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Chapter: 223

Papermaking is no longer a mysterious process in this era. The paper industry in Europe is now very developed.

In fact, the raw materials, technology, additives and other things of papermaking are already relatively transparent.

Shi Xiong has never made paper in his previous life. He only knows the process of papermaking and the ratio of raw materials and additives. These things are what he learned on the Internet.

In his previous life, Shi Xiong once traveled to his hometown with a colleague of his unit. His hometown was far away from Bagui.

That colleague's experience is similar to that of Shi Xiong. He was born in a poor and backward mountain village, and then entered the university through his own efforts, and finally entered the museum.

Moreover, compared with the hometown of stone bear, although the scenery of that colleague's hometown is more beautiful, the economy is far behind. After all, the mountain villages in Bagui were far from being comparable to those in developed provinces at that time.

The neighbor of the colleague's hometown made his own paper, using the local rich Danzhu as raw material. Of course, the paper made by this kind of small workshop can not enter the market of big cities. Most of the paper made by others is yellow paper, which can be sold in the local rural towns.

At that time, Shi Xiong was very interested in the small paper mill. He even operated it with the owner himself. Later, when he came back, he learned more about papermaking technology and process on the Internet.

Thanks to stone bear's good memory, he still remembers papermaking.

And to the surprise of the stone bear, David Dean volunteered to help the stone bear make paper when he learned that the leader was going to make paper. Because this guy can make paper.

Well, it's not paper-making like stone bear. It's true that David Addison has done the work of paper-making.

Although David Addison's family is a declining aristocrat, there is nothing left in his family. Compared with brother Gai's family, the family background of the same declining aristocracy is much better than that of brother Gai.

At least, the adian family also has a small paper mill, which is the same size as the manual paper mill that stone bears have seen.

"Boss, you are good at other things, but if it comes to papermaking, I think I am better than you!" David adian looked at the people who were digging under the command of the stone bear and said to the stone bear with a smile.

"You can die if you don't brag?" Stone bear squint at this now more and more dilapidated guy, directly spray a sentence.

David Addison was not upset, and continued to say with a smiley face, "chief, what I said is true. I just told you that there is a paper mill in my family. When I was young, I helped a lot in the paper mill. I know a lot about papermaking."

"You're done with that?" Shi Xiong didn't directly agree with this guy, but asked him what he was going to do now.

"No Adien shook his head and said, "but the work is now led by Kuaima. Not to mention, the young man Kuaima has a bright future. I think we should cultivate him well and he can replace me in the future. "

David Addison's main job now is to smelt lead and tin from the excavated ore. Lead and tin are two of the first seven nonferrous metals discovered by human beings, and they have been used for a long time.

Just like ancient Chinese bronzes, they are actually alloys of copper, lead and tin.

Therefore, the method of smelting lead and tin from ore has existed for a long time.

As an alchemist proficient in metal smelting, David Addison naturally knew how to smelt lead and tin.

In fact, both lead and tin are smelted by pyrometallurgy, which is similar to ironmaking. And the stone bear for lead and tin purity is not much demand, so there is no need to refine.

The two metals are smelted out and then mixed in proportion to make muskets. This kind of thing is a very simple thing for Addison.

However, when smelting lead and tin, Dean also told Shixiong a good news, that is, the lead-zinc ore found in this lead-zinc mine contains not only lead, tin, zinc and other metals, but also a lot of copper, accompanied by a lot of silver.

This is a normal situation. It is very common for lead-zinc ore to be associated with copper and silver. In fact, the reason why lead was extracted in ancient times was to extract silver at the beginning. Lead was only an additional product of extracting silver.

Being able to find silver is naturally a good thing. Silver is still valuable at this time. It's good to reserve more silver.

"Fast horse can do that?" Asked the stone bear.

"No problem! That young man is very good. I'm very optimistic about him. I'm going to pass on my ability to him David Addison is not a fool. On the contrary, he has not only high IQ, but also high Eq. He knows the relationship between Kuaima and his boss, so he has no taboo to teach Kuaima what he knows.

Adrian knows it's impossible to leave in the near future. Since he can't leave here for the time being, he doesn't mind trading his knowledge for better living conditions in order to live a better life.

Obviously, his practice has been appreciated by the stone bear, and also achieved some of the goals of adien. At least now he can talk with his boss so casually, which is a great progress.

For this kind of careful thinking of Eddie, Shi Xiong won't take care of it. On the contrary, he supports it. No matter what, the four of them are outsiders. Maybe they will change their mind and stay here forever, but that is the future after all. Who dares to guarantee now?

Therefore, through adian, the young people in the tribe can learn more. This is what the stone bear most wants to see.

So after hearing this, the stone bear nodded with satisfaction, "David, what kind of paper did your paper mill mainly produce before?"

"What paper? More, as long as the customer needs, we produce any paper. But newsprint is still the largest producer. There are two newspapers and a printing factory in our hometown. The paper produced by our family is mainly used by this printing factory to print newspapers. "

"So your paper is mainly low-grade paper?"

Adrian nodded a little embarrassed. Newsprint is a kind of low-end paper, even in later generations.

"Do you know what the paper I made this time is mainly used for? It's used to make cigarettes. It requires a lot of paper. "

"Chief, I don't know what your requirements are, but I know that the difference between the high-grade paper and the resistant paper is not in the papermaking process, but in the raw materials, additives and processing technology. Chief, tell me the raw material ratio and additives you need for this kind of paper, and I promise to make the paper that meets your requirements

Seeing that edian was so angry and sure, Shi Xiong thought about it and nodded his head.

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