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Chapter: 212

It took stone bear nine days to go back to Xiaohe tribe and stay for five days.

After nine days, the appearance of gaoshu tribe has changed a lot.

First of all, the scale of the tribe has expanded a lot. There are some new wooden houses in the west of the tribe, which are prepared for the people of Daqingshan tribe.

Not only are there more wooden houses, but there are also more people in the tribe. These people are all new faces. Shixiong has never seen one of them. These people must be from Daqingshan tribe.

But now the name of Daqingshan tribe is gone, and they have been completely included in the gaoshu tribe.

However, not all the people of Daqingshan tribe live in gaoshu tribe. Some of them still stay in Daqingshan tribe to mine sulfur and lead-zinc mines. Shi Xiong plans to set up a "factory" for purifying sulfur and a "factory" for smelting lead and tin in Daqingshan tribe.

After all, Daqingshan tribe is very close to the lead-zinc mine and the smokeless coal mine, so it is very suitable to set up a special smelting "factory" there. Shixiong even plans to build a few more blast furnaces and coking kilns there, and develop Daqingshan tribe into a "smelting base" of gaoshu tribe.

The location of Daqingshan tribe is very good. There are sulfur mines, lead-zinc mines and smokeless coal mines around. The distance from the hematite mine is also more than that of gaoshu tribe. The most important thing is that the big green hill tribe is located on the East Bank of the frenchbrod River and has abundant water resources.

You know, the frenchbrod river is the Tennessee river formed by the confluence of the other Holdens river. The frenchbrod river is a source and tributary of the Tennessee River. Of course, it is rich in hydraulic resources.

Before the steam engine came out, water power was the power stone bear wanted to use most.

Therefore, Daqingshan tribe cannot be completely abandoned. There must be enough people left there.

Before going to Xiaohe tribe, Shi Xiong told Hongyun and Lilei what he thought. Now it seems that they have well implemented their merger plan, which makes Shi Xiong very satisfied.

As soon as he entered the tribe on horseback, the stone bear was welcomed by many people. The people of the original Daqingshan tribe who didn't know the stone bear knew that the big man was the legendary guardian of kabulu sacrifice, and they all respectfully said hello to the stone bear.

Of course, what makes Shi Xiong most happy is that not long after he entered the tribe, a meat ball, accompanied by a big dog, madly "rolled" towards him

Trump hasn't seen him for a few days. He has gained weight again. If it wasn't for the color of his fur, which is not black and white, his size now can be compared with "rolling".

Who knows how this bear cub can be so fat by dog milk and milk.

When the bear got off the horse, trump immediately rushed over and hugged the bear's calf. His small round head rubbed against the bear's leg, and his mouth was still screaming excitedly.

It can be seen that the little guy really thinks badly about the master of the stone bear.

Sheila came up behind trump and put out her tongue to lick the bear's hand. Her tail turned like a windmill and she was just as happy.

Go out home, daughter and son to meet, this naturally let the stone bear feel great.

After making out with his daughter and son for a long time, Shi Xiong returned to his cabin.

Just after returning to the cabin, Hongyun came to the door.

"Why, you didn't bring back the white cloud?" Seeing that he was alone in the stone bear's room, red cloud asked in surprise.

Of course, this kind of question is more like a joke.

Sure enough, the stone bear was blushed by this sentence. If there were any other problems, his old face would never change. But now, when it comes to Baiyun, the only woman he loves in his past and present life, he immediately can't hold.

"Ha ha, I'll say that since I like others, I'll take them back to live together. I don't know why you have to have that wedding. " Hongyun sits on the wooden bench and continues to tease his guardian.

Rao is a stone bear. His old face is comparable to the wall of Desheng Gate, but he can't stand the ridicule of Hongyun.

So he cut off the topic decisively, "sacrifice, I think the people of Daqingshan tribe are basically integrated into our tribe, and the situation is not bad."

"Of course, don't forget that our two tribes are one family, but Daqingshan tribe doesn't live with us. Now that they are here, the child is coming home. What's the difficulty? "

"Yes..." said the stone bear, touching his chin.

As Hongyun said, the relationship between Daqingshan tribe and gaoshu tribe is the relationship between the children and their mothers. Even if the children go out for a long time, once they go home, they are the children at home. In the mother's eyes, no matter which child, are their own children, are the same.

"The people in Daqingshan have a strong sense of belonging to the tribe, and they quickly adapt to the life here. Moreover, our tribe has a lot of food, which is much better than Daqingshan. You know, when Lilei and I went to their side a few days ago, the warehouse of their tribe had already bottomed out. They had to make a living by hunting these days. Now that they've joined us, there's no need to be hungry. It's all your credit, big bear. "

"In addition, with the people from Daqingshan joining us, the manpower problem in our tribe has been solved to a certain extent. Now all the women in Daqingshan have gone to xiaoyanshan. Many men have been replaced from xiaoyanshan, and so many more men have come out. Some jobs that could not be carried out because of the shortage of manpower in the past have begun to be carried out now.... "

Red cloud is obviously also very happy, garrulous to the stone bear about what happened in the tribe when he was not in the tribe.

All in all, the more than 100 members of Daqingshan tribe, the effect is immediate. Now, both Hongyun and Lilei are very supportive of Shi Xiong's plan to take over those tribes that were separated from the tribes before.

In this era, population is the most precious wealth of a tribe. With more people, the demographic dividend enjoyed by the tribe will naturally increase a lot.

Before, the gaoshu tribe was not able to support so many people. Now the gaoshu tribe has this ability, and the effect of the return of the Daqingshan tribe is so remarkable that they will not let go of these previously separated tribes.

In the words of Hongyun, now they are planning to choose a second tribe to return.

In this regard, the stone bear naturally raised his hands in favor.

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