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Chapter: 210

"Why are you here again?" Looking at the tall lover, Baiyun is full of joy, but his words are a little insincere.

"What? I'm not welcome? Or do you not miss me these days? " Stone bear asked with a smile. He was very happy to see his lover again. He was really happy.

"No, I thought you'd have to wait for a while."

"I can't wait. Who makes me think? What you think is always sleepless."

Even in this era, even in the primitive and backward Indians, this kind of moving words is still invincible.

The girl's cheeks were really red. Although she was a little shy, she still put her arms around her lover and eagerly felt the joy of reunion after a long separation.

This time, the stone bear didn't take a boat, but rode along a path from the mountains.

The trail was found by the stone bear in combination with the information given by the soldiers from the gaoshu tribe, Xiaohe tribe and two other small tribes separated from the gaoshu tribe.

There are many tribes between Xiaohe tribe and gaoshu tribe, most of them are Cherokees, and the two small tribes separated from gaoshu tribe are also in this area.

The warriors of these tribes are the best hunters and guides in this area. All the roads in this area are in their minds, so the stone bear groped out such a road along the way.

Although the road is not very easy to walk, it is much better than the previous land route. At least, no swamp has been encountered along the way. Even the tributaries on the left bank of the Tennessee River are not small, but they still don't stop the stone bear.

In the narrow position of the upper reaches of these rivers, the soldiers of the local tribes have built simple single wooden bridges. As long as the flood is not coming, the single wooden bridge built by giant trees with a diameter of more than one meter at breast height is still no problem.

It's just that the stone bear needs to make a long detour to pass these single wooden bridges. But even so, the time spent on this road is far less than that on the swamp.

The most important thing is that it's much safer to take this road. In places like swamp, if there's no way to do it, ghosts don't want to go.

"I've brought some good things to you and Lei Ying this time. I think you will like it." Holding the lover, sniffing the faint fragrance from the lover, the stone bear said slowly.

Before that, the girl followed the advice of the stone bear, wearing less animal skin clothes and more cotton clothes. Anyway, when the stone bear came last time, she brought a lot of cotton clothes to the girl, and the weather began to get warmer, so Baiyun has been wearing cotton clothes these days.

Without the smell of animal skin, the fragrance on the girl's body naturally revealed.

"What's good?" Asked the white cloud in his arms.

"Come on, I'll show you." With that, the stone bear took his lover's little hand and went to Ma Ma. Then he took out a pottery jar sealed with mud from the girdle hanging on Ma's back.

"What's in it?"

"Hey, hey, it's wine. I made it myself."

"Wine?" There was a surprise on Baiyun's face. She had drunk this magical liquid before. When the tribe traded saltpeter with vasichu, her father once exchanged this magical liquid from vasichu. Baiyun drank it twice. Although it was spicy, it tasted really good. The most important thing is that after drinking it, the feeling of dizziness was even more wonderful.

"Well, it's wine. I made it myself. However, the quantity of wine brewed for the first time was not too much. This time, I only brought you two jars, one of which is high, that is, the kind of fierce wine. The other jar is a little lower in degree, and it tastes very good. "

They went back to the tribe. Sure enough, when the stone bear opened the mud of the two jars of wine, the strong aroma of the wine immediately conquered the Lilei family.

This small jar of wine is about five Jin. Shi Xiong also wants to bring more, but one reason is that it's not convenient to ride a horse and bring more. Another reason is that there isn't much wine in the tribe.

After the wine tasting meeting that day, the people of gaoshu tribe fell in love with this kind of wine made from sweet potato. Although most people still can't drink more, they ask for some from the stone bear every day.

After a long time, the stone bear simply doesn't care about the wine.

The new wine is in the process of brewing, and it will take some time to make it. However, according to the way people drink it, it is estimated that the remaining 200 Jin wine will not take long to drink up.

While Hongyun is busy taking over Daqingshan tribe, and there is nothing else in the tribe, Shi Xiong simply takes two jars of wine to please his daughter-in-law and future father-in-law.

The stone bear still has this power.

"Big bear, is this wine really made by yourself? When do you know how to make wine? " Lei Ying, the father-in-law with a red face, asked the stone bear that he had heard the word "brew" from the stone bear. Although he didn't know what the word "brew" meant, it didn't prevent the tribal leader from saying the word.

A little bit more unexpected for the stone bear, the future father-in-law really can drink it. It is estimated that this is the first time he has drunk such a high baijiu. But after half a jin of his stomach, he only turned red.

For the problem of the father-in-law, the stone bear can only point to the sky with a smile, and then the father-in-law immediately showed a sudden appearance.

His future son-in-law had been instructed by the supreme Sun God, and Li Lei knew this well.

"Uncle, are there many sweet potatoes in your tribe?" Asked the stone bear.

"Quite a lot. There are a lot of sweet potatoes in our tribe. It's more productive than corn. "

"Well, if there are many sweet potatoes in your tribe, I can teach you how to make this kind of wine."

As the Chinese saying goes, "it's better to teach people how to fish than to teach them how to fish." now that we are going to be a family, Shi Xiong doesn't mind teaching the Lilei family how to make wine. Moreover, this time, Shi Xiong also brought some wine koji.

Fortunately, the fighting horse from Armand is excellent. Although it is a gelding horse, it is tall and strong. It can not only move the stone bear, but also bring a lot of extra things.

The stone bear's words excited the Lei Ying family. Baiyun and green Skylark are also very happy. They don't like that kind of high quality wine very much, but they like that kind of sweet potato wine very much.

If you can make your own wine, then you won't worry about having no wine in the future.

PS: just after the Mid Autumn Festival, Lao Mo went out again

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