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Chapter: 203

Jack Williams was knocked down by the stone bear unexpectedly.

This guy's drinking capacity is quite good, two people drank more than two Jin, this alchemist from England was completely put down, his mouth also don't know what he was muttering, anyway, he fell asleep with a smile on his face.

The stone bear is also a little dizzy. If in a previous life, he would have no problem getting a jin of 50 degree wine himself. I don't know how many times stronger this body is than that of the previous life. However, this body's tolerance to high alcohol is not so strong, so after more than a kilo of wine, the stone bear also feels a little fumigated.

The sun was already hanging in the west half of the sky when we came out of Ferguson's room.

The tribe is quiet, except for the distant cattle barking and the occasional dog barking, there is only a faint snoring in the whole tribe.

Today's reception successfully brought down most of the people.

This kind of scene also let the stone bear show a smile on his face. Anyway, his arrival has brought great changes to this small tribe. And doesn't success always start with change?

When he was about to get to his house, the stone bear saw Sheila running back with a big fat TURP in her mouth. After seeing the owner, Sheila happily ran to the side of the stone bear with trump in her mouth. Her tail was not thick and turned as fast as a small windmill.

"Oh, did you take your son to find milk again? You're a good mother. " The stone bear squatted down and scratched Sheila's head and neck. Sheila narrowed her eyes.

Trump grows up very fast. In a month, this guy's weight has at least doubled. Raoshi Sheila is a hound. Now it's hard to carry this little fat man.

Bears have a long lactation period, even longer than humans. From birth to weaning, cubs need at least one and a half years, some even two years.

Although Sheila is a conscientious nurse, she is a dog after all, and the weaning time of the dog is only a month, so after more than a month, Sheila has no milk.

But my son, trump, can't eat without milk.

Although Sheila wondered why her fat son could eat so much, she couldn't starve her son because she had no milk. Her son was starving these days, so Sheila took her son in her mouth and went around looking for milk for him these days.

Fortunately, there are a lot of dogs in gaoshu tribe. Some of them have just given birth to puppies, so there are more nannies for Tupu.

At the beginning, the dog mothers also didn't accept trump. There was no way. The stone bear had to deal with the dog mothers in the same way that he had dealt with Sheila before, so that trump would not be hungry.

But the good news is that of the bison captured and tamed by the soldiers last winter, three had their own calves, and the three cows were about to give birth. Once the three cows were left with calves, trump would not have to worry about running out of milk.

Trump, who was held in his mouth, raised his head and glared at his master. He also made a tender "whining" sound, which seemed to be asking for caress.

This is a heartless guy. When stone bear went to Ferguson's side at noon, he was still hungry. Now that he had enough to eat and drink, he began to seek other stimulation.

But this one and a half month old bear cub is so cute that people can't refuse it.

The stone bear laughed, picked up the bear cub and gave him a kiss in front of his face.

It's estimated that trump was fumigated by the smell of wine from his father's mouth and wanted to escape. But after all, it is just a bear cub, far from growing up to adulthood, so in its father's claws, it can't hide, and is smoked to look loveless.

The stone bear put trump on his shoulder, supported him with one hand, and said with a smile, "come on, let's go home and sleep." With that, the stone bear helped trump, who was lying on his shoulder, to go home. At the same time, he said to Sheila, "girl, I'm home." Sheila obediently followed the stone bear behind, but the expression on Sheila's face is not very good-looking, it seems that the smell of her father makes Sheila not adapt.

For trump and Sheila, the stone bear really likes it. Since he came to this world, Gao Niu is the only real family left. But uncle is only uncle after all, and Gao Niu has to be busy for survival, so the heart of the stone bear has always been very empty.

Even after meeting the white cloud, the stone bear felt better, but he always felt something was missing in his heart. It's this unexplained regret that always makes the stone bear produce some inexplicable irritability at some inexplicable times.

Just like the last time I went to okron fortress, the stone bear finally used the method of drawing crocodiles out and swallowing those French prisoners. In fact, it was a very cruel and even abusive practice. If this practice is put in later generations, it would be a "crime against humanity". And a large part of the reason why stone bear adopts this method is that this inexplicable irritability affects him.

However, since the adoption of trump and Sheila, the stone bear has found that his inner peace has been a lot, and that kind of irritability from time to time is less and less now.

The two little guys who happened to show up unexpectedly made the stone bear feel like having children

Although the body is only sixteen or seventeen years old this year, the soul is an old ghost who has lived for thirty-six years and experienced the baptism of modernization. Although stone bear didn't have a family or children in his previous life, he saw a lot of things in this aspect. Whether it was his sister's family or other friends, stone bear could clearly feel the beauty of children.

Although most of the time, bear children make adults feel helpless and even angry, it is undeniable that even if they can be bear children again, they are also the most precious treasure in their parents' hearts, and nothing can replace them.

Only those who have children can be called a complete person.

No matter in his last life or in this life, Shi Xiong has never had a child of his own, but the joining of these two little guys makes him feel a real sense of being a father. Although trump and Sheila are just a bear and a dog, the stone bear has unconsciously taken them as their own children.

And it's both children!

Later zoologists have proved that pets can clearly feel the emotions of their owners.

Now the stone bear is in a good mood. Sheila, who follows him, can feel it naturally, so Sheila's tail shakes more happily. Meanwhile, little bear tup lies on his father's shoulder, tries to stretch his neck, and then sticks out his tongue to lick his father.

This little guy is worthy of being a descendant of the top predator. Although he is only one and a half months old, the stone bear can clearly feel the flesh on Trump's tongue.

Bears have spines on their tongues, so that they can easily lick the meat off the bones when eating.

However, trump is still small after all. He licks his tongue with flesh on his face, which just makes the stone bear feel a little itchy. It's very comfortable.

Today, the success of brewing a high degree of wine, but also let Jack Williams heart, which makes the stone bear in a good mood. Now his son and daughter are playing around him again, which makes Shi Xiong feel better.

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