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Chapter: 26

Originally, it was playing the music to set up a few rabbits and then roast them to eat. As a result, it accidentally hunted and killed a big red deer, which was somewhat unexpected for the stone bear.

However, when the big red deer was dragged back to the tribe by four people, the whole tribe became a sensation.

Looking at the excited faces, the stone bear suddenly felt that it was quite good to come to this era.

In the distance, fast horse, hard bone and rabbit mouth are warmly talking to the clansmen about the process of hunting the big red deer. All the clansmen who hear them look at the stone bear with a kind of admiration and favor. That look is clearly looking at their own children who have become tribal heroes.

From these simple faces, the stone bear can clearly feel the taste of home, which was only produced when he went home to face his parents in his previous life.

His mind drifted back more than two hundred years. When he thought of his father who was not a good type and his mother who liked to talk about things, Shi Xiong felt that his heart hurt badly

"What's the matter? How do you look unhappy? " Gao Niu's slightly hoarse voice sounded behind him. Shi Xiong looked back and found that Gao Niu was haggard after two days' absence.

The stone bear shook his head. "It's nothing. Seeing these happy people reminds me of our people who are back in the arms of mother earth. We can't even hold funerals for them..."

Gao Niu was stunned for a moment, then lowered his head. In the battle that day, his three wives, two sons and two daughters all died under the knife of the chekasa people.

The silence lasted for a long time between the two people. Finally, Gao Niu broke the sad silence.

"Silly brain... Oh no, big bear, Li Lei's injury is more and more serious, and people are going to die. Now a few people in the gaoshu tribe have been staring at me for fear that I would take the position of leader of the gaoshu tribe. I don't have the idea, but their attitude bothers me. I wonder if you could tell kabulu that the people of gaoshu tribe should not treat us like this. "

Looking at Gao Niu, Shi Xiong shook his head slightly and said, "uncle, if you really don't have that idea, don't always go to Li Lei. At this critical moment, the more you move forward, the easier it will be for those people in gaoshu tribe to take precautions. Uncle, now the best way is that you don't do anything, just stay in your cabin, or go out hunting with the hunting group. You must know more about this ideal than I do. "

Gao Niu's face was a little red. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something. But he saw the stone bear's clear eyes and finally sighed helplessly.

"Well, I'll do as you say."

Shi Xiong nodded and said sincerely: "uncle, we are no longer what we used to be. We belong to the people who depend on others. We can't reach out and do many things. We need only two words now, and that is stability. "

Gao Niu nodded silently, said nothing more, and turned to leave here.

The huge red deer was quickly decomposed into fist sized pieces of meat by excited people. The antlers and bones were all left. These are good materials for building bone spears and arrows. The deerskin was also completely pulled out. Such a deerskin can be exchanged for a big bag of salt or a big iron pot in vasichu.

The bonfire was soon lit up. Some of the cut deer meat was put into a big iron pot and began to stew. Others were put on the branches and began to roast. The rich aroma soon came out.

A group of naked little guys are running around the campfire. Who knows why these little guys have so much energy.

A group of women gathered around the campfire to take care of the iron pot and kept turning the branches on the campfire to make the venison on the branches more evenly roasted.

Under the high temperature, the dripping oil kept dripping in the campfire below, splashing with bright light, and everyone's face was full of smile.

For them, it is the gift of many gods to have a good meal of meat.

Rabbit mouth seems to have a dispute with a clansman over there. He is a big man with a lot of tattoos on his body. He looks very fierce.

But rabbit mouth, who was always timid and honest, was very bold at this time. He even blushed and argued with the big man. Until rabbit mouth pointed to the stone bear standing in the distance, the big man suddenly nodded, and personally handed rabbit mouth two strings of roast venison. Rabbit mouth bowed slightly to the big man with a grin, This just took those two big and frightening meat kebabs and ran to the stone bear.

"Here you are, big bear. I'm here for you." The rabbit's mouth looks very excited. He is only 13 years old this year. His physique is very weak, just like a teenager.

The stone bear took one of them, patted the rabbit on the shoulder with a smile and said, "I'll eat one of them. You can eat the rest."

Rabbit mouth a little dazed, but then a little shivering suddenly nodded.

These two bunches of meat are fist sized pieces of meat, and three pieces of meat are worn on a wooden stick thick with one thumb. The stone bear bit hard, nodded slightly at first, then frowned slightly.

Stone bear likes to eat meat, but its mouth is heavy. There's no cumin as a kind of barbecue sauce, so it's a little light for stone bear.

However, the meat of the venison sprinkled with salt is really good. Especially this string of meat should be the most delicate part of the fillet, so it is quite good to eat.

Seeing the people in the tribe around the campfire talking and laughing happily, even if it's not a meal at this time, it makes everyone feel very happy to have a good meal of meat. Stone bear even saw leader Li Lei was carried out, and his face also showed a smile.

Seeing the stone bear standing here, Li Lei motioned to the two big men around him to carry him over.

Shi Xiong touched his chest with his left hand and bowed slightly. Although Li Lei is dying now, he is the leader of the tribe, and the necessary respect is still necessary.

"I heard from kabulu that you are going to make iron? And went out and found some devil's excrement? " Li Lei didn't eat venison. His current physical condition doesn't allow him to eat this kind of venison.

"Yes, my chief."

Li Lei hesitated for a moment and waved to the two men around him to eat meat. The two men left here happily. Li Lei then asked, "do you know the iron making methods of vasichu?"

"Yes, my leader, I've been instructed by the sun god, and I've known the steelmaking skills of vasichus."

"Well, are all the things that Hongyun said about true? Does my sister really think you are the son of God? " Li Lei asked with a frown.

Through Hongyun, Shi Xiong knows that Lilei is not only the leader of the tribe, but also Hongyun's uncle, the brother of the previous generation of kabulu. Red cloud will definitely tell leader Li Lei about himself.

So he definitely nodded, "it's not just the supreme Sun God who has personally instructed me, but also the sun god who has made my brain less stupid."

Li Lei looked at the stone bear as if he wanted to say something, but he finally sighed and said, "I don't have much time, so I hope you can always protect our people."

"Don't worry, my leader, the people accepted us in our most difficult time, and I will do my best to protect them."

"That's good, that's good..." Li Lei nodded with satisfaction, and then continued: "if you need other things or people, just give it to me or Hongyun, Hongyun and I will support you."

"Thank you for your support." The stone bear smiled, "chief, since you said so, I really need help here.

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