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Chapter: 204

"Mr. guardian, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would have thought that I had come to heaven. The scenery here is so beautiful. Even in England, it's rare to see such a beautiful and full of vitality." Jack Williams stood beside the stone bear and praised softly. He greedily looked at everything in front of him. The color of desire on his face was obvious.

"Jack, I agree with you. Yes, this is a land full of vitality. Although it is located in the mountains and not as prosperous as the cities in your colonies, it has the freedom and vitality that your colonies do not have. " Stone bear slowly turned his head and looked at the four alchemists standing behind him, "so, I sincerely hope you can stay and make this beautiful land more beautiful."

David adian returned to the tribe yesterday noon with a tired body. The soldiers who came back with him also turned into savages. It can be seen that David Addison, who went out to look for lead-zinc mines, has really suffered a lot in the past month.

But the news that David brought back was exciting. He found a lead-zinc mine, which is not too far away from the gaoshu tribe.

The lead-zinc mine was found thanks to an old soldier who went with David Addison. The old soldier has a relative in the big green hill tribe, which was previously separated from the high tree tribe and is rich in sulfur.

The soldier led David adian to Daqingshan tribe more than ten days ago, where he got information about lead-zinc ore, and then found a lead-zinc mine in a valley about two kilometers away from Daqingshan tribe.

It's no wonder that the symbiosis of lead and zinc in nature is very common, and lead-zinc mines usually have strong sulfur affinity. There is a sulfur mine near Daqingshan tribe. Although the scale is not very large, it's not surprising that lead-zinc mines can be found near Daqingshan.

After David Dean came back, the stone bear asked Hongyun where the big green hill tribe was. After Hongyun's telling, the stone bear realized that the location of Daqingshan tribe was not far away from the location where the hematite was found.

No wonder there is hematite, sulfur and lead-zinc in that area. It is estimated that there should be pyrite and other minerals nearby.

It is well known that the Appalachian Mountains are a treasure mountain. The orogeny in ancient times not only created this mountain range which stretches more than 3000 kilometers, but also endowed it with many mineral resources.

Coal and iron are the most abundant mineral resources in the Appalachian Mountains, but there are also many metal deposits such as lead, zinc and copper. It is not surprising that lead-zinc deposits can be found near the Daqingshan tribe.

Anyway, David Addison found the lead-zinc mine, so there will be no shortage of muskets and bullets in the future. If the lead-zinc mine contains enough copper, the stone bear will have more choices.

David's return and bring back the good news, let the stone bear in a good mood. Last night, stone bear cooked a good dish himself, invited four alchemists, their families and lieutenant Ferguson to have a meal together.

Early this morning, stone bear took the four alchemists to climb to the hillside of Dawu Mountain in the south of the tribe and looked down at the beautiful land below.

At this time, it is about to enter the germination month (April), so the earth at the foot of Dawu Mountain has a lot of green. Especially after a winter of winter wheat, at this time has grown very well.

It took place from 1650 to 1715, nearly 70 years after the end of the little ice age, which is only half a century. Now the global climate is very stable. Last winter, there were several heavy snows near the gaoshu tribe. The winter wheat was covered by several "snow covers". After the snow melted in the spring, the growth of winter wheat was naturally extremely gratifying.

Looking down from this position, the large green wheat sprouts on both sides of the litterliver river at the foot of the mountain are like a green carpet, which looks very eye-catching and also gives people a sense of vitality.

Far away, far away is the Cumberland Plateau. Between the Cumberland Plateau and Dawu Mountain, you can see a silver jade belt winding in the mountains, that is the big bend.

From the south of the big bend, a jade belt extends southward into the mountains, which is the little river to the west of the tribe.

Nearby, at the foot of the mountain, the houses in the gaoshu tribe look like small matchboxes one by one. Although they are not big, they are scattered. The black spots in the tribe are moving. They are busy people. There are also some slightly larger black spots gathered together, which are domesticated bison in the tribe.

In the west of the tribe, dozens of plumes of smoke can be seen rising, which is exactly where the small salt mountain is located. Many people are busy making salt there.

In any case, this Indian tribe at the foot of the fog mountain, although there is no colony and the prosperous cities in the old world, there is a sense of peace here.

Jean Agust, who was standing next to David adien, said with a smile, "guardian, this is the first time that we have stood in such a position to watch our tribe since we came to the tribe. To tell you the truth, I feel great here. If Bella can see this kind of scenery, she will like it very much. "

After a pause, Agust continued to say sincerely: "yesterday when you talked with Jack, we all fell asleep, but the next morning, Jack told bill and I what you said. So Bill and I agreed that we should stay here. Anyway, it's safer to be here than to go back to the colony. Most importantly, we all hope to get your advice. "

David adian nodded and said, "guardian, although I've been wandering around looking for mineral resources, I don't want to leave the tribe. If I had that kind of mind, I would not have come back so soon. If I don't want to stay, I can sneak into the mountains and slip away when those soldiers don't pay attention. But I didn't do that, did I? "

This made the stone bear laugh.

"Well, I'm so glad you're willing to stay. You can rest assured that I can promise you that you can work here for a few years, well, five years. If you want to leave at that time, I will never stop you. Well, as for the advice you want, I will not be stingy. "

Brother Gai said with a smile: "guardian, I don't think your promise is of any use. Because we really don't want to go back to places like hell. We just want to do research quietly here. We all hope to get your advice! "

"Good! I can promise you this! As long as you don't fail me, I, the guardian of kabulu sacrifice, will not fail you! "

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