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Chapter: 243

Even with such a delay, the woman who was leading the way just now followed.

"Guardian, the leader is no longer saved. I'll take care of the little Skylark. Go to Baiyun quickly The woman said with a cry that Lei Ying's death had a great impact on her. She never thought that the brave, kind and gentle leader had gone like this.

Stone bear turned to look at the woman, the woman wiped a tear, heavily nodded.

"Take the stone with you. You need to find a safe place where I can't take care of you."

Without saying a word, the strong woman picked up the green Skylark. The stone hammer stood up and looked at the stone bear with a look of hope. Then she stamped her foot and ran north with the woman.

The stone bear stood up, put the sword on the ground, took off the bow on his back, and moved the remaining 13 iron arrows forward, so that he could draw arrows at any time. Then he pulled out the sword with his right hand and took it in his hand and strode to the south.

The big bow in stone bear's hand can not only be used as a long-range weapon, but also a powerful melee weapon. After all, the body of the bow is made of a whole piece of steel plate, which is used to draw people. With the strength of the stone bear, people can be stunned at once.

The road here is much more chaotic than when he came here. All aspects are chaotic, but Shi Xiong is not in the mood to take care of anything else. With a bow and a knife in his hand, he yells: "white cloud! Where are you

The stone bear's body is big and his voice is loud. When he goes out, he immediately attracts a lot of enemy's eyes.

But when these eyes saw a big man with a bloody gourd and a big exaggerated knife and the same big exaggerated bow in his hand, they all shrank back.

I'm kidding. This big man is a murderer. Yuchi people are not stupid either. They may not understand the saying "persimmon picking soft pinch", but they still understand the same truth.

Such a big man who knows to be extremely difficult to provoke at a glance, no one will rush up to provoke.

Especially when these Yuchi people saw the big man yelling a few more voices, they suddenly thrust the extremely big sword into the ground, and then pulled out a dark iron arrow to put it on the bowstring. Then the big exaggerated bow was pulled into a full moon.

The original noisy battlefield seemed to be quiet when the big bow was pulled into a full moon. Then all the Yuchi people who saw the big man pulling the bow were frightened to find that the dark iron arrow disappeared in an instant. The next moment, about 30 meters away from the big man, the three Yuchi soldiers were stringed with sugar gourd by the dark arrow.

Well, Yuchi people don't know what sugar gourd is, but it doesn't prevent them from expressing enough fright at the shocking act of shooting an arrow through three people.

The black iron arrow went through the left eye of one Yuchi soldier, and then the mouth of the second higher Yuchi soldier. Finally, it penetrated the back of the second Yuchi soldier's head and pierced the neck of the third Yuchi soldier.

The most frightening thing is that the three Yuchi soldiers are so close that the iron arrow connects them together. Even if they lose their lives, they still stand in the same position as before, and they don't fall down

"Boom", almost all the Yuchi people were scared back a few steps.

This kind of death is a little too terrible, and the most terrible is the big man covered with blood.

How strong is it to shoot such a powerful arrow.

If this arrow is shot at yourself

Almost all Yu Chi people who saw this scene shivered while retreating.

Just after the stone bear came and shot three people with one arrow, a strong man who had been fighting there limped back. Who was Dashan, not the first God of Xiaohe tribe?

It was because the stone bear recognized Dashan that he rescued him.

Dashan naturally recognized the stone bear. With such a figure and the unique bow, Dashan can't even recognize it.

"Brother Dashan, do you see the white clouds?" See half of the body is blood mountain limp ran over, stone bear is not polite, directly asked.

Dashan didn't answer immediately, but the stone bear saw something bad from his shaking his head and the expression on his face.

Stone bear in the heart of a Deng, a grasp of the mountain's shoulders, the mountain pain of the inverted suction of a cool air.

"Brother Dashan, what happened to Baiyun?" Stone bear did not let go, his eyes have begun to become the same color as the blood stains on his face.

"Big bear... This, this... Alas..." Dashan's lips trembled twice, and finally he didn't say anything, just sighed deeply.

"Where is the white cloud? You take me Stone bear's voice with a rare tremor, let go of the mountain's shoulders.

Dashan didn't speak. He limped to one side with the stone bear, but several of the Yuchi people who were originally around here began to steal away.

Stone bear picked up the sword and followed behind the mountain. After a short walk, he saw a familiar figure in front of a half burned wooden house.

There are many blood stains on Baiyun's body, but her face is not as bloodstained as her sister green Skylark. There are only a few blood stains and some dust on her face.

She lay there motionless, seems to be asleep... But this special how is asleep? How can sleeping people not breathe?

The stone bear trembled and walked over, as if afraid of waking up the sleeping girl.

But no matter how slowly he walked, he finally came to the girl.

"Clang..." the big bow and the big knife in the stone bear's hand all fell on the ground, he also squatted down, his hands vigorously wiped and wiped on the clothes, and then gently stroked the girl's face.

The girl's face is as before, as when I first saw her in the wild, beautiful and exciting.

But at this time, this face has no vitality, and


The stone bear's legs, which are comparable to the stone pillars, seem to have lost their strength. His knees hit the ground heavily, and his strong body began to shake uncontrollably.

It seemed that he wanted to hold the girl in front of him, but he was afraid of disturbing her, so he tried several times, but he didn't hold the familiar body.


Kneeling on the ground, the stone bear suddenly raised his head and gave out a cry that was even more miserable than the most miserable wolf howl.

After his hoarseness, he leaned down, gently kissed his cold lips and whispered in a hoarse voice, "I'm sorry, my love, I'm sorry! Sorry, I'm late. I'm late... "

Dashan twisted his head, but when he turned his head again, he found that his face was covered with blood, but the white of his eyes had begun to show a black face.

"Protect my love for me." The cold sound is like the black ice that never melts.

"Big, big... Guardian, what are you doing?"

"Kill! Sacrifice! When I kill them all, I'll take her home... "

PS: please don't spray. It's not Lao Mo's intention to create such a bridge. It's the need of the whole book. Lao Mo hesitated for a long time to write this passage, but finally decided to write it. In fact, the fight between the real Indian tribes is much more fierce than this. People are as vulnerable as dogtails in the tribal war, whether you are the leader of the tribe or... Baiyun. And this section is also a key node of the protagonist's transformation. Let's look down.

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