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Chapter: 24

The journey back and forth 30 Li, plus the coal mine there did not delay much time, so when the stone bear and Kuaima returned to the gaoshu tribe, it was just after noon.

The Cherokee people in this era are similar to the Chinese people, and hardly eat lunch. They usually have a meal at about 10 a.m., and then a meal at about 5 p.m., two meals a day.

This custom makes the stone bear really uncomfortable. Since he came to this era, everything else has been said, but the problem of eating really made him scratch his head.

As an elite glutton produced by a big eater Empire, how can he tolerate two meals a day? You know, when my friends were working in the museum, breakfast, lunch, dinner and even midnight snack were indispensable. Although we can eat pure natural game every day after we come to this era, we can't stand to eat enough.

Especially after getting this huge body, the daily demand for heat is more, so in this era, in addition to the days when they began to lie on the plow, the stone bear is always struggling with the belly of constant protest these days.

After throwing the coal back into the wooden house where he lived, the stone bear rode out of the tribe again with a fast horse. Of course, there were two tails behind them - Rabbit mouth and hard bone.

Hard bone is one of the few survivors of the longhair cattle tribe. It is several years younger than the stone bear and the fast horse. Just as his name is the same, this guy is a hard bone. In the battle of longmaoniu tribe, this little guy was hit by four arrows. Although none of them were crucial, he insisted without saying a word.

As for the rabbit mouth, the origin of the name is very simple, because this guy has a rabbit mouth

However, unlike hard bone, rabbit mouth belongs to the gaoshu tribe and is about the same age as hard bone. Because of a mouth, this little guy is very unpopular in gaoshu tribe, even his parents don't like him very much. But the last generation of kabulu sacrifice and this generation of kabulu sacrifice Hongyun are very good to him, and they help him with some food from time to time, so little rabbit mouth is Hongyun's little follower.

Since the stone bear became the guardian of the red cloud, the rabbit's mouth has become the small tail of the stone bear quietly. Of course, the main reason is to have food with the new big man

Yes, as an elite of the Empire whose soul is still a big eater, the stone bear really can't stand the food of the gaoshu tribe. Therefore, every afternoon, he will quietly go out of the tribe, or catch fish in the litterliver River in the west, or catch rabbits in the wild in the North, or go to the mountains in the South with his bow and arrow. Anyway, the rest of the gaoshu tribe have two meals a day, but the stone bear can always eat three meals a day, and the extra meal is not bad.

Thanks to the powerful hunting skills of this body, and the many hunting skills that the stone bear has seen from the later Internet, every time the stone bear goes out, it can always harvest a large number of prey.

At first, Shi Xiong was busy alone. Later, Kuaima and hard bone joined in. Then two days ago, rabbit mouth also joined in. Shi Xiong finally got rid of the sad scene of one person at the beginning. At least he captured the stomachs of the other two little guys with a steady stream of food.

Because there are more people, stone bears are hunting in the mountains in the South or the wilderness in the North these days. Today's luck is very good. Just entering the wilderness in the north, they met a group of big guys who were eating leisurely.

"Elk! It's the elk herd Rabbit mouth excited whispered, but even if his voice is very small, but alert deer still have raised their heads to look around, but after observing for a period of time, this group of deer in the number of about 134 have lowered their heads to continue to eat.

At this time of year, it's hard to find grass or grass roots to eat in the wild. Because this wilderness is under the control of gaoshu tribe, few herbivores dare to eat here. The food here is undoubtedly very attractive to the hungry deer.

The deer must have been hungry, so they migrated from other places.

The stone bear turned his head and made a "Shh" gesture. Several people immediately fell down and hid in the grass.

Rabbit mouth is wrong, and I'm afraid the whole North American Indian is wrong. Because this group of deer is not elk, to be exact, this group of deer is called Canadian red deer in later generations.

This is a kind of large deer which is second only to moose in size. Among other things, its size is much bigger than that of elk. However, in this era, let alone the Indians, even in later generations, there are many people who are easy to mistake the red deer and the elk.

Unlike later generations of Canadian red deer, which only lived in the cold temperate zone, in this era, Canadian Red Deer spread all over North America, and their tracks even reached Mexico in Central America.

It has to be said that in this era, North America is definitely a paradise for wildlife.

Although most of the North American Indians make a living by hunting, it is far from possible to compete with these special wild animals only by relying on the hunting of the North American Indians.

In this era, if you let the North American Indians hunt vigorously, the vast majority of Indians who have not mastered the thermal weapons will never be able to hunt these wild animals to the point of being endangered or even extinct. Only when the hot weapons spread in North America on a large scale will these large wild animals be nearly extinct.

Before the European colonists entered North America, the conservative number of bison living in North America was estimated to be more than 60 million. These bison have been hunted and killed by the North American Indians for thousands of years, and their numbers have not decreased. However, in less than 200 years from the founding of the United States to the 20th century, more than 60 million bison were almost exterminated by the Americans who had mastered the hot weapons

Naturally, the stone bear would not explain the difference between the red deer and the elk to the little friends behind him. He stood up quietly and found that he was still more than 100 meters away from the red deer.

In this position, even if the stone bear boasts that he has great strength and can throw the heavy bone spear so far, he can't guarantee his accurate head.

So the stone bear made a quiet gesture to his friends behind him, holding the specially weighted bone spear in his hand, bending over with the help of more than one meter tall grass, slowly approaching the red deer

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