formulas, but in this era, For the European alchemists, these formulas are known only by God.

So, when the stone bear proposed the Euler Vasari equation to Jack, the guy's eyes were straight

Because of the limitations of the times, it's not difficult to make an invention in this era. Many inventions are just originated from an idea or inspiration. But it's hard to see how you get that moment of inspiration.

It's like in 1666, ninety-nine years ago, when Newton, 23 years old, temporarily closed his Trinity College in Cambridge because of the black death, Newton went back to his mother's house and hit the apple in his head when he was meditating in the garden.

Although whether Newton was hit in the head by Apple at that time has not yet become a final conclusion, it is undeniable that Newton must have been inspired by something at that time, and then the law of gravity appeared.

If an alchemist like Jack can give him an inspiration or a chance of inspiration, he may not be able to come up with any outstanding scientific theory.

There are many opportunities like this. At least the Euler Vasari equation he has brought out now is no less than the apple that hit Newton's head for Jack Williams, who is proficient in mechanical manufacturing

Jack Williams can be provided with mechanical knowledge. For Jean Agust, who likes pharmacology, stone bear naturally has a way to keep his heart.

Although French Jean Agust was also an alchemist, he was actually a pharmacist. He preferred to study some strange medicine.

Bill Gates, a British alchemist, followed the path of a traditional alchemist, but he was more interested in chemical experiments than David adian, a French alchemist proficient in metal smelting. Of course, in this era, chemistry is only a rudiment. Although Robert Boyle, an English alchemist, published a landmark work in the history of chemistry, the skeptical chemist, as early as 1661, and later generations regarded this year as the beginning of modern chemistry, the word chemistry is only a noun.

But whether it's medicine, chemistry or metal smelting, Shi Xiong has a lot of knowledge in his mind. This kind of knowledge will be learned by junior high school students in later generations. In this era, it is the "God's guidance"!

Therefore, the stone bear is quite sure of leaving the four of them.

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