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Chapter: 249

Although the words of the stone bear made all the senior members of the tribe speechless, some of the men in the senior members showed a kind of tacit smile on their faces, while some of the women spat.

But no one refuted the stone bear, even the grey moose.

Kong laofuzi of China once said a very classic saying: eating and drinking men and women, people's great desire.

The meaning of this saying is very simple, but it directly points to the essence - diet and love between men and women are the greatest desires of human beings.

As long as normal people, in addition to eating, drinking, sleeping, the instinct of reproduction is imprinted on the gene, no one, especially men, can suppress such instinct.

At this time, the North American Indian tribes were still in a semi primitive era. Besides survival, reproduction was their greatest instinct and duty. Population is the most important resource of Indian tribe, and the number of population directly determines the status of the tribe.

So in this era, Indians are still very keen on reproduction.

Polygamy is very common at this time, which proves this point.

In the war between Indian tribes, women are always very important, because only when more and more women are obtained, the population and strength of their own tribe will be more and more.

Just like the Yuchi people attacking the Xiaohe tribe, they don't want to kill all the people in the Xiaohe tribe. They also want to capture a large number of women, but their ideas are completely spoiled by the stone bear.

If we can get a large number of women without war, it will be very good for the gaoshu tribe in any way.

Therefore, no one can refute the stone bear's words.

Seeing that the crowd acquiesced to this second point, the stone bear once again stretched out his third finger without expression.

He stood up and went to a wall of the Council hall, on which hung a huge map drawn by the tribe from the wall of the wooden house where Hongyun lived.

The last time he negotiated to take back Daqingshan tribe in Hongyun's wooden house, Shi Xiong once drew a map of America on the wall of Hongyun's wooden house. This map shocked Hongyun and Lilei to the point that they didn't want it. Therefore, under Hongyun's command, the people who were proficient in painting redrawn a bigger map than that one, It ended up on the east wall of the Council hall.

But the stone bear didn't move the map. Instead, he picked up the charcoal and began to draw from one side of the map.

His painting is very simple, just a few strokes to draw a general picture of the situation around the Cherokee.

"These oblique thick lines are the general direction of the Appalachian Mountains where we live now. Here is timonongahira, the king of our Cherokee people. Here is the location of our gaoshu tribe. Well, the winding thin line is the big bend."

As the stone bear drew this simple map, a group of high-level people gathered together.

"This is the area that we Cherokees can control. To the east of us is the vasichu colony. Well, this is the territory that the Powhatans now control."

Li Lei touched his chin and said, "it seems that the territory controlled by the Cherokee is not very big..." big foot, Gao Niu, big green hill and wolf tail all nodded.

This is the first time that they have seen the general range that the Cherokees can control, and they have no doubt about the range drawn by the guardians. The guardian has been instructed by the sun god. Naturally, he knows the sphere of influence of each tribe best.

Sure enough, the stone bear began to expand the map based on the area controlled by the Cherokee.

"This little spot I'm painting is the Everglades, and to the west of the Everglades is the chekasa. This is blue fog in the south. Yuchi people live in the south. Yuchi people, chekasa people and Powhatan people are the tribes that have direct contact with us. Besides... "

As he spoke, the stone bear drew a thick line in the West with a charcoal pen. "This thick line represents the largest river on this land, the big river. Our great bend in the north will join the river here, and the point of joining is the French fortress of okron, from which we extorted the food and cotton cloth. "

When they heard this, they all laughed. For example, Gao Niu and Da Jiao all went with them in person. Naturally, they knew most clearly how intense and exciting the trip to Fort okron was.

But the stone bear still didn't smile. He continued to draw on the wooden wall and explained, "on the West Bank of the river, there are Arkansas and Missourians. Now because of the reward order issued by the French, the Arkansas and Missourians are united to fight against the chekasa. While the Yuchi people secretly crossed the blue fog when the chekasa people had no time to separate themselves. They not only attacked the apalu tribe of our Cherokee people, but also attacked the Xiaohe tribe. However, when they attacked the Xiaohe tribe, I shot and killed their chief and seven tribal leaders, and finally defeated the Yuchi people. "

There is a story about the guardian of high priest kabulu of gaoshu tribe who shot and killed the chief of Yuchi people and seven tribal leaders in that war. Now it has spread in gaoshu tribe, and even the surrounding tribes have known about it.

Although the attack of the Yuchi people on the Xiaohe tribe has nothing to do with the Cherokee people, the chief of the Yuchi people was shot and killed by his own warriors, which is a great credit no matter where it is put. Lilei and they already know about it.

"You should be able to see from this picture that the current situation is actually very delicate. Several tribes in the West are now fighting against each other. On the surface, it seems that it has nothing to do with our Cherokee, but in fact it has a great relationship with us. "

"I think you can still remember what I said before, including the sacrifice and leader Li Lei. Our biggest enemies are not the tribes in the West. On the contrary, they have the same skin color as us. They are our compatriots. Our biggest enemy is from the East, that is, the vasichu

Hongyun and Lilei nodded silently when they heard this.

The last time the guardian said in Hongyun's home, they were really scared. If the guardian said it, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of indigenous people will be killed by those vasichu like turkeys in the future, which they absolutely can't tolerate.

"If it's unnecessary, I won't say anything. I just say what we should do now. After a few decades, vasichu, who lives in the East, is bound to move westward. Once they move westward, they will be the first to contact with us Cherokees, which will inevitably lead to irreconcilable contradictions with us. This is our territory. If they want to move westward, they will occupy our territory and drive us away. We will never allow this to happen. We are not rivals for the time being. So now we have to take precautions and expand our strategic depth in advance, so that when we turn over with vasichu, we will have more room for detour. "

"On the positive side, we may not be able to fight against those vasichu, but we can make full use of enough circuitous space to fight with them. We are the masters of this land. We are far more familiar with this land than those vasichu. As long as we can persist for a period of time, then the final victory must belong to us."

"Therefore, we need strategic space, and Xiaohe tribe, 200 li away from us, is the first step to expand our strategic space. Therefore, this step must be taken firmly! "

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