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Chapter: 253

After Bigfoot left, Hongyun apologized in person.

"Hongyun, in fact, you don't have to say these words, and there's no need for us to say these words. I understand your difficulties, so I've never complained about you. " Stone bear said to red cloud sincerely.

If Hongyun's mother is still there, the stone bear won't say this kind of heartfelt words. The old woman's feeling is not very good.

But if it's red cloud, stone bear doesn't have these scruples. There's something he should say. There's no need to hide her.

"Then you won't leave, will you?" Red cloud is happy, this is the thing that she worries most.

"Of course not. This is my home. Well, if you drive me away, I'll have to get out of here. " Stone bear made a joke.

Red cloud gave the stone bear a sanitary eye, and then sincerely said: "big bear, I won't drive you away, you are the son of God, how can I drive you away? Before, I didn't realize that I didn't do some things decisively enough. Now I realize that I will give you the greatest support and trust in the future. "

Stone bear also very sincerely said: "red cloud, I don't know if you still remember the kind of future I described to you before?"

"Yes, of course I do. I dream every day that the future you described will come true."

"Good! To realize this future, we need to trust and support each other. Sacrifice, you can give me how much support and trust, I can take you to how high position. And in this process, I will always issue my orders in the name of the son of God and the great sacrifice of kabulu. In this way, when the future I mentioned is realized, the name of the high priest of kabulu will spread all over the vast and rich continent, and those vasichus will also know the name of the high priest of kabulu. I promise that

A smile appeared on Hongyun's face.

"When are you going to Xiaohe tribe?"

"The sooner the better, and this time when I went to Xiaohe tribe, I was going to pull something in the past."

"Pull whatever you want. I think what you said before in the chamber is very correct. The saltpeter mine of Xiaohe tribe can't be lost, and after the great change, it's estimated that they don't want to be a hermit tribe any more. We might as well take over the river tribe rather than the chekasa. "

"Hongyun, I'm very glad that you have such an idea and understanding. Well, if we want to make the Xiaohe tribe return to their heart, one is to take advantage of their hatred, the other is to bring them enough hope and satisfaction. Only by working in two ways can we make the people of the Xiaohe tribe return to their heart completely. "

After a pause, the stone bear continued: "I need some food. Xiaohe tribe has lost most of its food in that battle. Without food support, they can hardly survive. Second, I need weapons that can arm 100 people. According to the information I got, there are still about 100 soldiers left in the Xiaohe tribe. I have to arm these people. One is to guard the saltpeter mine, the other is to serve as a stronghold for going out, so it is very necessary to maintain an armed force there. "

"Do you need to send some soldiers from the tribe? I know that the death of Baiyun is very painful for you. If you want revenge, you can't rely on that person. "

Hearing the name of Baiyun, the stone bear was dejected for a moment, then shook his head and said: "not for the time being."

After biting his teeth, the stone bear continued in a deep voice: "I will definitely take revenge on Baiyun, but not now. After all, my enemy is the whole Yuchi nationality, and Yuchi nationality is not something that our gaoshu tribe can deal with. I still understand that."

Red cloud grew a breath, "you can think so I am at ease, I am worried that you are blinded by hatred, do something stupid."

"How can it be? Don't forget my other identity. I am the son of God. How can I do stupid things? Besides, I will sacrifice the whole Yuchi people to Baiyun. How can I force Yuchi people when I don't have the conditions? As long as I'm ready to fight the Yuchi people, none of them can escape! And it's not just the Yuchi people, I won't let the French go! "

When he said this, the stone bear's face was very terrible, and Hongyun was surprised.

Seeing the look of red cloud, the stone bear laughed and drove out the cruel color on his face.

"Hongyun, I'm going to Xiaohe tribe this time. Maybe I'll stay there for a while. If there's anything at home, you can bear more."

Hongyun nodded, "this is no problem. Other things in the tribe have been on the right track. The next biggest thing in the tribe is to harvest food. I'll be optimistic about this."

Stone bear nodded and said, "you are right, but don't forget that once we have a good harvest, you should do it immediately to merge other tribes. The summer harvest in strawberry month (June) is only three months away from the autumn harvest in harvest month (September). We can take advantage of this time to merge more tribes. When those tribes are merged, the autumn harvest will come again, and then we will not worry about food shortage. Hongyun, you must remember that as long as you have the opportunity, you must merge more tribes. In this period, population and food are our basic needs. "

"Well, how did you become as wordy as my mother?" Red cloud said angrily.

"Well, if it's unnecessary, I won't say it. If you do your job well and I do mine well, our tribe will certainly grow up in a short time. This is our strength and foundation. "

The conversation with Hongyun completely eliminated the vague misunderstanding between them. Stone bear is very happy, so is red cloud.

Four inland river armed transport ships were used again, and this time they were all loaded.

Ten thousand pounds of grain, about one thousand pounds of salt and some cloth were all brought to the Xiaohe tribe.

These basic living materials can ensure that Xiaohe tribe will not starve to death. Ten thousand pounds of grain is not much, but the battle in the Xiaohe tribe did not affect the farmland of the Xiaohe tribe. The damaged farmland of the Xiaohe tribe is only a small part, so when the summer harvest comes next month, the farmland of the Xiaohe tribe can also produce a large amount of grain.

In addition to living materials, the stone bear pulled up the 100 muskets seized from the French, as well as the corresponding ammunition. In addition, many weapons made of steel, such as steel knives, steel spears, steel arrows and so on, have been removed.

The remaining soldiers of the Xiaohe tribe must be fully armed. These weapons are the strength to guard there.

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