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Chapter: 205

"Sacrifice, leader, we'd better take back Daqingshan tribe." In Hongyun's residence, stone bear, red cloud, Li Lei, big foot and wolf tail are all here. It is on this occasion that stone bear expresses his thoughts.

Hongyun frowned, but she didn't say anything. With her understanding of her guardian, since he raised such an issue, there must be his reason.

Li Lei also did not speak, although the big man on the surface respects himself, but Li Lei is very clear that he can't manage the big man. And after being severely attacked by the stone bear for several times, Li Lei is more and more afraid to take care of the guardian's affairs.

There is no way to manage it. Li Lei himself admits that although the big man is rebellious, he can't help but push himself from the foot of the mountain to the top of the blue fog, but what he does is really for the sake of the tribe. The most important thing is that every time the guardian works successfully, the strength of the tribe will go up to a higher level.

At this point, Li Lei can't manage the guardian, let alone poke a kabulu behind the guardian.

As for wolf tail, it is only because of his status as a soldier Qu Kui that he was called here today to participate in the discussion. Of course, if wolf tail wants to express some objection against stone bear, stone bear doesn't mind throwing him out of this room.

However, Bigfoot is more and more fond of the guardian, especially after he followed the guardian to okron fortress, he witnessed the big man's ruthlessness and cunning towards the enemy. In particular, the trip to okron fortress can get so much, which is almost entirely due to the guardian alone.

In addition, some days ago, the guardian brewed the delicious and strong sweet potato wine, which is very suitable for the taste of Bigfoot, which makes Bigfoot more like and support the guardian.

Dajiao is a fair man. Even if he is not Lilei's brother, he will be supported by most of the people. No one else, in the Indian tribe, as long as you do things fairly, there must be someone to support you.

So Bigfoot is very supportive of the guardian now, because Bigfoot thinks that everything the guardian does is very fair and fair, and the most important thing is that the guardian really has no selfishness. Even if he sends out a boat to visit his lover in Xiaohe tribe, he is fully qualified in terms of the merit of the guardian. Not to mention that guardian also brought back a lot of soybean seeds from Xiaohe tribe.

To use a sentence of later generations to describe, people do things with both public and private interests. You don't even have a chance to pick a thorn.

So Bigfoot asked gently, "guardian, you suddenly put forward such a suggestion. To be honest, we are not prepared. Moreover, the Daqingshan tribe has been separated from our tribe for nearly 50 years. If there is no special reason, if we want to take back the Daqingshan tribe, what do you want the leader of the Daqingshan tribe to think? "

Stone bear knows about big green hill tribe. The Daqingshan tribe, like the longmaoniu tribe, which used to have big bear, is a small tribe separated from the gaoshu tribe, but the Daqingshan tribe separated earlier.

The name of Daqingshan tribe is mainly because the name of the leader of the tribe is "Daqingshan". When each leader of the tribe comes to power, he will change his former name and become a new leader of Daqingshan.

The scale of Daqingshan tribe is about the same as that of longmaoniu tribe, with a population of about 100 people. Their tribe is located in the hilly area between yeniuling and Dawan, about 20 kilometers away from gaoshu tribe.

Hearing his words, stone bear nodded to big foot with gratitude in his eyes. He knew that big foot was actually helping himself.

So the stone bear simply said: "sacrifice, leader, I think the population of our tribe is too small now, we need to increase the number of some people. Now the number of people in our tribe has begun to restrict the development of our tribe, and as time goes on, this restriction will become more and more obvious. "

"But I think the population of our tribe is enough. If more than 100 people are added, the burden of the tribe will be great. Otherwise, the Daqingshan tribe and your longmaoniu tribe would not have separated from the tribe 50 years ago. " Wolf tail in the side of the Yin said.

Stone bear took a look at the shady wolf's tail. He couldn't figure out why this guy was so hostile to himself. Normally, he had cleaned up this guy twice. This guy should be interesting, but this guy is just like a cockroach, just not convinced.

However, the stone bear did not get angry with this guy, but asked: "if you take back the Daqingshan tribe, where is the burden of the tribe? If you say the place to live, then there is no problem. There is still open space around the tribe for the people of Daqingshan tribe to build houses for living. If you say it's food, that's no problem. Do you really think the food I got from Fort okron is fake? Or do you think the grain we trade from vasichu with salt is sand? As long as we have a place to live and enough food to eat, why can't we let Daqingshan tribe return to our tribe? "

Wolf tail's mouth opened, as if to refute, but in the end it was helpless to hang down its head.

The stone bear doesn't pay attention to wolf's tail any more. It's estimated that even Li Lei won't support him to make trouble with himself at this time. The stone bear doesn't care about him.

If it wasn't for the high-level meeting of the tribe, the stone bear wouldn't waste saliva to say these words to this guy.

"Sacrifice, leader, in fact, you should also feel a kind of restriction, which comes from the restriction of human resources. Now is the month of germination. Although our grain has been cultivated, the land for cultivation is still far from enough. When it comes to strawberry month (June) and thunder month (July), we still need to cultivate more crops, which requires more people. "

"In addition to farming, we need a lot of people to make salt, make steel and mine minerals, and there will be more work to do in the future. So we have to try to take back the tribes separated from before from now on. We need more people to develop our tribes. As for the last question asked by Uncle Dajiao just now, that is, what should the leader of the returning tribe do? This is actually very simple. The tribe we want to recover is not just a big Castle Peak tribe, we should recover all the tribes that have been separated. As for these returning tribal leaders, we can set up a Presbyterian group in the tribe, and those separated tribal leaders are part of the Presbyterian group. "

"The Presbyterian group? What's this for? " Red cloud couldn't help asking.

"It's very simple. It's just like an institution of sacrifice and chief counselor. The Presbyterian group can make suggestions for the development and planning of the tribe. If someone endangers the security and interests of the tribe, the Presbyterian group can also stop it. In a word, the Presbyterian group is an advisory body under the sacrifice and the leader, which helps the sacrifice and the leader develop the tribe. "

Although some people can't understand the meaning of words like "consultant" mentioned by Shi Xiong, Li Lei still understands that the Presbyterian group is not as good as the leader, which makes his originally frowning brow gradually loosen.

For Li Lei, as long as his position as leader is not threatened, he will not worry.

In fact, some time ago, Li Lei always had something to do with finding the stone bear, because Li Lei deeply felt the threat from this big man. After all, the stone bear is the guardian appointed by the last generation of high priest kabulu, and the things that this big man has done since he came to the tribe are just too simple

Just after looking for the guardian for several times and being hurt by the big man, Li Lei immediately realized that the guardian could not be moved by himself.

No matter from which aspect, it seems that he can't get rid of this guy, so now Li Lei has completely given up.

But he still asked, "guardian, why do we do so many things? Isn't our life very good now? "

The stone bear sighed a little, took out a piece of limestone from his pocket, then went to an empty wall, and began to draw on the wooden wall with this limestone.

Several people are staring at the stone bear. Before long, in the eyes of these people, a general map of America is drawn.

The walls of Hongyun's wooden house are big enough, and the stone bear is tall enough, so his map of America includes the whole of North and South America.

"What is this?" Red cloud asks curiously.

"This is the map of the land where we live now! This is what the supreme Sun God told me The stone bear now uses the sun god as a cover, and it has no place to play.

"The land we live in is so big, so big that you can't imagine. How big is it? I'll give you a picture of what we Cherokees can control now, and you'll know

Then, the stone bear drew a small circle at the intersection of Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina, and dotted two white dots in it.

"See? This small circle is what our whole tribe can control now. The white spot on the top is Monongahela where the royal court is located, while the white spot on the bottom is the general location of our tribe. "

This small circle is so small that it doesn't even have one percent of the North American continent. As for the two white spots, they can be ignored. Such a clear contrast made several people's faces suspicious.

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