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Chapter: 248

"We need to take over the river tribe!" The first sentence of the stone bear stunned all the tribal leaders present.

Although they all know the tragedy of the Xiaohe tribe, and that this big man's favorite woman died in the Xiaohe tribe, they never thought about taking over the Xiaohe tribe.

However, seeing the stone bear's firm eyes and expression, it seems that the guardian has great determination to accept Xiaohe tribe, which makes everyone silent.

However, with a cough, the most unobtrusive grey moose uncle said: "guardian, don't you know how difficult it will be for us to take over Xiaohe tribe?"

The gray moose has a high prestige in the tribe. Of course, his loyalty to the tribe is beyond doubt.

"First of all, the people of Xiaohe tribe are all chekasa people, even if they are hermits, they can't cover up the fact. We promised to trade with them before, which is the utmost forbearance our tribe can achieve. If we take over all the remaining people of Xiaohe tribe, what will the people of the tribe think? Will they agree to live with the chekasa? "

Everyone nodded silently at the words of the grey moose. It's true that the grey moose hated the chekasa people to the bone, but it's undeniable that what he said was really reasonable.

Xiaohe tribe is not big green hill tribe. It's a tribe made up of the enemy chekasa people.

Everyone's eyes looked at the stone bear, but the stone bear's face was expressionless. He just looked at the grey moose and said, "Uncle grey moose, go on."

The grey moose nodded, then continued: "I said the first point just now, now I'll say the second point again. The second point is that after the disaster, the remaining soldiers of Xiaohe tribe are less than 100, and most of the others are women and children, more than 400. Can our tribe have the ability to accept them? "

After a pause, the grey moose continued: "the third point is that the river tribe is too far away from us. Even if we send out all the inland river armed transport ships, it will take at least five days to go back and forth, and if we pull all the people from the river tribe, our ships will run at least twice. For a tribe that has nothing to do with us, is it worth it? "

Then, the grey moose looked at the stone bear and said, "guardian, I'm not aiming at you personally, but I have to say that although your lover belongs to Xiaohe tribe, you can't drag down our whole gaoshu tribe because of your lover. Let the surviving Xiaohe tribe join our tribe. We might as well take back those tribes that were separated from our tribe before. After all, those tribes and we are the real family, and they are not full now. "

This is not only heavy, and even some heart.

But the stone bear still sat there without expression, as if he didn't listen to the words of the grey moose.

Seeing this, the grey moose shook his head slightly, sighed and said, "that's my reason."

The crowd again focused on the stone bear.

Now the guardian's prestige is unmatched, which they all know. And they all know that the guardian usually does not speak is not to speak, but once there is a request to open his mouth, then ultimately it is necessary to implement his will. Those who opposed him were proved wrong in the end.

And now?

To tell you the truth, even Hongyun didn't quite agree with his guardian's request.

Sure enough, stone bear didn't disappoint them. He soon gave his reason.

"Here I would like to thank uncle grey moose for his objection, which shows that uncle grey moose is really thinking about our tribe. However, in view of what uncle grey moose said just now, I'd like to talk about my ideas

"Let me first talk about the importance of the river tribe. You all know why we used to trade with Xiaohe tribe? "

Everyone nodded.

"Yes, it's not because my wife is there that I trade with Xiaohe tribe, but because Xiaohe tribe owns a saltpeter mine. And you should know the importance of nitramite? "

The crowd nodded again.

"If we lose this saltpeter mine, our guns and artillery will become a pile of scrap iron, and we will not have the raw materials to make such powerful grenades. Therefore, no matter from which point of view, we can't let go of that saltpeter mine. This is one of the most important reasons why I proposed to take over Xiaohe tribe. We need to control that saltpeter mine in our own hands! "

No one can refute this point.

"Secondly, the women and children who came back from Xiaohe tribe with me this time, you can also see the attitude of the tribe people towards them. These women are women who lost their husbands and family members in that war. They are very poor. They are very difficult to continue to live in Xiaohe tribe without men and family members. After they came to our tribe, you should also see the attitude of those people in the tribe towards them. Our people, especially those strong men, are very welcome to these women. Don't forget, we only accept Daqingshan tribe now. After other tribes are accepted one after another, these men need women. Don't you think about that? And the women who survived in the Xiaohe tribe can just meet their needs. "

As soon as the words came out, the crowd was silent again.

When Shi Xiong came back from the Xiaohe tribe, he was accompanied by more than 50 women from the Xiaohe tribe, including more than 20 women with children, and more than 30 other women whose families all died.

They can't survive in the Xiaohe tribe, and they have heard of the richness of the gaoshu tribe, so they follow the stone bear without saying a word. Whatever the stone bear says, they will follow the gaoshu tribe.

The desire to survive. Hope is not a mere 200 Li mountain road can stop.

Stone bear had no choice but to take them to gaoshu tribe, so his return journey was extended to five days.

As a result, unexpectedly, after these women came to Xiaohe tribe, they were immediately welcomed by the men in the tribe.

There was no monogamy in North American Indians at that time. As long as you could afford it, it was not a problem that a man had several women or a woman had several men.

Now the men of gaoshu tribe have plenty of money, and the grain in the field is about to be harvested. It's not a problem for them to support another woman.

The most important thing is that these women are all chekasa women, which is enough to arouse the conquering desire of many Cherokee men!

Not to mention the fragrance of wild flowers?

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