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Chapter: 239

Although Yuchi people were driven to the south of blue fog by Cherokee and chekasa people, they have never given up the idea of returning to the north of blue fog.

For this reason, the Yuchi people planted many spies among the chekasa people and the Cherokee people. Well, this kind of person is called "fine work" in the ancient Chinese words, and is called "spy" in the past and modern times.

In order to install these spies, Yuchi people lost a lot.

After all, in this era, every Indian tribe is maintained by blood. It is difficult for people who are not from their own tribe to integrate into the tribe.

Every tribe is extremely alert to outsiders, even if you are a member of your own tribe.

It's just like the 20 or so people of changmaoniu tribe wanted to integrate into gaoshu tribe, they had to get the consent of the leader of LiLei tribe, otherwise they couldn't enter gaoshu tribe at all.

Longmaoniu tribe is separated from gaoshu tribe. It's so difficult for the tribe to return, let alone an outsider.

So it's really hard for the Yuchi people to put spies in the chekasa and Cherokee tribes. If you send out ten spies, I'm afraid nine of them will be killed.

Xiaohe tribe is a reclusive tribe, so the monitoring of this aspect is not so strict, so a scout of Yuchi people can integrate into Xiaohe tribe.

And the situation of Xiaohe tribe was also obtained by this scout. So Xiaohe tribe was the first target of attack by humazulu.

Of course, it's not so easy to deal with a large tribe with more than 1500 people. The population of Xiaohe tribe is even more than that of Wangting, a Yuchi people. So even if humazulu gathered 1000 elite soldiers, he knew the path to Xiaohe tribe, but he still chose to attack Xiaohe tribe in the early morning.

Since it is a sneak attack, the rocket is naturally the best choice.

More than 100 archers selected from the whole Yuchi tribe took up the task of the first rocket attack.

All the Yuchi people took advantage of the night to climb over the mountain, and then lined up in the middle of the mountain. More than 100 rockets fired and pulled bows at the same time, and sent more than 100 rockets to the most concentrated place of Xiaohe tribe's wooden houses.

A series of shooting made the fire burn up in a very short time. Many people of Xiaohe tribe didn't even have time to run out of their wooden house and were burned to death.

And those who run out have almost no weapons in their hands. In the face of seven or eight hundred elite soldiers with weapons, it is almost a one-sided massacre.

Even if the Xiaohe tribe organized some soldiers to resist later, the soldiers of the Xiaohe tribe were still seriously injured in the face of the Yuchi people who were prepared and occupied the geographical advantage.

The battle lasted from early morning to noon, and the leaders of humazulu and seven other tribes were very happy to see that the soldiers of this 1500 strong tribe were about to be slaughtered.

This is a tribe of more than 1500 people. If you kill all the men and take all the women back, the strength of Yuchi will be improved a lot.

Seeing that this goal is about to be achieved, humazulu is also very excited and laughs on his horse.

But the next moment, he only felt his mouth suddenly cold, which was the last feeling he could feel.

"When did you have a black arrow in your mouth?" This is also the last thought of humazulu in this world, who saw the iron arrow whose tail was constantly shaking.

The seven tribal leaders who rode behind humazulu did not notice at first that a dark, absurdly large iron arrow penetrated their chief's mouth. The arrow and a half meter long shaft came out from the chief's back brain. Their eyes still fell on the battlefield below.

For them, if they can capture the women in this tribe, their tribe can also increase a lot of fertile women, which is also of great help to enhance the strength of their tribe.

Although this attack on this tribe has caused some loss to its soldiers, as long as those women are captured, there will be many more elite soldiers in the tribe in more than ten years.

Some of the women below are crying in panic, but most of them are fighting like those men with sticks and stones in their hands.

"What a nice woman!" This is almost the common idea of the seven tribal leaders, and their greedy eyes are also explaining their thoughts.

Therefore, the tribal leaders who paid attention to the women below did not find that their chief had been shot by a huge iron arrow at the first time. Of course, they did not find that the second and third iron arrows were shooting at them from more than 200 meters away.

When the first iron arrow was shot into the mouth of chief humazulu, his brain stem had been completely destroyed, and death came to the chief of Yuchi people in a few seconds.

But because the muscles have not completely lost their due ability, so the body without any consciousness, oh no, it should be said that the corpse, or insisted on wandering on the horse for a few seconds, then it hit the ground.

At the moment when humazulu's body fell to the ground, the second iron arrow, mixed with a strange howling sound, accurately hit a tribal leader in the neck.

Driven by the huge impact of the iron arrow, the tribal leader's body seemed to be hit by a wild bull. His body soared from the horse's back, and the bright red blood from his neck scratched a gorgeous trace in the air, then fell heavily on the ground, and his body was still twitching.

At this time, the other six tribal leaders found that not only their companions were shot through the neck, but also their chief was killed!

A series of meaningless exclamations burst out from the mouths of the six tribal leaders. Their exclamations were so loud that the archers on both sides turned their heads together. Then they saw that their chief had died under the horse.

Of course, just as the archers turned their heads, a third iron arrow suddenly appeared from a distance. The third iron arrow accurately hit a tribal leader in the cheek. The strong skull didn't resist the sharp iron arrow. The tribal leader's head seemed to have been hammered by a sledgehammer, his head tilted back, and then fell under the horse without saying a word

All the people were shocked by the sudden change. They never thought how their chief and friends could be shot so suddenly!

Who did this?

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