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Chapter: 246

"Why don't you bring back the white cloud? You don't have a family, but she's already yours. According to our Cherokee rules, you should have brought her back. And she... "Gao Niu stopped talking, thought about it again for a moment, organized the language and continued," I mean, if you bring her back and bury her here, you can pray for her every day. "

Although Gao Niu had paid much attention to his words, he still clearly saw that the big man who had been stupid and then suddenly became the son of God was shaking slightly.

Gao Niu sighed. He could understand the pain. When the chekasa attacked the longhair cattle tribe, he lost his wife and children. Gao Niu knew what it was like.

But he can't keep silent just watching the bear. No matter what the bear becomes, whether it's the son of God or the silly head before, he is his own nephew and the only relative in the world.

Seeing his nephew become like this, Gao Niu is also sad. Whether it's the stupid head before or the son of God after getting the supreme Sun God's advice, the bear's face will always be filled with a happy smile. That is a kind of smile that people can feel happy from the bottom of their heart.

However, when he came back from the river tribe, his face never showed that smile again.

With a slight sigh, Gao Niu is about to comfort him again when the stone bear suddenly opens his mouth.

"Uncle, I can't bring her back. Her mother and father are in Xiaohe tribe. She was born and grew up in Xiaohe tribe. There are also her relatives and friends. I don't think she wants to leave Xiaohe tribe. So I buried her there. But I will visit her often when I have time... "

"Well, stone, I'll be at ease if you think so. You have to remember, Baiyun girl returned to the embrace of the God of the earth, we will always remember her, she will also be in the embrace of God watching us, watching you. I think she doesn't want to see you so decadent. So, stone, you need to cheer up now. Those damned Yuchi people have run away. You need to find them and kill them so that Baiyun can feel happy in God's arms. "

The stone bear suddenly raised his head and stared at Gao Niu. His eyes made people shudder.

But Gao Niu laughed happily. Yes, he saw something different from the stone bear's eyes. It was hatred! Of course, this hatred is not aimed at Gao Niu, but Gao Niu knows who it is aimed at.

Now it seems that only this unforgettable hatred can make this silly boy cheer up again.

Sure enough, Gao Niu saw his nephew slash his face a few times, and then his eyes closed slightly for a while. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes changed again.

"Uncle, I'm ok, so you don't have to worry about me. But I still need about a day to think about some things. When I think about these things, I will do something. "

"Good!" Gao Niu said a word very simply, at the same time, he put out his hand and patted on the stone bear's strong shoulder heavily, "if you want to do something, just do it, don't worry about it, and you should remember that I, Gao Niu, your uncle, will definitely stand on your side."

After that, Gao Niutou turned around and walked out of the wooden house where the stone bear lived.

Looking at Gao Niu going out, Shi Xiong sighed slightly.

Growing more and more round, Trump came running, holding the stone bear's leg and stood up.

This little guy can eat now. He's almost a ball. However, the little guy has a good conscience. He seems to feel that his father is in a bad mood, so he is very honest these days and doesn't make any trouble for him at all. Only when there is no one, it will play with dad for a while.

The stone Bear looked down at the cub who stood up and was about the size of his knee, with a smile on his face.

He reached out and picked up the little guy and held it in front of his face. "Er Pao, do you want to follow dad to kill all the Yuchi people?"

Trump naturally can't understand what his father said, but his father can play with himself, which has made trump very happy.

He shakes his head and sticks out his tongue to lick his father. Only in this way can he express his intimacy with his father.

"What? You shake your head and you don't want to go? "

The stone bear feigned his anger and put his forehead on top of Trump's head. "You have no conscience. If it wasn't for your mother, you would have died in Dashan's hands. It was your mother who asked your father to ask you to come here. Now that your granny is gone, you little heartless man won't avenge your granny? "

Trump was stunned by this reproach. He was still young and couldn't tell whether his father was feigning anger or really angry. However, he could tell that his tone was really a little different. So he shook his head again and called "whining" after half a day's eye contact with his father.

Stone bear sighed, put the little guy on his leg, took it in one hand, and said to himself, "son smash, we will depend on each other in the future. Will you grow up quickly and help dad when you grow up?"

It seems that this posture is a little uncomfortable. Trump arched hard, supported the bear's belly and stood up. Then he arched his little round head into his father's arms, as if looking for milk.

Stone bear laughed and scolded a, this just hugged the little guy to walk out of the door. At this time, he needs to have a breath to make his thinking clearer, so that he can think about the following things.

After going out, Sheila came up. Sheila is not like trump. She likes to be outside. But these days she is the same as trump, because her father did not go out, she has been guarding at his door.

"Good daughter, that's good!" The stone bear stroked the top of Sheila's head with a little strength, and she hummed.

After seeing Sheila in his arms, trump starts to struggle and wants to get out of his father's arms to find Sheila.

The stone bear puts down trump. Trump immediately "rolls" to Sheila and begins to play with her.

"Little Yunduo, have you seen our children? They are all growing up. If you are still there, the children will like you better. "

With that, the stone bear sighed bitterly. Sheila and trump both looked up at his father and seemed to say, "don't be sad, Dad..."

The expressions of the two children made the stone bear feel better. He whistled and said, "let's go, children, go out with dad and relax."

Sheila immediately followed, and trump was rolling and screaming. With a smile, the stone bear bent over and picked up trump, put him on his shoulder, carried him and walked up the mountain

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