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Chapter: 254

After more than ten days, when he returned to Xiaohe tribe again, Shi Xiong found that the situation here had become worse.

It's not Yuchi or chekasa who attacked the river tribe, it's because of the people of the river tribe.

Although the last attack of Yuchi people brought great harm to this tribe, at that time, the people of Xiaohe tribe didn't know how to come because of their hatred.

However, with the defeat of the Yuchi people, the casualties of the Xiaohe tribe were counted. When the hatred of the Xiaohe tribe dissipated, the whole tribe almost collapsed.

Hatred can make people strong and strong, but it's hard to sustain this tone for a long time. No matter how much hatred, it will gradually precipitate and accumulate over time, but it can never make people stay in a state similar to excitement for a long time.

This is the current situation of the people of Xiaohe tribe. After the initial period of excitement, the disadvantages of food shortage and personnel reduction immediately appeared.

Almost every family of the whole Xiaohe tribe was killed in the attack, so the urgent situation they are facing is shared by the whole tribe.

No matter how much hatred we have, we can't feed ourselves. Therefore, when the food shortage shows up, the people of Xiaohe tribe are all silly.

You know, although nearly 900 people died in Xiaohe tribe, the rest of them were injured. In this case, how do you ask these people to go out hunting or picking? Even if some people can go out hunting and picking, how can they maintain the livelihood of about 600 people with just a little harvest?

Therefore, when the stone bear led four inland river armed transport ships full of grain, salt, cloth and weapons to the entrance of the valley to the west of Xiaohe tribe, the whole tribe became a sensation.

Except for those who were seriously injured, almost all the other members of the Xiaohe tribe went to the battle to carry food. At this moment, Dali Xiong, who was originally the guardian of Xiaohe tribe's future son-in-law, immediately became the Savior of Xiaohe tribe.

The men of gaoshu tribe help the people of Xiaohe tribe unload food together. Stone bear ignores the tedious work. He takes Depu and Sheila into the tribe.

Depp has no impression of the river tribe. He was a bear cub when he was in the river tribe.

But Sheila was a little confused.

Sheila was born and raised here. She is very familiar with Xiaohe tribe. But is the river tribe still the peaceful one before?

Sheila sniffed here and there, and at last there was a whine.

The stone bear squats down and embraces this silly girl, and his heart is also sour. Only Depp, who has no conscience, still plays around.

They took their sons and daughters to a hillside deep in the tribe, where they buried the people of Xiaohe tribe who were killed in the attack, Lei Ying and Bai Yun, and their three family members were buried here.

Stone bear one hand holding a little uneasy Depp sitting on the ground, whispering to the tomb of white clouds, Sheila clever lying on the side.

It was not until the evening that a bonfire was lit again in the tribe, and the laughter of the people of the Xiaohe tribe came. The stone bear kneaded his numb buttocks and legs, stood up, deeply kissed Baiyun's tombstone, and then left the cemetery with the two little guys.

"Brother Xiong, I've heard from your people that you've also come. Some of my people have seen you come here, but why don't you go home?" By the campfire, the stone bear met the stone hammer supporting the green Skylark. As soon as the stone hammer saw the stone bear, he welcomed it happily.

"I went to Baiyun and talked with her all afternoon." Stone bear light said, and then he saw the face is still a little pale green skylark, concerned asked: "how is your injury?"? You shouldn't have come out on such an occasion. "

The green Skylark looked at the stone bear with a complicated face, and finally sighed and said, "my wound is OK, the sacrifice of the tribe is OK, she has saved a lot of people."

The stone bear nodded slightly.

The sacrifice in the Indian tribes of North America is not only responsible for "communicating" with the gods in the sky, but also for the witch doctors in the tribes. Just like Hongyun, and Hongyun's dead mother, although they are high priests of kabulu, they all have very good treatment methods.

Especially for the treatment of trauma, Hongyun holds many herbal prescriptions.

It's true that although the North American Indians are ignorant and backward, they are far better than the Europeans of this era in terms of healing.

In addition to bloodletting, the Europeans of this era used bloodletting to treat all kinds of complicated diseases. Even Louis XV, the king of France, used bloodletting to treat smallpox more than ten years later. As a result, he bled too much and died.

But the sacrifice or witch doctor of the North American Indians is different. They are as good at using herbal medicine as their compatriots on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

The treatment method used by the witch doctors in the North American Indian tribes is very similar to that of traditional Chinese medicine. But this kind of medical treatment, which was not recognized in later generations, saved countless Indians in this era and thousands of years ago.

Seeing the stone bear talking to the son and daughter of leader Lei Ying, the people of Xiaohe tribe didn't come up, even if they had countless words of gratitude to say to the stone bear.

"What are your plans for the future?" The stone bear cut two pieces of meat from the roasted and fragrant deer legs with his own skinning knife, handed them to the green Skylark and the stone hammer, and asked.

Stone hammer wanted to say, but seeing his elder sister's face, he shrank his neck, opened his mouth and began to bite the roast venison in his hand.

The green Skylark said faintly: "what else can we do? Our tribe is completely finished. We don't even have enough food. It's hard for the tribe to survive. So I don't know what to do in the future. "

"Why don't you go to the gaoshu tribe! There is still a lot of food in our tribe, enough to support your people. "

The green Skylark and the stone hammer heard the stone bear say so, their eyes lit up, but then they shook their heads again. "It's not up to us to decide," said the skylark. If dad is still there, he can make a decision, but now he... "

"Who has the final say in the tribe?"

"Now it's the sacrifice of dashangge and kasasha."

The stone bear nodded, and then asked, "well, if Dashan and kasasha agreed to go to gaoshu tribe, would you go? Well, I'll go with the people in your tribe who are willing to go to the gaoshu tribe. "

Shi Chui nodded, looking very happy. But the green Skylark asked, "big bear, will you take us back to your high tree tribe?"

Stone bear shook his head and said, "if you want to go to gaoshu tribe, you can take a boat. It's very safe and the road is more comfortable. As for me, I won't go back to gaoshu tribe for the time being. I'll stay here and do something else. "

Hearing what the stone bear said, the green Skylark and the stone hammer looked at each other, and then the green Skylark said, "big bear, if you don't go back, I won't go back with little stone. We'll stay and help you."

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