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Chapter: 236

The restless stone bear didn't sleep well at night. The next day, just at dawn, he said goodbye to Dashi and rode away from the apalu tribe.

On the road, the stone bear has been thinking about why he has such a bad feeling in his heart, but he hasn't come up with any idea.

The discovery of gold by the apalu tribe was a good news, but the stone bear didn't put it in his heart. Stone bear estimates that this placer gold mine should not be very large. If it is like those large gold mines in the western plateau area, stone bear will certainly take heart. However, this kind of reserves is estimated to be a small gold mine of more than ten tons or even several tons. Stone bear is not really interested.

"Is it because Yuchi people have surmounted Lanling secretly?" Riding on the horse, the stone bear controlled the horse in the crotch, carefully avoided some rocks, and continued to consider.

"It's not hard for the French to find out that their people are missing or killed. After all, the finishing work that night was not so clean. Besides, major Armand is, after all, the highest military officer of Fort okron, and he is also an intermediate officer in the French army stationed in the new world. The sudden disappearance of such a major who controls a military fortress will inevitably arouse the suspicion of the French. "

"As long as the French doubt it, it's not difficult to find out where major Armand went at the beginning. After all, the retitch tribe has a good relationship with fortress okron. As long as fortress okron sends people to the retitch tribe to ask, we can know where Armand had the sentinel snake going at the beginning."

"If that's the case, then it's a good explanation for the French issuing such a reward order. They must have found out the whole story. Well, they didn't know the exact location of the gaoshu tribe. That's why they said in the reward order that a Cherokee tribe should be strictly investigated. It's just the Arkansas and the Missourians coming in and mixing in what? And those Yuchi people, are they really going to finish this time? The strength of Arkansas and Missouri is not inferior to that of the chekasa. Although the Yuchi people are a little inferior, they sneak attack from behind. Now the whole chekasa tribe is facing the attack of three tribes. Even if they can resist, they will probably pay a great price. It is estimated that the gang of red city alliance have seen through this, so they have not been busy sending troops. The red city alliance is preparing to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight. It seems that there are also experts in the red city alliance. "

The four members of the stone bear spread quickly. Almost in a few years, they thought of the Cherokee red city alliance from the French side.

But even so, the stone bear still didn't find out what made him uneasy.

The path from gaoshu tribe to Xiaohe tribe, and even to other tribes farther away, is not easy to walk. This road is intermittent, and most of them are in deep mountains and forests. There are many places where you have to get off the horse and lead the horse, so although the distance between the apalu tribe and Xiaohe tribe is only about 100 Li, But the stone bear still arrived near noon.

Looking at the familiar hilltop in front of him, the stone bear was slightly relieved. He knew that as long as he climbed over the hilltop, and then crossed a forest, he could reach the valley where the river tribe was.

At the thought of meeting his beloved, the stone bear was filled with passion.

"Drive!" Stone bear yelled. He didn't care if the horse could understand the slogan from the East. However, the horse in the crotch is obedient. When he feels that the owner on his back gently kicks his belly, the horse knows that the owner wants to let him go quickly.

Even if it has been running for a long distance, the body is very tired, but the horse is still struggling to trot forward. Because of the rope, the other horse behind it could only continue to trot.

Ten minutes later, two horses and one man finally reached the top of the hill. Shi Xiong is going to have a rest, but he is stunned by the scene.

Just now, it was on the back of the hill. Because the hill was blocked by the dense woods, the stone bear could not see the scene on the other side of the hill. Now standing on the top of the mountain, he could see the view of the valley not far away.

I saw the valley, which should have been very peaceful. At this time, there were thick smoke everywhere, and plumes of smoke rose into the sky, just like the disaster cities in the previous life movies

"Damn it! What's going on? " Stone bear can't help but burst the foul language, but then he immediately realized that he was inexplicably upset last night for what.

"There's something wrong with Xiaohe tribe! Did someone attack here? " The stone bear was in a hurry. As soon as he urged the horse in his crotch, the horse made a loud noise and ran down the mountain quickly.

"But there are more than 1500 people in Xiaohe tribe. There are hundreds of soldiers alone. Who can move Xiaohe tribe? Who dares to move the river tribe? " Although the stone bear is very reluctant to admit that the Xiaohe tribe was attacked, the fact is in front of his eyes, and it seems that the loss of the Xiaohe tribe should be very big, very big.

As the saying goes, "there are eggs withering under the nest", since the Xiaohe tribe has been attacked inexplicably, and it seems to be quite serious, what will happen to Baiyun?

Since the soul came to this place in this era, to be honest, even though Shi Xiong has done so many things, he always looks at the whole new world with a condescending attitude in his heart. He feels that he has never been integrated into this magnificent era.

As the last high priest of kabulu, who has passed away, said, the stone bear is like a real son of God, overlooking them all the time.

But since he met the white cloud, the stone bear felt like a real person. He felt that he had fallen from the high altitude to the ground, and he had become a normal person from a overlooking posture.

Although love is not omnipotent, but the stone bear thinks that it is this sudden love that makes him completely reborn and completely become a real person.

Now, the woman who has completely reborn herself and made herself feel the beauty of her life is in an extremely dangerous situation. Can Shi Xiong an not worry?

This is the only woman who makes him feel excited in his past and present life! He is also willing to spend a lifetime to accompany the lover ah!

The horse seemed to feel the anger of its master and began to run faster and faster.

When the stone bear passed through the woods and entered the valley where the Xiaohe tribe was located, the scene in front of him made him suddenly emit the roar of wild animals.

The next moment, he took down the big bow that he had been carrying on his back, and drew a black iron arrow from the arrow bag hanging on the horse's back with his backhand. With a fight between his arms, the big bow that was too big was suddenly pulled into a full moon.

Then, with a shriek, the black iron arrow almost lost its trace in an instant, leaving only the bowstring constantly shaking.

But the stone bear could see clearly that the iron arrow was flying towards the head of a man on a high horse

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