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Chapter: 245

"The great sun god is up there. This powerful bear is really powerful. How many Yuchi people did he kill? Taking into account the rush just now, he seems to have killed 86... It's really terrible. "

"Not 86, but 89! I've been counting for him. "

"You're not right. I just heard Dashan say that before he rescued us, he had killed eight Yuchi people and cut off six Yuchi people's legs. And it seems that the retreat of Yuchi people has a direct relationship with him. Seven Yuchi tribal leaders and their chiefs were shot and killed. Dashan said that no one could do this except the powerful bear. In other words, including the chief and tribal leader of the Yuchi people, the guardian from the gaoshu tribe killed 104 Yuchi people in total, and inflicted heavy losses on six. "

"God, isn't he a hundred people

"That's right, it's a hundred people chop, and it's a real hundred people chop! One person ran after more than 100 Yuchi people. They were scared out of their wits... "

"It's amazing..."

Yuchi people ran away in a panic. They dropped more than 200 corpses in Xiaohe tribe, half of which were killed by the big man with a cold face, which was enough to make the survivors of Xiaohe tribe marvel.

"Alas, the guardian is so pitiful. Xiao yunduo'er's girl died on the battlefield, and his soul also lost."

An old voice sounded, and the people who were talking about it suddenly became silent.

They looked at the big man who was digging a hole not far away. They could not bear to look on his face. It seemed that at a distance of more than ten meters, they could feel the deep sadness revealed by the big man.

"I heard of Xiao Yunduo when she was alive. He said that the guardian would hold a grand wedding for her on the day of Green Valley Festival. I don't know what a wedding is, but Xiao Yunduo is very happy when she says this. It can be seen that the guardian really likes little yunduo'er. It's a pity that... "

"Yes, Xiao Yunduo died in the war. We are supposed to hold a funeral for them. But the guardian won't let anyone else do it. He dug the pit himself. "

"Shh, stop talking, little skylark, the girl is coming."

With this sound, everyone turned their heads and saw a pale little Skylark with her brother's support coming slowly.

"Alas, little Skylark and little stone are really poor. The leader is gone, their mother is gone, and little Yunduo is gone. Only the sister and brother are left..."

The green Skylark was lucky that the two arrows didn't kill her. Fortunately, most of the arrows used by Indians in this era were stone arrows or bone arrows, which were not powerful. So the arrow that hit her left rib got stuck in her rib and didn't hurt her internal organs.

And the arrow that shot her abdomen was also lucky to avoid her internal organs, just shot her abdomen in a opposite direction.

The surviving sacrifice of the tribe took out two arrows for her, and assured her that she would survive.

It's just that she's losing too much blood. She looks weak now.

It has been three days since the Yuchi attacked the Xiaohe tribe, and the number of people killed in the battle has been counted.

There are more than 1500 people in Xiaohe tribe. There are more than 600 people who survived, and nearly 900 people died in the battle. More than 400 of them were burned alive.

Yuchi people occupied the advantage of sneak attack and geographical advantage in this battle. Their rockets not only caused huge losses to the Xiaohe tribe, but also made the Xiaohe tribe panic at the beginning of the battle, unable to organize effective resistance. In the end, more than 800 Yuchi soldiers rushed into the tribe and separated the Xiaohe tribe people who spontaneously organized resistance and slaughtered them.

If not for the stone bear, the whole Xiaohe tribe would be destroyed by the Yuchi people after sunset. All the wealth accumulated by the Xiaohe tribe in the past decades will be plundered by the Yuchi people, and the women who survive in the Xiaohe tribe will also be plundered by the Yuchi people.

The fighting between Indian tribes in this era is so cruel, which is much more fierce than that described in later movies about Indians.

The eight people stone bear shot at the beginning really played a decisive role in the reversal of the battle. The leaders of seven Yuchi tribes and their chief humazulu were shot and killed one by one by the stone bear, which made Yuchi people completely flustered.

In addition, after seeing the death of Baiyun, the stone bear began to be furious, and the frightened Yuchi people were defeated, which eventually led to the rout of Yuchi people. It's no exaggeration to say that Shi Xiong alone defeated half of the whole Yuchi people.

But what can we do no matter how brilliant our achievements are? He still didn't keep his favorite woman.

"Why didn't you come earlier? Why don't you come earlier? " A burst of crying interrupted the discussion of the audience, and all eyes focused on the two people in the center of the funeral.

The green skylark, like her sister Baiyun, is a tall girl. But she stood in front of the stone bear, like a deer facing a exploding bear.

"Sorry, little skylark, I'm late. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry... "Shi Xiong looked at the girl in front of him, slowly closed his eyes, and his heart was full of pain.

"If you can arrive a little earlier, your father and sister will not be killed by those damned Yuchi people. You are so powerful, why don't you come a little earlier... Ah? I hate you, I hate you... "The green skylark's face became paler. She clenched her hands and hammered the stone bear's chest constantly, which made the stone bear frown, but he closed his eyes again. Even though his chest began to bleed, he still didn't move, leaving the girl in front of him to vent.

In that battle, stone bear had 17 more wounds. The two most serious wounds were on his chest and on his back. In particular, the knife on the chest was a foot long, across the whole chest, and the sternum was almost exposed. It was cut down by a Yuchi man in the scuffle. Of course, that Yuchi man has become two halves.

That is to say, the stone bear is too strong. He doesn't care about this kind of injury. I'm afraid he'll lose half his life. Strictly speaking, the damage of the stone bear is much more serious than that of the green Skylark.

"Sister, sister! Don't fight any more. Brother Xiong's wounds are bleeding. " Become calm, a lot of small stones hold his sister.

The green Skylark then looked up and saw the stone bear's bleeding chest. Her face became paler. She shook and fell down.

The stone bear's strong arm caught the green skylark's waist in time and didn't let her fall to the ground.

"Little stone, take your elder sister back. She needs to calm down now. She can't do this any more. Now I'm going to let the clouds return to the embrace of mother earth. Don't disturb me any more. "

Stone hammer was not seriously injured. He quietly took over the green skylark, "Brother Bear, I won't go. I want to watch my sister return to the embrace of the God of the earth."

The stone Bear looked at the little stone, nodded slightly, turned and walked towards the well dug pit.

Baiyun's body was placed in a wooden coffin next to the cemetery, which was made by stone bear himself these two days. She was dressed in white cotton cloth and her long black hair was pulled up.

She didn't seem to be dead. She was more like asleep.

Stone bear's whole body is slightly trembling, and he is looking at the face that he is haunted by for a long time. Finally, he bit the back teeth and leaned down to kiss her forehead for the last time. Then he closed the lid with his red eyes

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