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Chapter: 259

"No wonder Yuchi people can attack us so easily. If they don't go there in person, I don't know how easy it is to arrive here from Yuchi people's territory." The Nighthawk's eyes sparkled with hatred.

"Is the road easy? This is blue fog! How can it be easy to go? " Stone bear a little distrust of asked. The mountain range where Dawu Mountain is located can be said to be the highest average elevation of the whole Appalachian Mountains, and the river is crisscross in this mountain range. Just thinking about it, I think the road here is definitely not easy.

"Guardian, I'm telling you the truth. I used to think that the blue fog in the South was very difficult to walk, but after I really walked back and forth, I found that the fact was not as difficult as I thought. I just need to walk along the valley of haiwoxi river. When I get to the end, I can climb a not very high mountain to reach the valley of another river. Then go on along the river valley, and you can reach the location of Yuchi people's royal court in a short distance. The whole road is not very difficult. Only when you get close to the Yuchi people's court, there is a section of the valley which is very steep and difficult to walk. But if you walk on the mountains on both sides of the valley, the road is not difficult to walk. "

Seeing the Nighthawk's affirmation, the stone bear realized that he had made the mistake of "pony crossing the river".

In fact, although the average altitude of Dawu Mountain is the highest in the whole Appalachian Mountains, the average height of Dawu Mountain is only about 1000 meters. Except for a few peaks whose altitude can exceed 1700 meters, the other peaks are about 1000 meters high.

Moreover, Dawu Mountain is the watershed between the Tennessee River system and the Savannah River system. Yuchi people's royal court is located near Anderson in later South Carolina, near Savannah River.

Since Dawu Mountain is the watershed of the two water systems, you can really reach a tributary of Savannah River by swimming up the haiwoxi River and crossing the watershed at the end. As long as you find the tributary of Savannah River, you will be able to reach the location of Yuchi people's court.

It's just that Nighthawk's life is so good that he can find Yuchi's royal court as soon as he looks for it?

If you have questions in your heart, you will naturally ask them.

"That's right, guardian. We did touch the location of Yuchi people's court. When we secretly observed from a high place, we also saw that the king's Court of Yuchi people was holding a funeral for their chief. Small pipe that guy disguised as Yuchi people mixed in, confirmed that Yuchi people are really holding a funeral for their chief. The chief of Yuchi people was shot to death by you in Xiaohe tribe. And the tribal leaders of the seven largest tribes of the Yuchi people were shot to death by you on that day. " By the way, the Nighthawk flattered a lot.

He knows that this guy is a wonderful flower in the Xiaohe tribe. He is a man in his twenties and thirties, but he is very, very tender. Moreover, this guy is very thin and small. With a little tidying up, he looks like a teenager.

This guy has been a pipe smoker since he was a child, so he got the nickname "little pipe".

Nighthawk let small pipe disguised as a child of Yuchi people to enter Yuchi King court, and naturally can hear a lot of news. Who would be so wary of a "child".

Shi Xiong said with a smile: "it's a loss to shoot these guys. I've lost eight arrows all at once. I'm not used to using these arrows if I change them for new ones."

The Nighthawk also laughs. Although he doesn't know what faking force is, the stone bear's casual faking force obviously makes the Nighthawk feel funny.

The guardian's big bow and steel arrow are really powerful, but no matter how powerful they are, they can't match a human life, can they? Let alone the chief of Yuchi people and the leaders of the seven largest tribes who died under the eight arrows.

After laughing for a while, the Nighthawk said: "guardian, according to what we know, Yuchi people are very uneasy now. Their chief humazulu was shot by you, and the leaders of the seven largest tribes of Yuchi people died too suddenly, which led to the chaos of Yuchi people. Many powerful Yuchi people want to be the new chief of humazulu. Even if they can't, it's good to be the leader of a tribe. So now there's a lot of chaos in Yuchi people... "

The stone bear nodded slightly.

In fact, since he knew that he had killed the chief of Yuchi people and the leaders of seven tribes with eight arrows, Shi Xiong knew that Yuchi people could not be stable for at least six months.

In this age of no constraints, the transfer of power has always been a very important thing. However, the sudden death of such a leader will inevitably lead to chaos in the transfer of power.

Don't think that Indians are ignorant and backward, they don't know how to fight for power. On the contrary, the more ignorant and backward the tribes are, the more fierce the fight for power will be.

Anyway, since the stone bear came to this era, he has a deep understanding of the struggle for power.

Apart from other things, just the dirty things that happened between him and Li Lei are enough to prove how much people value power in this era.

Shi Xiong didn't have any idea to fight for power and profit, but Li Lei didn't think so. He always thought Shi Xiong wanted to fight for class and power, so he aimed at Shi Xiong everywhere, and finally he played himself and collapsed.

This is the stone bear's identity as "son of God" and guardian of high priest kabulu. If other people dare to do so, Li Lei would have killed that man and thrown him into the wilderness to feed the wolf.

This is true of the gaoshu tribe, especially of the more ignorant and backward Yuchi people.

A war in which a large army was able to seize a large number of materials and population turned out to kill its own chief and tribal leaders. Not only did it not get the expected materials and population, but there was a huge vacuum in the power of the whole tribe.

No matter chief humazulu or the leaders of the seven tribes, they were all in their prime years, and they did not appoint their own successors. Now they suddenly die. Those who feel that they have the ability to inherit these seats still stare, raise their claws, open their mouths and show their sharp teeth like wolves who see meat?

Who dares to rob, did not say, with who desperately.

There is only one seat. If you get it, you can go to the top of your life. If you can't get it, there's no way out.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the whole Yuchi people are in chaos.

"Nighthawk, you guys have a good rest for a few days, and then sort out your route. If you have the courage, I'll take you to the Yuchi people's court after the tribe's grain is sown

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