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Chapter: 222

The stone bear, hundreds of miles away, naturally did not know the reward order issued by the French. He did not know that in that area, the soldiers of several tribes had been killed for the reward order and some more important reasons.

If the Cherokees know what's going on over there, they just need to send a large army and they can easily get rid of the chekasa. After all, now that the chekasa, Arkansas and Missouri have been killed, the powerful Cherokee will surely win a great victory if they step in.

Unfortunately, the Cherokees, deep in the Appalachian Mountains, did not know the news. Maybe I know, but I don't care.

In fact, some of the Cherokee tribes, which are relatively close to the chekasa people, have also heard some news about this, but it is difficult to send the news to the royal court or the red city alliance at this time of the year. After all, at this time of the year, the scope of the swamp has expanded a lot, and the road is very difficult.

The second reason is that because of the continuous expansion of the swamp, the chekasa people can hardly attack the Cherokee territory. The swamps that begin to expand in the spring and then slowly shrink until late autumn are the best natural barriers between the two tribes.

In the past, most of the battles between the chekasa and the Cherokee took place between late autumn and early spring. It's not that they didn't want to fight when the weather was warm. In fact, when the weather was warm, the swamp was the largest. At this time, there was no way for the two tribes to fight on a large scale.

In winter, though the swamp between the chekasa and the Cherokee people has shrunk a lot, winter is not a good time for large-scale military operations, so every winter, the Cherokee people will hardly launch large-scale military operations. The chekasa had to carry out small-scale raids, including the killing of longhair cattle and pumpkin Bay tribes in late autumn last year.

This is the main reason why the chekasa people are much weaker than the Cherokee people, but they still live in that area tenaciously without being expelled westward by the Cherokee people.

This vast swamp almost cut off the hope of the Cherokee to destroy the chekasa.

You know, the Cherokees have been expanding ever since they moved south to monongahira, deep in the Appalachian Mountains. First, they drove the Powhatans out of the Appalachian Mountains, and then they expanded southward, driving away the chekasa and Yuchi people who originally lived in Dawu Mountain.

The clever Yuchi people moved southward over Dawu Mountain, and the tall Dawu Mountain became a natural barrier between the Cherokee people and Yuchi people. The relatively weak Yuchi people also got a firm foothold in the south of Dawu Mountain with the help of Dawu Mountain.

Unfortunately for the chekasa, they were forced to move westward. As a result, the Arkansas on the West Bank of the river blocked the chekasa's further westward movement, and the Missourians in the north also coveted the chekasa.

Had it not been for the obstruction of this vast swamp, and the fact that the Cherokees, after driving out the Yuchi and the chekasa, had targeted the Missourians who occupied the northwest, perhaps the Missourians would have killed the chekasa.

You know, there's no barrier between the Missourians and the chekasa, and the chekasa are weaker than the Missourians.

It's just that the Missourians are too overwhelmed by the powerful Cherokees to take care of the chekasa people in the south.

Therefore, the Cherokee tribes who have learned some news are just sitting on the mountain watching the tiger fight while temporarily uniting to defend against the enemy's sneak attack. They live on the border of the two tribes all the year round, and naturally know that their tribe can't launch large-scale military operations against those damned chekasa people at this time of year.

That's why the stone bear doesn't know what happened there.

Besides, even if he knew, he wouldn't go there. Although the French don't know who killed their soldiers, the stone bear knows in his heart that he won't go to the bad luck at this time.

Although the French lost the war and almost lost all the colonies in the new world of North America, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Compared with the French, the tall tree tribe is the mantis standing in front of a chariot

At this time, silly in the past, it is simply a mouse licking the cat forced.

And at this time, Shi Xiong is also very busy, and he has no mind to pay attention to what happened there.

Now the people in the tribe are busy touching the back of their heads with their heels, and the four alchemists are busy with their own affairs, so the stone bear decides not to let himself be idle.

He decided to straighten out the cigarettes.

If you want to make a cigarette, you must have two conditions: cigarette paper and cut tobacco.

It's easy to say that there are a lot of tobacco leaves planted near the gaoshu tribe. Although there are still several processes to make tobacco into tobacco, it's hard for the stone bear.

In the village where Shixiong's hometown was in the past, planting tobacco was a big income of the local people. It is said that long ago, tobacco leaves were planted in my hometown for many years because of the suitable climate and soil. Even when the stone bear went back to this era, there were still many people growing tobacco in their hometown.

When Shi Xiong was a child, all the smokers in the village smoked tobacco from their own fields. After every meal, a large number of people with dry tobacco bags or rolling cannons (hand-made cigarettes) would appear in the streets of the village. There were old and young people, men and women, and the scene was spectacular.

What I know is that a group of villagers are smoking and boasting there. What I don't know is that a group of immortals are robbing there

This is how the stone bear's addiction to smoking was cultivated and nurtured from an early age.

Although the tobacco leaves smoked by those people in their hometown can't be compared with the cut tobacco with various spices produced by the cigarette factory, the cut tobacco after simple fermentation actually tastes good. The cut tobacco we make is not as mellow as the cut tobacco produced by the cigarette factory, but it's very powerful. One puff of the cut tobacco produced by the cigarette factory is worth smoking.

So when he was a child, Shi Xiong used to make cut tobacco with his elders. Naturally, he knew how to process the cut tobacco.

Even after working in the museum, Shi Xiong saw several hand-operated cigarette machines in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, and personally maintained this kind of equipment with a history of more than a century.

It's just that although the stone bear knows how to make it, it's really troublesome.

But no matter how much trouble it is, the stone bear will have to deal with it. Cigarette plays an important role in Shi Xiong's plan, even more important than refined salt. There are also varieties of cigarettes, but it is an important way to deal with those Europeans in the future.

In addition, it's warm spring and the temperature has come up, so Shi Xiong decided to start making cigarettes.

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