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Chapter: 237

Just at the moment when I saw the Xiaohe tribe, the stone bear almost subconsciously analyzed the situation faced by the Xiaohe tribe.

There are many people attacking the Xiaohe tribe, nearly a thousand of them. However, the clothes and weapons of these people are not unified. Many tribes should unite to attack the Xiaohe tribe.

Although Xiaohe tribe is a large tribe with more than 1500 people, the number of soldiers in the tribe is much less than that of the enemy. In addition, the enemy should attack suddenly and occupy the convenient terrain for attacking from the top to the bottom. Therefore, the sacrifice of Xiaohe tribe is very heavy.

However, these attackers should not be chekasa people, because they are not the same as the chekasa people stone bear has seen. The most important thing is that more than 90% of the people in Xiaohe tribe are chekasa people. How can these attackers be chekasa people?

Although the chekasa are bastards, they really don't have the habit of attacking their own people.

And the stone bear vetoed the possibility that it was a coalition of Arkansas and Missouri. Yesterday, according to the information provided by Dashi, the Allied forces of Arkansas and Missouri should now be fighting with the chekasa in the downstream area of the great bend. Xiaohe tribe is already in the middle and upper reaches of the great bend, which is far away from okron fort.

The most important thing is that if the Arkansas and Missouri allied forces really attack the creek tribe, then they must attack from the entrance of the valley. But this is not the case now.

The breach of the enemy's attack was not at the entrance of the precipitous Valley, but over the mountains to the south of the valley.

If these enemies attack from the entrance of the valley, with the number of soldiers of the Xiaohe tribe, they will not be able to attack at all. The precipitous stone bear at the entrance of the valley has seen it with his own eyes, so the stone bear dares to make such a judgment.

However, if the enemy went over the mountains on the south side of the valley to attack from a high position, the local conditions of the Xiaohe tribe would not attack and fall.

Therefore, these people should be those damned Yuchi people.

No matter who they are, as long as they are not Cherokees, as long as they are attacking the creek tribe, then they are the enemies of the stone bear.

There are many enemies, but most of them attack on foot. Bone spear, arrow, stone knife and stone axe are the most common weapons in the hands of the enemy. Of course, some archers stand on the hillside and attack Xiaohe tribe with rockets. More than 70% of the houses in Xiaohe tribe were ignited by these rocket men.

About 200 meters away from the stone bear's position, eight men on horseback were pointing to the battle situation below, as if they were discussing something. Although it's far away, these guys on horseback are definitely the leaders of these enemies.

After all, the Yuchi people are worse off than the chekasa people. They have fewer war horses. Only a few high-level tribes are qualified to ride horses. Ordinary soldiers are not qualified to ride horses.

Therefore, after analyzing the general situation of the battlefield, the first target of the stone bear's attack was the eight guys on horseback more than 200 meters away.

As the saying goes, shooting people first, shooting horses, and catching thieves first, the enemy will be in a panic as long as these riding tribal leaders are killed.

The eight men on horseback didn't realize that they would be attacked in this position. They are in the highest position of the whole battlefield, and on both sides of them, there are hundreds of archers with bows and arrows. These archers are the most elite archers selected from their eight tribes. They start archery here. One is to protect the leaders of their eight tribes, and the other is that these archers can shoot the ignited arrows to further places and ignite more enemy houses.

So the eight tribal leaders on horseback didn't expect that death had already come unconsciously.

The first guy that the stone bear aimed at was the guy standing in the center and in front of the eight people. Tribal leaders are not the same as tribal leaders. The leaders of large tribes are more powerful than those of small and medium-sized tribes. This is the iron law among the Indians in the new world.

Obviously, the enemies of these attacks were formed by uniting several Yuchi tribes. Since they are allied forces, the leaders of their respective tribes must participate. Moreover, the leader of the largest tribe is bound to be the top commander of the coalition.

Since he is the supreme commander, when he appears on the battlefield, he is bound to stand in front of others. In particular, the headdress on this guy's head is very different from the other seven people. Even if it is so far away, the stone bear can see it.

This guy's status is absolutely different!

So the stone bear did not hesitate to give the first arrow to the guy standing in the front.

It is estimated that the eight leaders may also see the stone bear drilled out of the small forest. After all, they stand high, and the stone bear just howled. Therefore, when the stone bear opened the bow, several of them even pointed to the stone bear and talked about something.

I'm kidding. It's more than 200 meters away from the stupid man's position. They believe that no weapon can hit them at this distance, even vasichu's muskets and artillery.

The muskets and cannons of vasichu were able to hit a long distance, but the accuracy was speechless. As for the bows and arrows among the indigenous people, they can't even shoot 100 meters. How can they shoot such a long distance? Not to mention they are still standing on the hillside, more than 50 meters above the ground!

So the eight didn't care.

But their carelessness brought them immediate disaster.

They underestimated the force of the big bow in the stone bear's hand. When the big bow was fully opened, it needed nearly a kilo of force, so the range of the big bow was extremely terrifying. When it was fully opened, with the special steel arrow, the range of the big bow was enough to reach a terrifying 400 meters. At a distance of 200 meters, the steel arrow from the bow can shoot through a three inch thick board!

In the wilderness near the Xiaohe tribe, the stone bear used this bow to shoot a wild goat more than 200 meters away from him. He also used this bow to shoot 19 wild wolves in one go and hit a big one.

So, in the distance of more than 200 meters, the stone bear has 10% confidence to use this big bow to kill the eight guys on horseback!

At the moment when the first iron arrow was shot out, the second arrow had been put on the bow string, and the big bow was opened again with a faint scream.

And the first arrow had already crossed the distance of more than 200 meters. It was accurately shot from the mouth of the guy standing in the front. The arrow protruded from the back of the guy's head for half a meter.

This sudden arrow stunned the remaining seven guys. It is estimated that they never thought that their commander would be killed by an arrow that came out of nowhere.

It is this gap that gives stone bear enough time to kill!

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