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Chapter: 240

This is the first time that the spirit of stone bear is really angry after it enters the world.

If there were no white clouds, the Xiaohe tribe would be attacked, and the stone bear would not even take care of it. For the stone bear, a tribe dominated by the chekasa people, even if it is a hermit tribe, even if the tribe has saltpeter production, the stone bear will never take care of it.

Our own safety is the greatest.

The experience of the past life and the present life together made him understand the importance of being wise and protecting himself. Especially after he was hit by a car, he came to this age of indifference, which made him thoroughly understand that nothing is more important than his own life.

The battlefield in front of us is a small meat grinder. The stone bear doesn't have the heart to rush into the battlefield with more than 100 rocket men against the black enemy, which is to seek death.

Even if the gaoshu tribe is attacked like this, as long as they are not completely surrounded, the stone bear also feels that he will turn around and go when things are irreparable.

There is a well-known saying in sixteen words from the founding father of China, that is, to save land and lose people, to lose people and land; Save people and lose land, save people and land.

Shi Xiong very much agrees with the sixteen words of Taizu Ye. Therefore, if it is not a very special situation, the stone bear will not let himself easily take risks without being sure.

It's like the last time I went to okron fortress. Although it was a very dangerous thing, in fact, Shi Xiong was very sure of the trip to okron fortress. That's why he led the tribe's soldiers straight into Longtan.

However, in the war, especially in the current war in which the enemy is strong and the enemy is weak, the stone bear will never take part in it in peacetime. Even if you are strong and have a high value of force, no matter how high a person's value of force is, it is nothing in such a battle of thousands of people. So the stone bear will never let the egg touch the stone.

But now, the stone bear can't help doing things like taking eggs and touching stones.

His lover, the only girl in his two lives, who is going to be his only wife in a few months, is now in this battle.

How can this keep the stone bear from raging?

Although I haven't known Baiyun for a long time, and although there is no sweet talk between them, Shixiong always knows that the gentle and virtuous girl is the one who needs to be protected in her life. If anyone dares to hurt her, Shixiong will chase and kill that person for a lifetime, even if he pays everything for it, including life.

Now, the dense enemy is hurting his lover's tribe. Maybe his lover is fighting to death in a corner. Maybe

The kind of speculation that he didn't want to imagine made Shi Xiong furious. He didn't dare to imagine the speculation that he didn't dare to imagine. He didn't dare, really didn't dare

So the stone bear now wants to use his greatest ability to save his lover.

However, even if the stone bear is going crazy now, after the death of hunchuan, the frequent death of longmaoniu tribe, the cruelty after the fire ox formation in gaoshu pass, and the journey to okron fortress like a dragon pond, the stone bear's nerves have been tempered like steel wire.

No matter how crazy or anxious he was, he still relied on his instinct to analyze the overall situation of the battlefield in an instant. Only then did he pull the big bow that always accompanied him to shoot people first, horse first, and King first.

The enemy is powerful, so it is obviously not a good idea to resist hard. But what if we want the enemy to mess up? Then there's a chance?

Killing these guys who are obviously high-level enemies is undoubtedly a good way to make the enemy self chaotic.

Therefore, in the moment of analyzing the battlefield situation, the stone bear used his fastest speed to open eight bows in a row, and put eight carefully made iron arrows into the bodies of the eight riding guys more than 200 meters away.

Rao Shi is a strong stone bear, but in a very short period of time, he opened the bow eight times in a row, and each time he pulled the big bow full, which still made the stone bear's arms feel a pain.

But this kind of effort is very worthwhile, because the stone bear clearly saw that the eight guys on horseback fell from the horse one by one, and one of them was blocked by the horse's head. As a result, after the iron arrow shot through the horse's neck, it was nailed to the man's chest, and the man and the horse were nailed together.

Stone bear has no doubt about his arrow skill. He also knows that the hope that the eight riders can survive is infinitely close to zero. So when he finished shooting the eight arrows, he immediately put the big bow on his back, took out the big knife hanging on the horse's back, clamped his legs on the horse's belly, and rushed to the inside of Xiaohe tribe.

This Dao was specially made by Shi Xiong for himself. The previous mountain knife was much smaller for him. So after the wild wolf encounter, Shi Xiong made this huge mountain knife with a length of nearly two meters for himself.

Well, the shape of this knife is similar to that of a famous weapon in a famous online game. The name of that famous weapon is "Tu Long".

Of course, this sword doesn't weigh as much as the Dragon slaughtering sword in the game, but it also weighs more than 50 Jin. With the power of the stone bear, a tree with a thick bowl can be easily cut off

Today, with this knife, stone bear will go deep into the abysmal River tribe to save his lover.

Just as the stone bear rode into the Xiaohe tribe, the seven tribal leaders and the chief of the Yuchi people on the hillside died and fell off the horse. These Yuchi people also found out the situation.

Of course, the archers were the first to find out that something was wrong.

These archers are "God archers" carefully selected from various tribes of Yuchi nationality, and their skills are extraordinary. However, their skills were extraordinary. Their leaders died suddenly in less than ten seconds, especially the eight big and amazing iron arrows that killed them. These archers could not help but howl.

Their voices were filled with grief and fear.

Even they didn't find out who killed their leader and chief. The archer was so terrible.

The wailing of the archers attracted the attention of some Yuchi people at the foot of the mountain. When they found that their leader and chief had been shot, they were also flustered.

Then, the panic spread like a plague. In a short time, the Yuchi people who were attacking the Xiaohe tribe began to get confused.

No snake without a head.

The same is true of this coalition.

However, the tribal leaders and their chiefs who led them all died together, which immediately made these Yuchi people at a loss, because they didn't know what to do

At this time, the stone bear who rushed into Xiaohe tribe met his first enemies.

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