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Chapter: 231

The name of this small tribe is "arpalu", which means "the tribe of net fish" in Cherokee.

Obviously, this small tribe has a long history, which can be traced back to the time when the Cherokees lived near the Great Lakes.

In fact, this small tribe with a population of only about 80 people used to be a small tribe separated from a large tribe living next to the great lake.

At that time, the Cherokee belonged to the Iroquois alliance. However, more than 300 years ago, it was unknown why they angered the powerful Iroquois and the delavais. Finally, the Cherokee were driven out of the Great Lakes region by two powerful tribes.

Under the guidance of the high priest kabulu, the Cherokees began to move southward, and came to monongahira in the depths of the Appalachian Mountains more than 300 years ago.

There are a lot of Cherokee tribes who have moved south from the Great Lakes region following the tribe's steps, and the apalu tribe is one of the larger tribes.

However, when I lived in the Great Lakes region before, the topography there was abundant and the Great Lakes were enough to support many large tribes, but after moving south to the mountains, there were fewer large-scale tribes of the Cherokee people.

Because the terrain here is not suitable for large tribes with large population. So the large groups of the Cherokee began to disperse, and the arpalu tribe was one of them.

From the name of the apalu tribe, we can see that the tribe used to make a living by fishing. When they lived near the Great Lakes, the vast lakes were enough for the apalu tribe to enjoy fishing. However, after they moved to the south, there were few rivers, not to mention mountains, large lakes.

As a result, the apalu tribe immediately dispersed into more than a dozen small tribes, searching for suitable sites for their own lives in the depths of the Appalachian Mountains.

However, these scattered tribes are called the apalu tribe, and no one is willing to throw away the name of the tribe which has been handed down for thousands of years.

The apalu tribe, located in the upper reaches of the little Tennessee River, was a small tribe separated from the big apalu tribe.

The little Tennessee River has plenty of water, so although the conditions here are hard, it is enough to support this small tribe of about eighty people.

However, the apalu tribe is close to the boundary between the Cherokees and the chekasa, and it is dangerous to live here. Of course, the deep part of the tribe is in the fog mountain. To the west of the tribe, there is a small Tennessee River as a barrier. In addition, the people of the arpalu tribe are brave and good at fighting. They are not afraid of small groups of chekasa.

Anyway, after the apalu tribe moved to this place, although they also experienced the attack of the chekasa people, the chekasa people failed to do anything with this small tribe.

Stone bear learned about the apalu tribe from the mokalu tribe in the west, so he found this small tribe.

The mokalu tribe is a small tribe separated from the gaoshu tribe. In Cherokee, mokalu means "bear haunt". Because the mokalu tribe is also deep in the fog mountain, there are often black bears and brown bears around the tribe, and that tribe is also rich in bear skin.

At the beginning, Shi Xiong planned to find the most convenient way to Xiaohe tribe from the land, so he asked the tribes around gaoshu tribe one by one, and then found a way to Xiaohe tribe one by one.

It's a good thing to say that the mokalu tribe, after all, is a tribe separated from the gaoshu tribe. It's a family with the stone bear. But the apalu tribe and the tribe to the west of the apalu tribe were all found out by the stone bear himself.

Because they belong to the Cherokee tribe, and the apalu tribe also respects the gaoshu tribe where kabulu worships, the stone bear was warmly welcomed by the tribe when he first came to this tribe. For these small tribes, the great sacrifice of kabulu is a legend.

In the eyes of these small tribes, the gaoshu tribe, where the high priest kabulu lived, was no lower than the Royal Court of the tribe of Monongahela.

Stone bear is tall and strong. He is also the guardian of high priest kabulu. When he first came to the apalu tribe, he would be warmly welcomed.

Later, the stone bear rode back and forth twice in the gaoshu tribe and the Xiaohe tribe, and the compatriots of the apalu tribe were familiar with the tall and strong guardian.

The stone bear didn't bring any gifts when he came here last time, but this time he brought some high spirits. It was the second batch of wine made by Mo Mo Cao and a group of women in nearly two months. Another horse carried a lot of such high-level wine.

For those tribes who have helped themselves, the high level of wine stone bear has brought is the reward. There are not only the apalu tribes, but also the small tribes that passed by before.

When the stone bear arrived at the apalu tribe, although the sky was still bright, it was more than 30 miles away from the next tribe. It's hard to walk on the mountain road. If you continue to go on the road, it will be midnight when you arrive at that tribe.

It's obviously not a good choice to drive in the mountains at night, so the stone bear decided to stay in the apalu tribe for one night and continue to drive tomorrow.

However, when the stone bear saw the apalu tribe, he was a little shocked.

When Shi Xiong traveled between gaoshu tribe and Xiaohe tribe before, he once lived in the apalu tribe for two nights. He liked this peaceful and peaceful little tribe in the mountains very much.

However, in front of us, the peace and tranquility of the apalu tribe is not as good as it used to be. Several wooden houses in the tribe have been burned down. A forest in the south of the tribe has just experienced a mountain fire, and many trees are only left with a section of black trunk.

"What's the matter? Is there a mountain fire? " Stone bear with doubts, riding into the apalu tribe.

The sound of horse's hooves startled the peaceful tribal camp. Many people came out of the wooden house, one by one holding bone spears, bows and arrows and other weapons, and most of them were injured.

"What's the matter? Did the chekasa attack this tribe again? " The doubt in the stone bear's heart became more serious. He pulled the reins and lowered the horse quickly.

People in the appalu tribe have seen the stone bear. After seeing that the man on horseback is the guardian of the kabulu sacrifice, all of them put down their weapons, and some of them burst into tears.

A man in his forties, red with half of his upper body and a sharp wound, appeared in front of the stone bear. Shi Xiong is very familiar with this man. He is the leader of the apalu tribe, Dashi.

Seeing the stone bear, Dashi was sad, and showed a bright smile. Then he laughed and gave a big hug to the stone bear who got off the horse.

"Uncle, what's the matter? Have you been attacked by the chekasa again? " After the hug, the stone bear frowned and asked.

Dashi shook his head. "The guardian of high priest kabulu, it's a bit shameful to talk about this. Let's go in and say... "

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