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Chapter: 258

Busy days always make people feel like they are passing quickly. In addition to the adjustment of green skylark, Depp and Sheila, stone bear doesn't know what to do. A month has passed.

A month's time is enough to make Xiaohe tribe change again.

The old, useless wooden houses were all knocked down. The river tribe, which used to occupy more than half of the valley, only left a small piece of wooden houses along the river.

A large isolation zone was built.

Corresponding guard posts were set up on the commanding heights around the valley, and soldiers took dogs to guard posts every day.

In a word, after more than a month's busy work, Xiaohe tribe has come out of the dead atmosphere.

With the arrival of strawberry month (June), the whole Xiaohe tribe is showing a kind of vitality. Because this not only means that the northern hemisphere begins to enter the midsummer, but also means that the annual summer harvest is coming.

Although the North American Indians are not very proficient in planting, the sowing and harvesting time of crops in the northern hemisphere are generally the same. So even if the Indians can't do intensive farming, there are still summer and autumn harvests every year.

Unlike the gaoshu tribe, the Xiaohe tribe has entered the stage of intensive cultivation. The cultivation of the Xiaohe tribe is still in a very primitive and rough stage. Well, there is no difference between the Xiaohe tribe and the gaoshu tribe last year.

Therefore, even though the Xiaohe tribe opened up a lot of farmland, and the enemy hardly destroyed the farmland in the last war, the stone bear did not expect that this primitive and rough farming method could harvest much food.

It's like the wheat planted by the Xiaohe tribe at the end of February every year can be harvested in mid June.

But this kind of harvest is really better than nothing. The average yield per mu is less than 100 Jin or even 70 Jin or 80 Jin. How much wheat can you expect to harvest?

And corn, not to mention that.

Who knows what the people who taught them how to grow these crops thought. They planted them blindly when they couldn't even know the best time. It would be strange if the harvest was good.

Take wheat as an example. It's not the wheat that has not been sown in spring. It's called spring wheat. But spring wheat is usually sown in March and April and harvested in July and August. Moreover, most of the areas where spring wheat is planted are in the colder north.

For example, in the latitude of Xiaohe tribe, honest planting of winter wheat is the best.

As a result, the people of Xiaohe tribe have been like this all these years. Sow in spring, harvest in summer, then sow, and harvest in late autumn.

And basically no matter what seeds are sown, no one does anything like watering or weeding.

In this way, they are lucky enough to get the seeds back.

Thanks to the right sowing time, there are also high-yield potatoes, and thanks to the potatoes, otherwise the people of Xiaohe tribe will starve every year.

In the past, there was no instruction from the Xiaohe tribe. Now the stone bear is coming, and the stone bear plans to develop this place into a bridgehead for the West. Therefore, it is very necessary to establish a food base here.

It's not the right time to sow spring grain, and there is no intensive cultivation, but summer grain can't be like this any more.

This time, the stone bear brought a lot of summer grain seeds, including rice.

The planting environment of Xiaohe tribe is better than that of gaoshu tribe, and Xiaohe tribe is located in the valley with higher temperature than that outside. In addition, there is a river with abundant water, so it is no problem to plant rice here.

In addition, there are corn, cotton, soybeans and other crops. Although peanuts have passed the best sowing time, it is not impossible to plant them now, so the stone bear ordered the women in the tribe to plant peanuts as well.

Because when the stone bear came, he brought twenty tame bison. With these cattle demons, it was easier to open up wasteland and sow.

However, there is no need for Shi Xiong to do the work himself. What he wants to do is to instruct these people to use the most correct method to sow summer food.

At this time, good news came from the gaoshu tribe. After a tense harvest, the gaoshu tribe got a bumper harvest of food. Whether it's winter wheat or potatoes, the yield is better than expected.

Gaoshu tribe is rich, which makes the stone bear completely relaxed. Food is the foundation of development, food can be high-yield, then all the next plans can be carried out step by step.

Along with the good news of gaoshu tribe's high yield, several warriors of Xiaohe tribe finally successfully returned to Xiaohe tribe.

The reason why Shi Xiong was able to persuade Dashan, kashasha sacrifice and the people of Xiaohe tribe full of hatred to develop well, rebuild Xiaohe tribe and plant grain vigorously is not that he brought grain to Xiaohe tribe, but also received the people of Xiaohe tribe.

That's because on the first day of returning to the Xiaohe tribe, the stone bear announced loudly in front of all the surviving members of the Xiaohe tribe: "I will take you to revenge! However, it will take time, but the longest time will not be more than half a year, and the shortest time may be three months to avenge! "

It is because Shi Xiong has made such a promise, and he has also done so, so the people of Xiaohe tribe regard him as the real leader.

On the first night of his return to Xiaohe tribe, Shi Xiong asked Dashan to find out the best spy among the surviving soldiers of Xiaohe tribe. As a result, Dashan didn't live up to the stone bear's advice, and called the Nighthawk to the stone bear that night.

The Nighthawk was a man in his thirties, an old man among the North American Indians.

It's true that Nighthawk had a very happy family with complete children and grandchildren. As a result, all his family members died under the butcher's knife of Yuchi people in that war.

When the Nighthawk saw the incomplete body of a family, the man almost went crazy on the spot.

So, when Shi Xiong said that he needed someone to go to Yuchi's territory to explore Yuchi's situation, the Nighthawk agreed without hesitation, and he also selected another four soldiers from the rest of Xiaohe's soldiers. Five of them rode over Dawu Mountain to Yuchi's people.

"Those damned Yuchi people retreated in a hurry. Even though it was half a month since they attacked us, we could still easily find the traces left by Yuchi people in the valley. So the five of us walked along the valley, along the traces, and easily climbed over the fog mountain... "

The Nighthawk had an irrepressible smile on his face. It was obvious that this time they went out to explore the situation of Yuchi people, the effect should be very good, otherwise the man full of hatred would not laugh so brightly.

Who can be unhappy at the prospect of revenge?

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